Hi, guys. Welcome back to my channel. In today’s
video, I’m going to be giving you loads of mommy motivation and show you how I get everything
done in a day. I’m just going to take you through what I’m doing in terms of food shopping,
cooking, cleaning, decluttering, fitness, the kids, just life and everything I do really,
on a day where the kids are at school and nursery. Obviously, some of these tasks I
do have to do it with the kids around, but today they are… We’ve literally just done
the school run and I’ve actually been inspired to make this video because my friend Tiffany
Beaston, you may know her, she makes videos like this and I watch them and I find them
so motivating. I just love seeing how other moms do it and just getting ideas for recipes
or meal prep and all of that. So, I thought I would try one. So, yes.
I’ve just done the school run and now I have just come to Sainsbury’s. Normally, we would
do a food shop online, but Frasier has to do some homework tonight and he needs to cook
an autumnal dessert. I’m going to get a few bits that we need, something for dinner as
well. So, I will take you with me. Yeah. For the crumble, I got some apples.
These are Granny Smiths because they didn’t have Bramley apples anywhere and I really
wanted a sour apple for the crumble. So, I’ve got that, got some blackberries, got some
ice cream to serve for us at home and then we’re going to send some of the crumble in
as his homework as well. Also, got some butter for it and then all of the oats, and flour,
and sugar, and stuff I have here at home. Then I got some more caramel Snack a Jacks
because we’re all obsessed with these. Also, got these little, what are they? Angel slices
because they were on special and the kids really love them. Also, got some fat-free
cottage cheese. I love this on toast or on crackers and stuff as a snack. So, I’ve got
that. Also, got two new cereals to try Fruit ‘n fiber. I think the kids will really like
that. It’s like a nice healthy one. Then I got this… How do you say it? Country
Crisp. This has hazelnut and almond in it. So, if Frasier did want it, he could have
it. It’s not got peanuts or anything in it, but this would be really yummy on yogurt for
the boys or if they want it with milk, they can do that as well. Also, got some bread.
Then for dinner tonight, I’m going to make a chili in the slow cooker. I have quite a
bit of the ingredients here, like onions, carrots and stuff, but I did need some kidney
beans, some chopped tomatoes, some chickpea. I’ve got the 5% fat minced meat. Also, got
some red peppers and then some smoked salmon because I really like smoked salmon with scrambled
egg in the morning sometimes. So, yeah. Just a little foodie hall, but I’ve got the dinner
and I’ve got the homework and the dessert. So, yeah. It’s going to be really yummy.
So, I’m off out now for a run with my friend Laura. Some of you will know, I’ve been training
for a half-marathon and now that half-marathon is just 10 days away. We really need to get
a little bit more training in before we take a break before the actual race day. So, going
provide in a local park. This is Laura there and she always… She’s so funny. Every time
I put the camera on her, she was like, “I always wave like this and I hate it.” And
she’s just done it again. It’s actually been so brilliant training with Laura. If any of
you guys start running, it’s so good to get a running buddy because they just make you
go out and I don’t know. It’s like you’re accountable to some someone. So, yes. We’re
going to do a little run and then I’m going to go home, put dinner on, do some cleaning,
all of that stuff. I’m back from my run now and I’m just going
to put dinner in the slow cooker. As I mentioned, I am making slow cooker chili. It’s a really
old recipe that I’ve just always used. I have no idea where it’s from, but if you’re interested
I can put it in the description, but yeah. I’m going to put that on and then I do have
to do a little bit of work. I need to voice over one of my cleaning videos, but I’ll show
you how I’m doing dinner. I thought I would do a little voice over for
this part of the video. The first thing that I’m doing for this recipe is just frying off
the minced beef. I probably don’t actually need to do this because I did buy the 5% fat
beef and not loads of fat is actually cooking off of this, but it’s the way I’ve always
made it, so I’m kind of like frying that on the hub and then coming over and chopping
some onions and kind of like running back and forth. I’m chopping up two medium sized
onions and then also two medium sized carrots. If this is for very little ones, you can grate
the carrot in and sometimes to be honest, that is actually quicker as well. Then I’m
roughly chopping in two red peppers. Then I’m just going to add all the ingredients
into my crock pot or slow cooker. So, I’m throwing in at the minced that I actually
fried, the onions, the red pepper, the carrots, and then there are loads of beans that go
into this dish, which really bulk it out, make it healthy, add some protein as well.
