GIANT KINDER & opening 20-YEAR-OLD Kinder Surprise Eggs! How To Cook That

GIANT KINDER & opening 20-YEAR-OLD Kinder Surprise Eggs! How To Cook That

Welcome to how to cook that I’m Ann Reardon and this is Jed and today we are making a giant Kinder Surprise egg and inside we have some surprises, and we also have some kinder surprises that are twenty years old So there’s some old kinder surprises And we’re gonna compare what the old ones are like compared to the new ones so first of all let’s make this thing And then we’ll come back and smash it first of all I’m going to wash out my balloon using some oil Just to get rid of any little bits of residue inside the balloon I’m using oil and not water because water makes chocolate seize and go lumpy Can you see those tiny bits so really really tiny but there’s some little bits that have come out there? Put some chocolate into a bowl and melt it in the microwave Stirring it every 30 seconds until it’s melted and it has no lumps in it Next you need to temper your chocolate I have a whole video showing you how to do that and I’ll link to that at the end Tempering just makes sure the chocolate will set firm at room temperature. Pour that through a funnel into your balloon and once that is full of chocolate you want to inflate the balloon just blow it up and then tie it in a knot like you normally would and Then turn the balloon to spread the chocolate all the way around so you can’t see any gaps That one’s looking pretty good, so I’m just gonna leave that on a bowl to set What happened?! After we had a couple of minutes of sitting there perfectly fine the balloon just randomly popped and now there’s chocolate everywhere Well that one didn’t work Attempt number two I flipped the chocolate inside the balloon and blowing it up Just like last time, but this time when I’m tipping it. There’s just not enough chocolate inside the balloon to get it everywhere I’m gonna put this one in the fridge anyway to see if we can get it to sit without the balloon popping Okay, that’s done that worked putting it in the fridge, but when we’re peeling off the balloon I can see the chocolate is really thin. So there’s just not enough chocolate getting in the balloon before we inflate it Next I tried a bigger balloon, but that one popped too, and at this stage. I think it would be easier Just a shrink ray Jed into my mini kitchen and use a normal-sized finger egg Woah! Its a giant Easter egg i wonder whats inside Ahh it’s load of new toys! woah, it’s like so thin. Okay, I’ve come up with a new idea that could solve my problem I’m going to use compound chocolate because it sets quicker so that might solve the popping issue and – I’m going to inflate the balloon First and then twist it off at the top stretch that over the top of a neck of a bottle and then let the balloon and twist and pour the chocolate into the balloon from the bottle So this way I can get heaps more chocolate in there that I could if the balloon was uninflated Another pair of hands is helpful when you’re doing this so that you can turn the balloon as you’re tipping the chocolate once you’ve got all that chocolate out of the bottle just tie off your balloon and then begin to tip it just Patiently tipping it and waiting for that chocolate to spread to any spots that don’t have any chocolate That’s looking lovely and now I’m gonna get this in the fridge straight away before it pops on me While that’s setting mixed together some glue that sets clear With a few drops of dishwashing liquid and some white food coloring Use that mixture to paint the top two-thirds of your foil Using the dishwashing liquid in here just help stop that paint from beading up on Your foil so that you can spread it out and get a nice covering of the color While it’s still wet print out and stick on a Kinder Surprise logo in the middle and you might need to join together Several sheets of foil I’ve used three different sheets here to get it wide enough for my egg then do the same thing with some orange food coloring Remembering to squiggle it up along the border where it joins the white it’s not a straight line there And you might need a few coats of orange to get a good color Then use some permanent marker to make the shadows that are on the drips of the white our egg has set in the fridge without popping yay now We need to peel off a small area at the top And I’m gonna leave the balloon on the rest of it for now so that I can handle the egg without leaving fingerprints all over that chocolate Use a heated up cookie cutter to cut out a circle from the back of your giant egg Then pipe in some melted white chocolate Just pipe lots in there and then tip the egg To make sure the whole of the inside is covered so just like we did with the milk chocolate But now we’re doing that layer of white all over the inside put a little bit on your circle, too So that it matches the rest of the egg And now we want to place