Hi guys. Welcome back to my channel and to another
Get it All Done video. You guys seemed to love the last one, so here’s
another one. It’s basically just me going about my day
trying to do all of the tasks that I need to for my family of five. So I’m starting out with breakfast, and today
we’re having the boys’ favorite. We’re having pancakes. I’ve shown my protein pancakes before, but
this is actually just like an American pancake recipe. These are Fraser’s favorite and it’s very
much a treat, but it is a Friday, so we’re having the pancakes, and then I’ve also got
some fruit for them, some strawberries and some blueberries. I normally cut these up using my pizza cutter. I think I showed this before, but it’s just
the easiest way to cut toast and pancakes. I literally use this for so many things, so
I’m going to cut all of those up and then I’m going to serve it with maple syrup, and
then I’m not going to forget the boys’ vitamins. They’re actually really good at reminding
me that they need these because they love them so much. They’re always like, “Mom, you forgot our
vitamins,” so I’m going to give those out and then the boys are going to have breakfast. Today, my youngest is at nursery. He goes twice a week, so he’s there in childcare
and my two older boys are at school. This is the type of day where I get loads
done around the house. I’ve also get lots of work done, and I’m going
to be doing a slow cooker meal, so I have loads to show you. Obviously not every single day is as productive
as this one, but I really hope this motivates you, and I personally just love to see how
other moms do things and juggle everything. So this morning we got up, had pancakes, as
you may have seen, then I got myself ready, got the boys ready, got them all to school
and now I’ve just got home. It’s about quarter past nine and I’m going
to put dinner into the slow cooker so that it is ready later on in the day when the kids
come home starving, and tonight I’m doing a sausage casserole. I’ve probably shown this one on my channel
before. It’s one of our favorite simple dinners. You just get a sausage casserole, Colman’s
sachet like this, and it tells you what to include in it. It’s basically mushrooms, pepper, onion, sausage,
and this yummy sauce, and then you serve it with mashed potatoes or rice. So I’m just going to get all this ready and
then at least I know that dinner is ready later on in the day. It’s funny. When I was younger, I used to make fun of
my mum for being so obsessed with dinner. It was literally the first thing she would
talk about in the morning. But I get it now, Mom, because you just need
to know that later on in the day when your kids go from zero to 100 in hunger, you need
to know what you’re doing. So anyway, to start out, I am browning the
sausages in a frying pan. You don’t actually have to do this. Obviously they’re going to cook in the slow
cooker, but I personally like to brown off the sausages. Then, I’m going to cut up one red pepper and
loads of mushrooms. It doesn’t actually call for all these mushrooms,
but I tend to just do the whole lot because it makes it really yummy, and then I’m also
going to cut up and chop one onion as well. I think this recipe calls for two onions,
but the last time I did that I was like, “Wow, there is a lot of onion in there.” So you just put all of that into your slow
cooker along with the sauce, which you just make by using the contents of the sachet and
300 mil of cold water, so you just put that in along with the eight sausages, and that
is pretty much it. I just give it a stir and put it on low for
eight hours. You can actually make this in your oven in
like an hour, but I just find the slow cooker is such low effort and I just know I’ll be
ready later and the house will smell amazing and then all I have to do is make the mash
later on, and that is obviously going to be very low effort. But then I’m just going to quickly tidy up
everything that I’ve used and then get on with a little bit of work. So dinner is in and it’s about 9:30 now, so
that just took me 15 minutes, and then when it’s done later on I’m either going to make
mash or the boys also quite like it with rice. But now that that’s on, I need to get on and
do some work today. I have a few briefs to read. I’m going to be working with a couple of new
brands, so I need to read the brief and just think about what I’m going to do, how I’m
going to include it in my content, and then I also need to edit a video. I need to do a voiceover for a video. It’s basically like I have so much to do because
we’re going on holiday on Sunday, so we’re going away for two weeks and I’m really wanting
to have some of the videos done before I go so that I can actually relax while we’re away. So that’s the plan today. I also needs to try and pack, and later on
tonight, I’m having some beauty treatments for this holiday. You may have noticed my nails. Some of them are falling off, but I’ve left
it a bit later because we’re going away. I tend to do that, and then the week before
a holiday, I just look like a mess and I’m falling apart, but tonight I’m getting my
lashes, manicure and pedicure done, so I can’t wait for that. Anyway, I need to get on and do as much work
as I can. Yeah. All right, so I’m all done with work now and
I got quite a lot done. I answered some emails, planned a few videos
and Instagram posts and I also edited and uploaded a video for tonight, so I’m feeling
productive. But now, I’m going to go upstairs and try
and start packing for our holiday, and quite good timing. I just had a delivery at the door. I ordered these sandals on Office, I believe. They’re Teva sandals, and I used to wear these
as a kid and they’ve come back into fashion now. So I got the Teva platforms, and I wasn’t
sure about the back, but I quite like them, so I’m going to pack these as well. Okay. So all of my summer clothes are under the
