Funny Neeti Palta Roasts Zakir Khan ( Sakht Launda) | Fight Comic | Comedy Munch

Please welcome on to stage, the very first comedian, Zakir Khan. it is my honour to roast Zakhir Khan. Please take a good look at him ladies and gentlemen. Zakir has a gf. which proves once and for all that women don’t go for looks or money. Charity bhi koi chiz hoti hai. I’m not I am not saying anything, zakir artist aadmi hai He is a very good artist. But he doesnt believe in doing private shows. Because kisi ke ghar jaata hai toh thoda mistaken identity mein log bolte hai wo dekhna bathroom ka flush kaam nahi kar raha. I am not saying Zakir, I am just saying,lets just say Zakir has a secret superpower He turns invisible at night. I am not saying he is dark, no. sirf, maayein apni bacho ke kaan ke piche laga deti hai isko. Zakir actually agar do teen nahi nahayega na toh zyaada gora lagega No, but the thing is he will never sell himself short. He will never ever do a fair and handsome ad, ever. kyunki before ke shade card mein bhi uska shade nahi milega Zakir is the second famous Khan to come out of Indore. Any guesses who the first one is? Salman Khan Yeah, but Zakir doesn’t Zakir doesn’t drink ok? Because he doesn’t own a car Ab cycle se kitne logo ko maar loge yaar? But, but but Zakir is like a true, I would say he is like a pakka true musalmaan. But he doesnt do namaz 5 times a day. kyon ki dekho bjp ki govt hai, ajkal jhukoge toh piche se kaun lelega pata nahi. And Zakir is a very funny comedian. So don’t think he is on stage only because of minority quota. And lastly I must say I have a lot of respect for Zakir. A lot of respect, because you men tum sirf apna naak kata sakte ho. Zakir khan ladies and gentlemen

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