GE Profile Series French Door Refrigerator with Keurig K-Cup Brewing System Overview

GE Profile Series French Door Refrigerator with Keurig K-Cup Brewing System Overview

Hello, my name is Beaumont Boyd,
Refrigeration Learning Manager for GE Appliances. We’ve been hard at work brewing up the
next big thing for your kitchen. Building upon the success of our Cafe Series
model, I’m excited to introduce the GE Profile Series French door refrigerator
with Keurig K-cup brewing system, available in both stainless steel and our
versatile Slate finish. With the Keurig K- cup brewing system built into the
refrigerator’s water dispenser you get fresh filtered water for your coffee or
tea every single time. No need to ever refill either. It also
frees up valuable countertop space something that is a premium in most
kitchens. Now you can have the ultimate convenience of enjoying over 500
different varieties of K-cup pods from over 75 brands right from your
refrigerator’s dispenser. By combining all of these options with our advanced water
filtration which removes ninety-eight percent of trace pharmaceuticals from
water and ice it can lead to a better-tasting single-serve beverage.
Also, to simplify and streamline operation, you can start heating your
water with the convenience of the GE Kitchen app. Now let’s take a second to show you how to brew a hot single serve beverage. First, select your favorite K-cup
pod and place it right into the brewer. You want to press the K-cup down until
you hear an audible pop. This helps ensure consistent brew every single
time. To begin the heating process you’ll either want to press the Start
Heating button located in the top right corner or bring out your smartphone and
tell the refrigerator to start heating up. After a few minutes of heating you
will see a red triangle with an exclamation point inside saying “warning
brew very hot” and your beverage will be ready to be dispensed. You will then want
to select your brew size from the middle button on the right-hand side
from either 6, 8 or 10 ounce sizes. The dispenser normally defaults to an
8-ounce brew. Also, if you want to brew cocoa instead of coffee or tea, you want
to press that same button for three seconds. Now it’s time to brew. You want to hold
down the Brew Dispense button for approximately three seconds (there will
be a countdown detailing this.) Once you’ve seen the countdown of 3-2-1, the
fill tube will extend into the brewer and begin dispensing your desired amount of water into the brewer. After about 45 seconds you’re hot single-serve beverage
will be ready to enjoy. Our machine brews at a 190 degrees, so watch out,
it will be very hot. Now let’s take a look inside the refrigerator. With
options like a Quick Space shelf, gallon door bins, a drop-down shelf and adjustable shelving, you can organize your way. Also check out the full width electronic
temperature-controlled deli drawer with LED lighting. There are three accurate
settings to deliver the optimal temperature for your favorite foods
while colored lights indicate the chosen setting. TwinChill evaporators keep fresh
and frozen foods at their very best. The fresh food and freezer sections are
calibrated to give different ingredients the perfect environment to keep foods
fresh longer. Two separate climates in the fresh food and freezer section help
prevent odor transfer and freezer burn so food is fresh and lasts longer. Made in
America, this Energy Star GE Profile Series French door with Keurig K-cup
brewing system is loaded with innovation that delivers the ultimate convenience. Its beautiful design perfectly
complements all of our GE Profile Series products and is designed to reflect the
modern approach to style. GE Profile Series K-cup refrigerator is
just another example of GE Appliances bringing you the most advanced dispenser
in the appliance industry. For more information please visit

3 thoughts on “GE Profile Series French Door Refrigerator with Keurig K-Cup Brewing System Overview”

  1. Unfortunately – my new cafe frig is set in demo mode – I have found instructions on the Internet, and followed them to the letter (pressing the lock control button and the precise fill button simultaneously for 7 seconds). It asks me if I want to exit the demo mode – I reply 'yes'. However – it does not happen. I would like the instructions to do this so that it works. The Keurig brewer works perfectly, but we cannot get rid of the irritating voice. Consequently – we are not using the Keurig option. Please respond!

  2. Thanks for the overview. I was holding the dispense button to long (no more than 6 seconds). Works great now.

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