bed, so I’m just going to go through what I want to take. We go away quite often, so I have a good idea
of what I want to bring. I’m pretty much going to bring 12 dresses
and then some caftans, swimwear and stuff like that, so hopefully this won’t take too
long. I’m hoping to just make a pile of what I kind
of want to bring and the night before I’ll pack all my toiletries, check it and put it
into the suitcase. So yes, we’re going away for October half
term in the UK. We’re going to Punta Cana, where we go pretty
much every year. We just love it there and we basically spend
all of our spare money on going on holiday, and it’s just a place that we love. We know that all five of us enjoy this resort
so we just keep going back to the same place and I know it just be really lovely family
time. So actually, when you’re watching this video,
we are actually there, because I’m pre-filming this so that you’ll have some content while
I’m away, but I actually will relax while we’re there. So yes, think of me, and if you want to see
what we’re up to, I will be on Instagram probably posting a photo a day of our holiday because
that’s kind of the only work that I want to do when I’m there. It’s not really work because I just love taking
pictures anyway. So yes, if you want to follow me over there,
I’m mrsemilynorris on Instagram. So yes, I’m just going to get on with it,
really. All right, so the packing is all done now. All that’s left to do is iron everything before
I put it in the case, but I feel like that’s the type of job that I can do mindlessly in
front of the TV one night, so I’m going to do that maybe tonight. Anyway, now is the school run. The days just goes so quickly, and although
my two big boys go to the same school, it doesn’t mean that they’re ever picked up at
the same time. Pretty much every night they do different
clubs. So tonight, Fraser’s got basketball club,
so I’m here to pick up Caleb and then I’ll be back in an hour to pick up Fraser. It’s like a constant juggle. Luckily, Matt is really good. He helps me with school runs and stuff. But yeah, I’ve actually worked out with my
three boys, I’m only ever going to have one year of them being at the same school because
they’re all nearly three school years apart. When Jackson starts school, Fraser will be
in year six. So anyway, I’m off to get Caleb. I’ve got the little monkey, but instead of
going home and and doing homework like we planned, we’re actually going to go to our
local little park because we have to go and get Fraser soon anyway, and although we normally
do homework on a night like tonight, because he’s got one-to-one time, one of his homework
tasks is to take a photo somewhere in our town. Caleb, that’s gross. What do you say? Pardon me. Thank you. So we’re going to take a photo here and then
we can print it, can’t we? And that’s some homework. Okay. Right. So we went from the park to then get Fraser. All right. So we’re home now and I’ve just put the potatoes
on, so I’m making mashed potato, and I also made rice because Fraser prefers it with rice. And then I’ve got some carrots as well, because
my boys really like having like raw veg, so I’ve got that. And then yeah, this is pretty much good to
go. I’ll show you it. Smells amazing. So yummy. Okay, so my toddler is going to be home in
about 20 minutes. My husband is going to collect him, so before
he gets home, I’m quickly going to try and meal prep some breakfast muffins. My boys really like these and they’re great
to have in the morning. If my children have cereal, they might have
one or two of these on the side and they’re really healthy and they’re really yummy and
simple to make. So basically, all you do is mix up all the
ingredients like the milk, egg, vanilla extract and then some melted butter and then you mix
that with the dry ingredients, which is the flour and the sugar and the baking powder,
and I’m actually putting some chocolate chips in today as a special treat, and then you
grate up one apple and then you also mash up one banana and then you mix all of that
in and then yeah, they make a nice healthy … Obviously there is a little bit of sugar
in this. That’s why I tend to make these as mini muffins,
but my boys, they really love it as either a snack or like I said, alongside breakfast
in the morning. I will say if you try these at home, they
don’t rise loads. They kind of just rise a little bit, but they’re
still really yummy, and the banana and the apple make them really moist as well. And then these just go into the oven at about
180 for 25 minutes or until they’re golden brown, and then I’m going to also fold up
some laundry. Look at the state of our utility room. Unfortunately, this is a very normal scene
to see, but I wish it was that quick to sort out. Everything’s folded, and then I’m going to
quickly try and just tidy up after dinner and baking and everything. It’s actually the next day now, but I forgot
to outro this video because it was a mad rush to get the boys ready for bed, and then as
soon as I put Jackson to bed, I went out to the salon to have all my beauty treatments
done for our vacation. I had a manicure done, and I went with this
color, which is called pink bikini. I pretty much chose it completely on its name
because they have so many colors. I was like, “Just go with this one,” so I’ve
got that on my hands and my toes. And then I also got my eyelash extensions
as well, so that’ll be nice to have on holiday because I won’t have to think about mascara
or anything like that. But yes, I’m feeling much better. But anyway, I really hope you’ve enjoyed this
video. I love doing these Get it All Done in a Day
videos. So yeah, let me know what you think in the
comments and I will see you in my next one. Bye guys.


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