Getting Roasted By My Own Fans

Getting Roasted By My Own Fans

What’s up Greg, it’s me Danny back with another episode of, “This is Karma, I deserve this.” So today I asked you guys on Twitter to roast me I said And you guys really fucking went hard. I really honestly kind of regret doing it because you guys just really really went hard. This tweet has 480 responses, that’s the most out of any tweet, I’ve ever had just because I asked you guys to roast me. It’s a little disconcerting, but you know what I’ve been making videos on the internet for a long time all right; I’ve got really thick skin. I know how to handle criticism especially when it’s my own fans roasting me. You know just for fun. So I’m not gonna let it get to me, it’s fine. With that being said, I’m just gonna go through here and read some of your guys best roasts and hopefully, not cry. Damn. Doesn’t everybody look like, younger than Cody Ko? Okay, this looks like a picture of someone comparing my nipples in my last video to pieces of pepperoni. Honestly, everybody wishes their nipples look like pepperoni, okay? I probably have THE most normal nipples ever out of anybody I think my nipples are probably the most average normal nipples. I’m not saying they’re perfect. I’m just saying that they’re the most, Normal. #MostNormalNipplesOf2018. Sorry. Ha, it’s funny cuz I have a young face. Man, FUCK you! I asked you to roast me, not fucking lie. Actually, that’s- somebody said that. He said: “Roast him, not lie.” Yeah that. Honestly. That’s not my fault. That’s sort of just dissing yourself. I can’t do anything about that dude. Just be stronger, Greg. Sorry. Also that’s not even true. Greg, you’re the strongest army out there. All right, fastest growing on the whole net. Don’t look that up. Okay. This one’s actually kind of funny. It’s a spot the difference and then it’s a picture of me and then me and then me Wait, what’s the joke? Oh, and then someone commented: “The difference is Drew makes good content.” Come on guys! He does though… That’s the thing. The joke’s on you, asshole! I’ve been running out of ideas since I was on vine and I’m not stopping now. This person tried to say the off-brand Charlie Puth, but they just accidentally said the off-brand Charlie Puts. That sounds like what the off-brand Charlie Puth’s name would be- Hey guys. It’s me Charlie Puts. I’m here to sing you a song. It’s been a long day without you my dude. I’ll take that as a compliment. I get it; cuz I have a young face. I think my nipples are pretty normal. They’re probably the most average nipples, honestly. I do like my wife more than me though. You’re right. This person just said: “You’re Danny Gonzalez.” The fuck is that supposed to mean? Okay, so you have a view of outside the window okay? Take the shot whenever you’re ready. Just make sure she doesn’t look it up. Okay, oh she’s dead? Okay. Thanks. Bye. I killed her cuz she was gonna look it up *frog sound* Yeah, who isn’t it? Okay? Here’s another tweet comparing my nipples to pepperonis. What is this? My nipples are really normal. They’re probably the most- You could have just said I’m a popular ex Viner making shitty content on YouTube, and you would have also been correct. You know I would get mad, but thank you for your honesty. I appreciate it. Blocking you. *bird sound* (dubstep music) You burned me so bad, my cut – it reminds you of poop? Oh, man young boy got that poopy content, ay! Hit that like button and subscribe for more poopy content y’all. Yeah, just everyone. Here’s another picture comparing me to a bird. *bird sound* What the fuck is up with that? So you admit my nipples are average then. What! Why pepperoni? Pepperoni is not that pink! They’re more like reddish-orange! I seriously have some really normal-looking nipples! This person says Yeah good- *thud* Fuck Well I guess it’s a good thing she’s my wife. *dubstep music* *gunshot sound* (sad music and gunshot sounds) *gunshot sound* *gunshot sound* *machine gun sound* Okay, alright, okay. I’m done. Alright. That’s enough roasting, you can stop now. That really hurt Greg, that really hurt, but I’m glad we did it. It was nice to stop roasting somebody for a quick second and get roasted a little bit myself. Well guys if you’re not a part of Greg yet, Greg is our family here on YouTube. It’s our fan base. If you want to become Greg just hit that subscribe button and turn on notifications, and you will be Greg. Once again, I just relaunched my merch store. It’s now if you want to head over there and cop some merch, link is in the description. Thank you awesome girl for turning out my notifications. You are truly Greg. I will see you guys next time with another fantastic video. bai

100 thoughts on “Getting Roasted By My Own Fans”

  1. Lmao I love how his wife came out like that . Btw you and wife are the best married YouTube couple I have ever seen.

  2. I know I’m late but here’s one You must of been born on a highway because that’s where most accidents happen.

  3. *I LOOKED IT UP!!!*

  4. The bird you compared yourself to is a secretary bird, and those things are fuckin awesome. They curb-stomp black mambas for fun.
    Embrace your inner secretary bird, Danny.

  5. the greg is the fastest growing you can look it up and it will show a bunch of Danny Gonzalez and will say it to for the first result

  6. Ok, most of these roasts aren’t accurate! And it’s very difficult to roast you you’re probably the most normal looking person I’ve seen

  7. This should’ve been named “my fans making me insecure about my nipples for five minutes straight”

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