Genji VS Hanzo: Cooking Duel [Overwatch Animation]

Genji VS Hanzo: Cooking Duel [Overwatch Animation]

Hello! My name is… *Green Cyborg Ninja Dude* And you, brother. My wonderings brought me to this place. It was not to my liking! What’s wrong Hanzo? Don’t you recognize me? You may call yourself my brother… But you are not the Genji I knew! I am a different man now. I am Whole. Together we could have built an empire. That’s what you dream… not mine. My brother is dead, I killed him with my… There’s no time to dwell on the past! Now, We fight! Think you can do better than me? Ha… i am certain of it! In Five! Four! Three! Two! One! I was hoping for a Challenge. I will not be defeated so easily. Hm… Strive for perfection! So this is what has become of you… Hello world. Genji. Master! Aaaggghhh! Hahahaha… Impresive! Thank you. Hmmm. Gaaahhh!! How wonderfull! Well done! You honor me! Thank you. To hold a grudge is unhealthy… for you. You were never my equal. Just as when we were boys! The battle continues. We will fight again! Let’s finish this quickly! I will not waste this chance! What is all this? Genji! Very well. I claim this ramen! Aaaaaahhhhh!!!!! You are mistaken brother. I am beyond redemption… Did someone say Peanut Butter? – Wha-
– My new years resolutions Less Peanut Butter More… bananas. Ahem.Would you like to… Uhm… Okay I guess… What. That would be great! Wha–What’s your opinion on Atoblestines Gravitational models? Genji! Impericle evidence suggests… They’re moving the payload! They’re going to lose! I would kill for some peanut butter. Oh Winston! Haha. Got your favorite! Tracer. No! Fantastic tecnic! Hahahaha! You do not want me for your enemy! It comes to this. My ultimate is… Agh! So predictable. I am ready to unleash the Dragon. I choose you, Spirit Dragon! I need hea- No, i am not Worthy! I have lost my home and my brother. But I will not lose my honor. Aarrgghh! Braagghh! Uhaaaaa!!! I got you some chocolates Genji. Swiss! They’re the best! Thank you Angela! Perhaps you could share them with me? No!

100 thoughts on “Genji VS Hanzo: Cooking Duel [Overwatch Animation]”

  1. Zenyatta: slaps a fish to his face
    OW Devs: We've increased Zenyatta's ultimate to have 9000% more brightness and memery

  2. hanzo made the perfect sushi for zenyatta IT IS ALIVE AND PEACE BRO. also MERCY IS MEDIIIIIIIIIIIC


  4. “Forgive me father, for I shall unleash my full power! I, legitimate heir of the Shimada Dynasty, must protect my ancestor’s memory from any disgraceful action! I, Genji, swear to purify the name of my family from the vile evil that the man who stands before me represents. May justice lead my sword and guide my hand to pierce the darkness and inspire the generations to come! If this is what the wicked fate decided for me, be it. I will not fear my destiny no more. This is the path I’ve chosen to follow.”

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