‘Ghost’ captured on camera during investigation at Atwater brewery in Michigan

‘Ghost’ captured on camera during investigation at Atwater brewery in Michigan

is rich with history that dates back centuries and in many cases what’s old is new again as buildings are transformed into modern work areas that’s right and in some cases that leads to unlikely pairings like a brew house in a church and ghosts and beer photojournalist Alec that well it takes a uniquely Detroit look at the mash-up okay what was that did you actually that like something moves back there when you are a child you’re taught ghosts aren’t real monsters aren’t real how many spirits are with us tonight in this building and you naturally tune that out who’s that yeah I think when you’re more open to it is when people can have those experiences somebody back here there were some people have definitely had some experiences here we have a few bartenders that refuse to go down to the basement behind themselves no stairs we want to go to the basement to go in the basement and the basement is a little creepy did you attend this church where God’s house this location is very unique so this is a brewery that sits in an old church this church I believe was opened in 1936 we’re at Atwater in the park in Grosse Pointe Park Michigan former home of grace United Church of Christ we’re right on the altar here Jesus is right behind there standing in the stained glass saying here’s your brew house it’s pretty in here it’s it’s a little like beautifully eerie but we need to make sure we have enough for three batches I love making bear yes so the beer is boiled now we’re doing the whirlpool and what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna add the sage here the creative aspect of making the beer is the best part yeah so it was a kind of a unique thing ghosts in beer ready so what we’re doing is Detroit paranormal expeditions reached out because they were interested in making a beer and I said hey why don’t you guys come set up some cameras cuz some people have had some experiences here but we’re working with at water to make Detroit’s first paranormal themed of beer they said let’s make a sage saison and I said yeah that’s perfect and the fact that sage is used in the paranormal field smudging mediums would use it to cleanse places sage is also sometimes used in beer and so having the sage in here is kind of got a dual purpose this beer will be in the fermenter in an hour I think it’s a good opportunity to create a beer this kind of paranormal theme people can have one they can share their experiences with each other and then you get more conversation about the paranormal world do you like beer sounds good absolutely ghosts are definitely real I guess I could leave a little bucket out for them at night this is why I make beer for the creative fun aspect of it joining us now in studio live Jeff Adkins with Detroit paranormal expeditions and Brad Etheridge and atwater brewer thank you gentlemen for being here yes so I heard that I heard that heard the clip I heard it yeah that’s – that was crazy through our geobox we hear a lot of spirit voices coming through there that the person wasn’t there that was a disembodied voice you picked up so disembodied voice would have been heard in the moment with no equipment so that was through something that we use it’s called the geobox so it scans radio stations really quickly like a hundred stations per minute you only get a little tiny piece of each one a fraction of a second and sometimes full sentences will come through there so you shouldn’t get any full sentence from a radio station crazy alright so you brought in the sage saison did I say that right yes so when is this gonna be in stores it’s so this is a small batch that we did at our Grosse Pointe Park location we’re gonna have a release party for this Friday the 13th so right now it’s just a one-off a small four-barrel batch and then we’ll see where it goes from there you want to do it yeah we reached out to Atwater because Atwater is a company that we really like we really respect them and we we love their products so we wanted to do a paranormal themed beer that people could just have a beer together and talk about the paranormal experiences that they’ve had sure and then the sage will keep away anything that you know all these are the same it’s all the same yeah it’s the the sage saison that we did with the paranormal expeditions crew so let me tell you a little bit about it first so I what I did is I used a wild Belgian strain a saison is a French French speaking Belgian farmhouse a level it’s not french-speaking but the it comes from the french-speaking region of Belgium so they used a lot of wild yeast so what I use is a wild yeast in this that kind of gives it almost a tropical aspect which is kind of different than your normal saison which is more earthy so you’ve got this this earthiness from the sage but also a nice like almost mango pineapple taste coming through it so it’s actually gonna be quite a refreshing nice summer beer I believe all right so when our photographer Alex was there he does camera obviously going and did we capture something paranormal he did he did and that’s extremely rare I mean compelling video evidence is very rare let’s lose the banner cuz this the cells this body’s saying shoot up and then right before it disappears on camera it looks almost like wings spread out so we’ve shared this clip with several psychics that we know respect and have worked with and all of them have said positive things about it several have said they feel it’s angelic one has said they feel it’s a spirit that’s protective of the building but a really really incredible clip and I’m really thankful that Alex was able to catch that not not a lens flare no well you know I mean alex has been doing this for a long time I would definitely defer to him and his expertise on that but there was no light inside that room so I’m really not sure where that would have came from if it were it’s the way that it evaporates in the thin air that’s the look that’s how solid it is when it comes into the frame I mean we had a static camera in that room almost from that same angle that ran for nearly four hours we watched every minute of it I thought maybe it was a bat or something but we would have probably seen it you know I’m with a whole room capturing camera never saw anything flying around and we don’t have bats and you don’t have that yeah cheers cheers Cheers that was it’s got a huge sage aroma oh it smells nice it’s good excellent good stuff beer this is really really good yeah and the sage lingers in the end there I’m into it if it ever warms up outside I know right okay so where can somebody learn about paranormal expedition so you can check us out on our website Detroit paranormal expeditions calm our social media links on the top of the page we’re in most social media channels so look us up or give us the location one more time so we’re gonna be pouring this beer a tap water in the park which is in Grosse Pointe Park okay I will after our release I’ll send a keg of it downtown so we’ll have it there too if there are main brewing and we’re also sending it to the World Expo of beer in Flint it’s a beer festival that’s coming up soon we’re not Flint Frankenmuth so we gotta leave very soon that’s awesome well the beer is delicious I like to sage aspect keep away spirits and enjoy yourself don’t you gentlemen

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  1. Sure could have been a bird…but where did it go and they are playing it in slo mo so you think you would be able to see it for longer than 3 frames

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