Getting Baked with Motoki

Getting Baked with Motoki

What is good everyone, it’s ya boy Motoki.
How you doing, you good? I’m good. Today you’re joining me in the kitchen because
I have a very special video in store for you, oh yeah As you guys can tell from the title
already, we’re getting baked. No no no we’re not smoking weed okay. We’re going to be
smoking crystal meth instead. I’m kidding of course okay.. Maybe another video. Okay but for real guys, today, we are baking a cake. This cake is going to be my favorite
flavor, vanilla. And it is going to be absolutely delightful. Maybe chocolate is your favorite
flavor, and that’s great and all, it’s just.. you’re wrong. Vanilla is clearly
the best, and today I’m gonna prove that. Oh and I’m not using any of that premade
cake mix bullsh*t okay no no no. I don’t f*ck with that. We’re making a cake entirely
from scratch.. Get it? Scratch? Kill me now. The first step whenever cooking or baking
is to make sure you’re wearing the proper attire. And it looks like I’m going to have
to change. I’ll be right back. Ahhhh itsa me Motokioli a mama mia, just kidding, it
was me all along you got pranked. Hi, Gordon Ramsey? Yeah. There’s a new chef in town and I’m coming for you b*tch. Okay enough chit chat, it’s time, to get baked. Ohh yeaahhh!!!! First, we have to preheat the oven. Let’s set the temperature to 420 degrees. Oh and be sure to check inside the oven to make sure that there’s
nothing left behind from the last time you we’re cooking… Kids… So I’ve assembled all the ingredients.
I’m going to be using a recipe that my family has been using for
generations and generations. No not really I just found some shit online. Now I just want to say if any of you are thinking Motoki, you’re a guy and guys don’t know how to cook. Well listen here you sexist piece of shit. You’re probably right, but I’m still
going to try my best. I’m taking this off, ya’ll got be pissed off. Take a bowl and mix together the butter and sugar. This cake, butter be good you know what I’m saying.. There goes all my subscribers. One cup of sugar.. Wait a second, how the f*ck am I supposed
to know which cup to use? I’m just kidding okay, I’m not a f*cking idiot. There you
go. Let’s mix this bad boy up. Hey everyone my name is Motoki, and you’re watching Disney channel. Next, put in the eggs one at a time. Psh one at a time? Please. Watch and learn
boys and girls. Haha oh yeah. Ah f*ck, there are egg shells everywhere. Let’s add that vanilla extract. Now we add this sh*t. Fun little fact for you if you’re running low
on cocaine you can actually use flour instead. OH YEAH! I’m such a great influence on kids
man. Let’s add that baking powder. I must say it’s looking pretty good. Martha Stewart,
Rachel Ray where the f*ck you at? Now stir in the milk. We’re going to be using almond
milk because I’m lactose intolerant and I don’t feel like sh*tting myself. Check
this out. Ohhhh. Mmm. Wait guys, listen to this. Mmm just how I like it. Mix until smooth.
Well, I’d say we’re almost there. Let me just grab by special mixer. Where did I
put that thing. Ah, there it is. I just love cooking, sometimes you’re having a bad day
and you can just go home and beat your batter. Now I’m just going to add my secret ingredient.
Oh yeah. Well, I think we’re done here. Let’s grease this pan up. I’m using butter
but you can use spray, oil, lube.. Ohh yeah. Woo that’s hot. Okay so while that’s in
the oven I’m gonna go ahead and start on the second cake. I wanna make this legit and
do like a double layer cake. Now you might be thinking, Motoki, why didn’t you just
double the ingredients the first time you we’re making a cake. Well, that would make a
lot of sense, but I didn’t so I don’t want to f*cking hear it. So instead of you
guys watching that whole process again, how about we cut to a little montage Well, that
was fun. 3, 2, 1, oh yeah. Ohhh! Not too bad huh? Ta-da! Round two baby, yeah! So
while that’s baking in the oven I’m gonna start on the icing. Powdered sugar, butter,
vanilla, milk. Ohh, I should probably test this icing to make sure that’s it’s good. Ah you know what? I didn’t even taste it that time so I should probably try it again. Ah you know what? I should probably try it one more time, to make sure it’s not poisonous
or something like that right? I don’t know how to level cakes or whatever, but I’ll
give it a shot. Well this is working, I think.. until I cut my hand off. Well, could be worse.
Mm, tastes like cake. Just adding a layer of icing here. I think this is missing a bit of flavor huh don’t you think? Don’t worry I know just the thing. Babalababalabah. little straw berry jam! That’s my jam! End my misery please I bet this is going to be berry good. Here we go. Let’s ice this baby up. ♪ Ice ice baby. Alright stop, collaborate and listen. ♪ You know what, I’m surprised
at how easy this was. I might even say, it was a piece of cake. It’s a little messy
but hey, could be worse. I added some food coloring to the icing so that I can do a little
decorating. I’m not going to show you what I’m drawing though, because it has to surprise.
Oh, okay.. alright. Are you ready, for the big reveal? You guys probably thought I did
something stupid like draw a penis or something like that. Well jokes on you.. because I drew
two penises, that’s right. ♪They ask you how you are and you just have to say that
you’re fine, and you’re not really fine but you just can’t get into it because they
would never understand♪ Well… that happened. It’s okay though, I can still fix this yeah.
Just give me one second and I’ll be right back. Oh look what I have here? The cake that
I made, and didn’t buy from the store.. Happy birthday to you. Well everyone, I think
that’s it for this video. If you enjoyed it, feel free to like, comment, maybe even
subscribe, I don’t know call me crazy. I’ll see you all next, Motoki Monday.

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