George Howell grilling Tom Harper on CNN (edited :-D)

George Howell grilling Tom Harper on CNN (edited :-D)

(Howell) I’m joined now by Tom Harper He is the home affairs correspondent for the Sunday Times who is reporting this story. And Tom joins us now live. Tom, thank you for being with us. I just want to dive a little deeper into the nature of your reporting. You name “unnamed sources” — how do senior officials at #10 Downing Street know that these files were breached? (Harper) Um… err… umm… …um… um erm… er… ah… um…. um… er, … it’s it’s …er… obviously allegations at the moment, from our point of view. (Howell) Well, I do have to ask, though, just in understanding the nature of what’s in the files: how do they know what was in them if they were encrypted? Has the British government also gotten into these files? (Harper) Well, …um… I mean, um… …so… uh… um, er… …er… we just publish what we believe to be the position of the British government at the moment. (Howell) Your article asserts that it is not clear if the files were hacked or if Snowden gave these files over when he was in Hong Kong and Russia, so which is it? (Harper) Well, we don’t know. Umm… …er… um… it’s difficult to state anything um with certainty. (Howell) So we’re just really hearing, you know, what the British government is saying at this point. The article mentioned these MI6 agents. Were they directly under threat as a result of the information leak, or was it just a precautionary measure to move them? (Harper) Umm… we don’t know. (Howell) So essentially you’re reporting what the government is saying, but as far as the evidence to substantiate it …. You’re not really able to comment or explain that at this point, right? (Harper) No. Um, … it’s very difficult to say anything with …uh… certainty. Tom Harper with the Sunday Times joining us live in London. Tom, thank you so much for your time and explaining the report that has been filed there in the Sunday Times.

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  1. Tom has been Murdoched!

    How embarrassing for the journalist that penned this

    Revealed: How gangs used the Freemasons to corrupt police

    What a climb down

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