Fun Hoi An Cooking Class and Farming in Tra Que Village

Fun Hoi An Cooking Class and Farming in Tra Que Village

Are you ready? One, two, … Good morning! We are in Hoi An and we are taking a cooking class today so the class is in Tra Que which is just right
outside of Hoi An and it is apparently the herb village of the area. First we’ll
do a farming tour and then we’ll go to cook with the herbs and spices we’ll have
pick up in the garden so let’s go! first we get dressed I’m with Chef Danny, he will be teaching us about the
Vietnamese cooking today especially Central Vietnam seaweed, we come home
and make a fertilizer, and seaweed make the soil very soft and good so this is a fertilizer? yes fertilizer, makes the soil very soft, this is traditional from 400 years ago and this village is only for herbs? yes, not tomatoes, not cucumber, is there any kind of herbs or is there special herbs from the village yes special herbs: mint, coriander, spring onion and vegetables Wow, Wow! if he can do, you can do it on now turn over, turn, turn yes, ok, you pour good job! Can I borrow your hand? little, enough for cooking today you look here same as tomato you can cut yellow, green chillies, capsicum and cucumber it’s up to you chop all together, tang, tang tang tang tang tang tang… oh chop very fast! tang tang tang tang tang tang tang tatata continue, fish sauce one, okay soya sauce one, and here you have chicken bouillon a half tea spoon and now you stir well and you pour on your fish filet, very nice what kind of fish is this? Red Snapper she likes chili! when you look the banana is long in here, continue turn over, yes and today Lam, my wife, will help you bbq in the garden chili oil very easy but you cook hot oil and you put chili, that’s it, and some garlic okay and you put about one, a little bit more and now can you help me? you stir well green on the outside and a little bit of this fish sauce one, and chicken bouillon half tea soon and now you stir well Chef Rosemary! Yes, in action… it is hot one more friend two more friend and today you will drink rice beer and what’s the name of this? Tam Huu Tam Huu it means three friends, one friend, two friends, three friends one friend, two friends and three friends so what are you making? Banh Xeo [Vietnamese Pancake] and now let me show you, pour water, and stir water slowly so we have spring onion, tumeric Banh Xeo is from central Vietnam? from Hoi An, Hue but in Hue they make it different and in the South of the country they make Banh Xeo bigger here you make it smaller and here chicken and pork then let me show you put garlic and shallots on the top a little bit, half tea spoon, pepper on the top and chicken bouillon half tea spoon on the top fish sauce, one, two what kind of flour? Rice, we have steamed rice In Vietnam, everything is rice pork and chicken, if you like with shrimp, you cook with shrimp, and vegetarian you cook with tofu and vegetables Are you ready? One, two… this is the red snapper fish that we had
prepped earlier and it’s been sitting on the charcoal grill wrapped in banana leaves so you open it up you can smell the wonderful aromas Wow, wow, wow, wow look at that beautiful Red Snapper ah you can smell the aroma of the banana leaves too quick bite uhm… so fragrant so delicious so we have a side of rice to go with it steamed rice and looking
forward to enjoying this, really tasty we just ended our cooking class and we
are stuffed we enjoyed all what we made yes so we had what did we start with? we started with the Banh Xeo so we finished cooking we Banh Xeo and we started eating with the local specialty Banh Xeo and then we also made a specialty at the end that Claire made actually which was
wrapping around it was called the three friends you wrap shrimp, chicken together with
some herbs and that was really delicious dipping a nice fermented fish sauce we also had the banana leaves or the fish Red Snapper cooked in banana leaves and then we ended up on a creme caramel dessert so really a wonderful experience and we are
missing the beef in the Betel leaves that was your favorite yes really really yummy yes oh my God, you’re right thank
you so wonderful experience great chef chef Danny very friendly knows how to
use his knives like nothing before I mean it’s incredible and also play
with them, music, and entertain us through this [cooking] class a really entertaining class great setup we did the class in his home
it was just the two of us so really intimate experience, wonderful
way to enjoy cooking in Hoi An and definitely a class that we would

9 thoughts on “Fun Hoi An Cooking Class and Farming in Tra Que Village”

  1. Wow. What a fun cooking class. I'm tempted to get some banana leaves and cook the fish the same way. Love the watering technique.

  2. Ah that's cool to take it straight from the ground and into the kitchen, one day I'll have to get a garden so I can start growing my own food. This looked great fun!

  3. Such a cool and fun cooking class. Love it. I really like to go to a farm and then start the class 🙂

  4. Looks like a great way to learn about the local food. I love the Asian way of cooking so much. The food and taste is amazing

  5. Oooh very cool. I took a cooking class once. Would love to again. I also want to visit here. Hopefully one day soon.

  6. Attending a cooking class is my way to immerse myself in the local culture. This reminded me of my time there. Looks super fun.

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