100 thoughts on “Garlic Butter Beef with Slit Roasted Potatoes”

  1. I've been subscribed to your channel for quit some time now and all I see is amazing food that I could only imagine being able to afford on the regular. Please invite me over some time and let me taste a bit.

  2. All your recipes are such nice ideas. No matter how complicated or simple they are, they are just very good eating. Will you be making any more rabbit recipes? I'd like some new inspiration for those snowshoe white rabbits I'm gonna snare this winter 😉

  3. アメリカン・ジャガバターも中々いいな。ソースもかなりうまそう…今回のは今まで以上に食欲をそそるぜ!👍

  4. so this round bbq seems like the most practical with small enough chamber so that it doesn't take much charcoal to get high heat and it can be used for direct/indirect/smoking/grilling and with pot or pan inside …seems like it's got everything covered. any reason to get one of those big trailer type bbqs with complicated offset smoker ?

  5. I've lived quite while .. and finances go UP 🙂 and DOWN 🙁 … I'm at a down point now .. no car no money for decent groceries … I haven't had a decent roast beef for maybe a couple years … LOVE watching them on the show here!!!!!!! … Smells GOOD!!!! … keeping all these recipes in my head for some time soon! .. When finances improve again! … keep up the GREAT work guys!!!!!!! …

  6. That thin gravy (with no flour or corn starch) … we call it Au Ju (yes mis-used as a noun) in my part of Canada … one of my most favourite dishes! Potatoes, Beef, and Au Ju !!!!!!! 🙂

  7. Loving this recipe! Headed out tomorrow to find that steak to replicate it 🙂 Damn sure looking forward to it!!!

  8. that's more like a medium-well, but awesome nonetheless. Tender, juicy and flavorful; you can't aske more from a steak

  9. The recipe looks terrific like always. I couldn't help noticing the potato peeler you used. What brand is that? It looks much easier to use than the normal ones.

  10. Shoveled 9" of snow off the deck and swept off the smoker today. Doing a smoke tomorrow and I don't care how cold it is!

  11. No it isn't, Its way over done. I love you guys but you are not perfect and this is an example. Thanks for the video but you need to get a new Thermometer. I am a rare guy. Love the potatoes.

  12. You guys make GREAT videos but don't play around with that medium rare lol… come on' Medium+ on that no doubt 100% and no beef or chef Nazi BS.

  13. You should put up some bbq soy burgers and imitation sausages for the vegematics and Food Police on April 1st.

  14. DEAR PEOPLE TRYING TO WATCH WHAT THEY EAT: I play in the QMJHL which is a semi pro league for the NHL. I eat food JUST to feed my body and as a 17 year old i don't want to eat bland chicken, seasoned rice, frozen spinach and maybe if I'm lucky pasta with no sauce and a sweat potato…. I'm not on a diet…if you are… eat your diet food while watching this…its makes our crappy food..GUUUUUD!

  15. Thank you men, you have helped me get reinvigorated with my tried and true Weber Kettle. I appreciate your humor, and talents, truly.

  16. hint for peeling pearl onions blanch them for 30 secs to a min. squeeze the butt end and they mostly pop out.

  17. After literally hours of watching these Boys, I find myself putting the towel in my pocket, using the same Weber grill, the same cutting board, thermometer, and growing a good Gray beard. I guess I am a fan 👍🏻🇺🇸

  18. Ty for all the videos im a big fan since 2012
    And as always the finest porn on the internet, delicatessen….!

  19. I like my beef "Wounded" you know a good vet could have it up and mooing in a few days…Take it off 106 cover it 22 min around 114-118 man on man open it up and eat red juicy DROOLING

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