GE Café™ Series refrigerator with Keurig® K-Cup® brewing system

GE Café™ Series refrigerator with Keurig® K-Cup® brewing system

We’re really excited about the new GE Cafe french door bottom freezer refrigerator with K-cup brewing system made right here in Louisville, Kentucky. This is a revolutionary product and something that we’re really excited to be launching. This is GE innovation at it’s best. GE invented the hot water dispenser We really wanted to create a feature that really benefited consumers as much as possible. The evolution of that feature was into the K-cup brewing system, that’s going to be be available in our new GE Cafe french door bottom freezer refrigerators. Keurig is all about the consumer experience and so because of that attention to quality they are really who we wanted to partner with. So when you’re ready to make a fresh cup of coffee, here’s how you do it. The first thing is, you take the brewer and you open up the top. You take any of your favorite K-cup packs. Insert it into the brewer and then slide it into the dispenser. And when you slide it into the dispenser, it will be selected with any size that you want. I’m going to have a large. When the refrigerator hits the optimum temperature what you’ll do is you’ll turn it counter clockwise, for safety, and the dispenser will brew at the optimum flow rate. Then when it’s finished, you’ll have a great cup of coffee every time. And so what we discovered more than anything is that it’s all about convenience. It’s about organizing your way. It’s all about having an appliance that does more than just look good in your home and we will continue to drive towards that to make sure that we deliver great consumer benefits to our customers.

28 thoughts on “GE Café™ Series refrigerator with Keurig® K-Cup® brewing system”

  1. Given the popularity of the Keurig coffee maker which safes coffee and energy, this is a great feature for coffee lovers who can't start with their day without a cup of joe. 

  2. Seems like a waste to just glue on a coffee maker to a fridge.  It's also another thing that can break and probably cost more to fix than a standalone coffee maker.  On top of that, you're locked into buy Keurig cups for the rest of the life of your fridge.  Not a game changer.

  3. Am I the only one who noticed all the coffee splashes everywhere @ 1:18? I like the idea, but I would hate the mess if it goes down the front, too.

  4. I need a new fridge and this makes me want to wait but i don't know if I can! Decisions, decisions… On a different note 20 years ago going to school for drafting,  I toured your engineering dept and I was impressed, I loved the 3D printer.

  5. Is this available now? Big benefit is reducing clutter in my counter tops by eliminating the need for standalone Keurig.

  6. I love a lot this idea!!!! But I have two concerns:
    1- I just want a counter depth fridge
    2- I want a really quality coffe.
    I'm pretty sure GE can work on it! I'll be waiting for this….

  7. Keurig has convinced the world that instant coffee is gourmet. Its not. and why spend 3300 on a fridge that gives you instant coffee.

  8. Fabulous, BUT "K-Cups are an inexcusable choice for the earths current condition! Why not keep a few pounds of choice coffee in the freezer and select ground, or espresso and steam the cream which is in the fridge already too!? I see this a s another poor choice!

  9. I fix refrigerators for a living, and maybe you guys and all other manufacturers should worry about making good a reliable product that doesn't break down in the first year than worrying about adding a coffee maker to a fridge. A pointless feature on a fridge.

  10. I'm ordering GE Café CYE22TSHSS refrigerator in the coming months, I'm wondering if Keurig option comes with it or an add on?

  11. I was excited until I seen the design. I think they need to go back to the drawing board. I do love the concept.

  12. It's cool, but a shame that they can't make a buzzer (Alarm) for the stove or/and Refrigerator that is loud enough for people hard of hearing.

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