Gemma’s 5 Pro Chef Secrets to the Easiest Homemade Ice Cream

Gemma’s 5 Pro Chef Secrets to the Easiest Homemade Ice Cream

With over 15 years experience as a professional
chef, I’ve definitely learned a thing or two along the way. Here are my Top Five Pro Chef Secrets to the
Easiest Homemade Ice Cream. So my ice cream is pretty famous online with
tens of millions of views, it’s my two ingredient, no ice cream machine needed ice cream. The recipe can be found on Ok lets get started with our first secret. So first things first, really important, what
type of cream do you use? So you want to use fresh cream, from a cow
that has a high fat content. Something around 38% or even higher than that. Now the reason why you need that is because
cream with a high fat content whips up really well and holds stiff peaks so it’s perfect
for this recipe. You can find the fat content written on the
container. In America we call this heavy whipping cream,
but no matter where you are in the world, read the carton. So secret number two, using an electric stand
mixer or an electric hand mixer, whip up your cream until soft peaks form. Now it’s really important at this stage
you get to soft peaks and not stiff peaks, because what could happen is you begin to
curdle your ice cream. So there you go, this took me around 3-4 minutes
or so. Now come here to me because I want you to
see this texture. So there you go this is what soft peaks look
like. In the business we call this billowy because
it’s really nice and soft. It holds a little bit of a shape but it’s
not stiff, this is perfect. So number three, condensed milk. There is no substitute for condensed milk
in this recipe, it’s a key ingredient and it’s actually what makes this ice cream
scoopable, you have to have it in there. You can however use fat free, reduced sugar,
also if you can’t buy it in stores you can really easily make it yourself, I have a recipe
on Another thing is make sure it’s really lovely
and cold before you add it into your whipped cream. Ok so secret number four, once your condensed
milk is in there, now you can whip it up to stiff peaks. You want to whip it at a high speed for a
few minutes until it gets nice and firm. Ok so let me recap, first time whipping the
cream, soft peaks. Second time whipping the cream, stiff peaks. I wanna make sure it’s the right texture
or else you’ll over whip it and curdle your ice cream. So there you go, as you can see it’s firmer
than before and it’s holding more of its shape and more of a ripple. This is perfect. This is the texture we want for the ice cream
at this stage. Ok so secret five is a really good one, add
a little vanilla extract to your ice cream base at the end and it’ll stop your ice
cream from freezing really hard. Now I’ll tell you why, this is alcohol based
and it has a lower freezing point so if you add a little in it’ll keep your ice cream
nice and scoop able and a little bit soft. So a little bit into your ice cream and you’re
good to go. So another way to explain this, if you think
about a bottle of vodka in the freezer but it never actually freezes, it’ll do the
same thing to your ice cream. So that’s it, now you know how to successfully
make my two ingredient ice cream. Once you know how to make this base, you can
make all of these flavors. Head over to for the
ice cream recipe and the tips. And let me know in the comments below what
other pro chef secrets you’d like to see me do.

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  1. Hi Bold Bakers! 5 Pro Secrets, 2 Ingredients, and all the ice cream you want this summer! Get my chef tips AND make my Homemade Ice Cream here:

  2. The best we can have here is 35%, most brands don't even write the fat percentage on the carton.. I've tried this ice cream recipe though and it's great but maybe too sweet

  3. This is amazing! Please do a pro tip on the perfect chocolate cupcake recipe!! Mine always come out dry and somehow lacking in chocolate flavor 😞

  4. Personal experience. Not to play with the ratios of cream to condensed milk. Else the ice cream wont freeze at all(if you add more condensed milk). Even if kept for days in the refregirator.

  5. Would you believe cream in my country doesn't always list the fat %? I often have to calculate it myself based on the amount of fat shown in the nutritional information and the total volume marked on the carton.

  6. Every year in the last few years
    About this Time I made your Recipe for home made ice cream
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    KitKat . Oreo . twix . Chocolate chips . M&Ms . Chocolate syrup
    I obviously I am chocolate fan

  7. Great recipe. Very easy. Another tip put your metal bowl in the freezer. I put my beaters in there, too. Cold helps the cream whip up. I use a hand mixer (electric) with metal bowl.

  8. This looks great! I have the sweetened condensed milk chilling, as well as the bowl and beaters. Three frozen bananas are going in. I was wondering what to use them for, and this is it. Thanks for the recipe.

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  14. Found her channel a week ago..
    I made 5 different flavors ice cream already- 10 pint cartons…😘
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  15. My ice cream turned out more like frozen mousse, did I just whip the cream too much? It didn't go curdled thankfully

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  20. Hi dear,
    I have been making ice cream following your recipe for quite some time now.
    However, when I make fresh fruit icecream be it any fruit, the fruit pieces are frozen stiff in the lovely scoopable😍 icecream. It is not like the store brought fresh fruit icecream where the fruits remain nice and succulent not stiff as a popsicle . 😆😂🤣
    There must be a way to achieve this result at home.
    Will be lovely if you can help.
    Love always

  21. Question. I have fresh cream from a dairy and its extremely thick, basically set. Can i still make this icecream or is it better to just use it for other things?

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  23. I've done no churn before, but always whipped the cream to stiff peaks and then folded in the condensed milk. Trying this method now, appreciate the tip – one bowl rather than two already makes it a winner. 😉

  24. Hi Gemma (it’s me the guy who used to comment a lot) I was wondering …. can I use the cream that floats up to the top on boiled milk straight from a pure Indian cow … it takes a few days to collect enough for ice cream (we normally collect it and my mom and grannie do something to it and turn it into butter ….. we get 1 pound of butter with the cream collected in a week or two depending on the amount of milk the cow gives and where it is used … such as in drinking or making cream cheese,etc. ) I am asking you this coz we here in India get low fat (20%)cream where I live

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  37. Can we use cream skimmed over milk(In India it is called Malayi, firstly milk is boiled, then let it cool, then a yellowish layer of fat forms on surface, then skimm it off from the milk) instead of heavy cream?
    Also can we use milk + butter as heavy cream?

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  40. Iam from Vietnam and i dont know how people here make the ice cream. When i used your method, my mom and dad said its too fat. Maybe i should reduce a little amount of whipped cream, then hope my result will be better

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