I’ve added in chickpeas, kidney beans, two things of chopped tomatoes and even as some
baked beans, which I know some people will think is really weird. Then I’m adding in
coriander, chili powder cumin, and a tiny bit of cinnamon as well. Then I’m just going
to give it a stir and I tend to fill up one of the cans of water and then throw that in
as well because it is obviously going to be cooking for a long time in the slow cooker.
So, yes. Now, I can just leave that and all of that took me 15 to 20 minutes and then
we’ll have a delicious dinner. This chili actually will do about 10 to 11 portions.
So, it really does go a long way. Now, I’m just going to quickly tidy up the
kitchen after all of that. Then while I was tidying, I actually took a picture of me tidying
and I’m going to put that onto Instagram as well. I’ve just quickly edited it and then
put that on Instagram just for a bit of content. If you don’t follow me over there, feel free
to come over and follow me. I would obviously, love to have you there as well.
Now, I need to get on and do some work. I filmed the cleaning video the other day, but
I need to voice over it and add some music. It’s 24 minutes long, this video.So, I think
it’s going to take quite a long time to do, but the reason I’m in my bedroom is over the
years of doing voiceovers and stuff, I find that when I do a voice over in my bedroom,
the acoustic is better because I think there’s so many cushions and things for the sound
to jump off of. If I ever do a voice over in the kitchen or actually at my desk, it
just sounds a bit echoey. Anyway, I’m in my bedroom to do this. I’ve
got my microphone. This is all I use, this fluffy thing and I just plug it into my laptop
and just talk into it. That is how I do it. So, yeah. I think it’s probably going to take
me about an hour or so to get this done, but it’s a video for tonight so I really need
to get on and do it and I’m excited. My cleaning videos, they do really well for views. So,
it’s like worth the effort. Right. So, the edit and upload took about
an hour and a half in the end, but it was a really long video. I really wanted it to
be good. Sometimes it takes me ages to find good music. I really like funky house music,
but trying to find nice music that is also a copy free that I can use on YouTube can
be quite difficult. I think I found some good ones, but now I’ve just got time to have a
cup of tea before I need to go and do the school run and get Kaleb. Kaleb finishes at
three today, but Frasier who’s at the same school, finishes at four and then Jackson
we need to pick up as well. It’s all happening, but yeah.
Okay. All right. So, the chili is smelling really good. I’ve just stirred it a couple
of times. You can actually make that recipe within just an hour on the stove, but you
have to stow it quite a lot. Using the slow cooker I feel, is really nice and easy. Got
my cup of tea and I’ve just received two deliveries, so I thought we’d show you. They’re not that
exciting, but I got this KidzLab Magnet Science thing as one of Kaleb’s birthday presents.
It’s his birthday this month. He’s going to be six and I actually put on Instagram like
what would you guys recommend for a six year old? So many of you said magnet play and stuff.
I think he’ll really love this. So, I’ve got that.
Then I also ordered some washing up liquid refiller. What is this called? Yeah, it’s
the refill sachets. So, basically you just pour this into your washing up liquid bottle
or into this thing as well when it runs out. I tend to use a little Molton Brown hand wash
holder for my washing up liquid because it gives such a small amount when you press that,
that I really like that because you don’t need a lot of it. When this runs out, I’m
now ready to refill it up. How exciting is my life? I also forgot to mention that Kaleb’s
birthday party invitations have come. I’ve got these super cheap on Amazon. He’s going
to have a crazy golf birthday party just for the boys in his class. So, I also need to
fill these out today and get them out because it is in about four weeks time.
Okay. K.K. is now home from school. Say, “Hello.” My pajamas. In your comfies. Straight away when he got
in, he put his comfies on and he wanted a little snack, so he’s got an apple to have
and then we’re going to get Frasier in a minute. Then we’re going to do some homework with
him. Both of the boys are home now. Frasier’s back
from basketball club and he needs to quickly do his reading, eat his dinner before it’s
back out to football tonight. Tonight, they’re having sausages and carrots, and Frasier wanted
rice. I quickly decided to do the boys sausages because there are still half an hour left
on this chili and it is a little bit watery, so it does need the extra half hour, but they
obviously need to eat now because Frasier has to go back out to football. It’s a total
juggle, but because there are 10 portions in this huge chili, Matt and I can have some
later on tonight. Then they could have it on another day this week because I’ll put
it into Tupperware. It’s been great. It’s great for meal prep because we can have chili
on chips, jacket potato, rice, on its own with tortilla chips. So, so many different
ways. So, yeah. I’ll definitely keep it for other nights or for lunch as well.
Once Frasier is done his dinner and his reading, we’re now quickly going to do some homework
before he’s back out again. His schedule is not normally this crazy. This is just a particularly
busy night because he does have two clubs, but that is not the norm. Yeah, we’re going
to quickly do this and it was homework that he really enjoyed because we’re going to get
a delicious dessert at the end of it. We literally just chopped up some apples and then threw
in some blackberries, sprinkled some sugar over the fruit, and then Frasier weighed out
all of the ingredients like the flour. Then we also used golden castor sugar and we mixed
butter into that. Oh, yeah, a pinch of salt as well. You kind of mix all that together
with the butter until it’s like a breadcrumb consistency.
Then all he had to do was put that on top of the fruit and then put that into the oven.
Then we’re going to enjoy it, but then he’s also got to take a piece of it in to show
his teacher just to prove that he’s done it. I took some photos as well. I’ve got this
little Polaroid thing, which is great for homework. I took some photos of him doing
it to stick into his homework book. So, Frasier has made the crumble. Now, we
just have to pop it in the oven for half an hour. Matt has just gone to pick up Jackson
from nursery, which is a massive help and he’s also going to take Frasier to football
tonight because it’s from 6:00 until 7:00. It was quite late to drag out the other two
kids, so it’s been amazing that Matt can now help me with the football and he really enjoys
it as well, but Jackson started doing full days at nursery twice a week. He started that
a few weeks ago and I was dreading it. I thought, “How’s he going to cope or how’s he going
to like it?” But he had given up his nap. So, I was finding doing any work was just
impossible. He started and he’s actually just loving it. You think, “Maybe we could’ve done
it sooner than three years old,” but it’s been brilliant now. He’s really enjoying being
in the big boy room and all that stuff. The homework is in the oven. Now, I’m just going
to try and tidy up from dinner and from this baking we made quite the mess.
Hello. Yay. You’re home. How was nursery? Yeah, good?
Then I’m going to follow some laundry. Frasier has just gone off to football and Jackson
and Kaleb are happy in the background watching Monsters, Inc. as you can probably see. I
need to complete at least a load of laundry today to keep on top of everything. Then I’m
going to run upstairs and while I’m running the bath, I get their clothes ready for the
next day. I’ll lay out their uniform on the banister like this and I’ve just noticed that
we could probably do this dark load of washing. So, I’m going to run down and throw that in
and that can be running while I’m doing bath and bedtime. Then I can put it in the tumble
dryer if it needs it or it can be drawing on the dryer overnight. You know how it is.
Then I’m also, once they’re in bed, once they’re all asleep, I tend to get their bags ready
for the next day. I’ll just lay out their bags and then anything they need for any clubs
and tomorrow is swimming. So, we have this giant swimming bag and because it’s now getting
colder, I bought the boys, these really nice fleecy animal onesies. As soon as they get
out of the swimming pool, they can put these on and they love it. They’re super cozy and
then they can make their way home. It’s now about 8:30 at night. All the boys
are in bed. All my little jobs and cleaning things are all done. So, I’m now going to
sit on the sofa, watch some Netflix and edit this video that I’ve just filmed, but I hope
you enjoyed this video and just seeing how I juggle all the mummy duties in a day. I
had really wanted to declutter something as well, but I didn’t get a chance because my
video edit took so very long. I hope you enjoyed this. If you did let me know in the comments
or give it a big like, and then I’ll know to make more like this. I’ll see you in the
next one. Bye, guys.


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