some candy or whatever treats you like inside your egg I’m putting in three new Kinder Surprise eggs and three Twenty-year-old Kinder Surprise eggs so it can compare what the toys were like from back then to now Next all we need to do is seal up the hole to do that grab some bits of chocolate and stick them just Underneath and these will hold the circle in place for us So it doesn’t just fall into the egg when we try and put it on Add some more chocolate to each of those and put the circle into place Then you can just add more chocolate around the join just to strengthen that once that set it’s time to carefully peel off the balloon from the outside of the egg because I had a Transparent balloon you almost couldn’t see it on there But it needs to come off obviously we don’t want to serve people chocolate with balloon on it look at that that looks awesome now you can wrap your egg in foil just like you’re wrapping up a present and Use your hands to smooth down the foil so that it fits tight and snugly around your egg And now it’s time to add wrap it and see what’s inside okay go did Look at that chocolate so don’t know if you’ll be able to break it mm-hmm. Can you give it a go? Maybe try with that bit of your hand, so you’re not hurting yourself ready and again and again ready 3 2 1 Oh We’re gonna need to have us Okay, should we drop it Let’s see if that works. Ok. Are you ready 3? 2 1 Can you tell the difference which ones are the new ones which ones are the old ones New Orleans khaki neato Scrunched up in the new in the new Wednesday add-on I think broke a bit when we dropped the egg So these ones if you look at the use by date on them, you can see that this one says used by 1996 So we probably won’t eat the chocolate on these ones But we want to compare what the tweezer like between the two, and we’ve got plenty of chocolate that we can eat anyway So let’s just give ourselves some room how about we pile of lollies into this? Yeah Okay, let’s unwrap and see what the twenty year old one is like compared to you now it does So the wrapper is different because this wrapper is just round where if this wrapper looks like it was a rectangle Wrapper. So they’ve got different wrappers Is this the same So this one has like a hinge on it and what’s your wonder? Let me help ready Harder to open here we go and opens into two bars and I’m gonna tip mine out. What’s inside yours? I think I have a minion. I have use of yours won’t be a minion donut minions existed back then This guy has a little one what are these things called Is it called an anchor when a person uses it can you throw it onto a building and swing from it? A grappling hook. That’s it look. It’s mine tada You just have more pieces than mine yeah oh I know you know what you’re making a camera It looks like a camera does me, then it says to look through it and one the letha Yep Let’s say These definite stones That is so intricate and so impressive, and you have to try and film that to show you What this does oh my goodness did which one do you think is better this one or this one? This one the 20 year old one that is an incredible toy. That is so so well-designed I love it. Let’s unwrap it and see what’s inside I’m going for the new one again, and it’s going for the old one cuz you really liked it here. We go this looks interesting A few more parts to this one what’s inside that one lots of pieces to Pieces but I have one two three pieces, and I have one two three four five Pieces I think I have to put that one into there And then put this one Yeah Like that we’ve both got vehicles, so this is gonna be an interesting comparison to see which one is better – dunno, it’s just click click very easy not much time in the actual building, and I like the building I think that’s part of the fun How’s yours going Jim good? You’ve got this that’s right Is this a bit that building Lego set yeah yours took a lot longer to fuel because it’s a lot more complicated But that’s kind of part of the fun is building it It’s yours done. Yeah, and mine stands, which one. Do you like better? You liked the old one better again. No my goodness. They’re not doing so well with the new toys. That’s nice open Whoa why you oh hi cook yes I Got a Mouse I don’t know quite what that’s supposed to do Let me look at the instructions and see if it does anything more exciting than nothing Like that and then I’m supposed to let it go and it’s mr.. Jump you ready No, please I think I prefer yours what’s inside yours Joe escape for what? Sticker has completely lost its stickiness, so we’re not gonna be able to stick the sticker on unfortunately You’re just gonna have to stick it without the stickers How do you think he goes you don’t need the instructions for that bit? Sticking him on and then what do you think he does? Why is he gonna let metal inside there? Chuckling it bad Which one would you rather get did that one or this one? The twenty year old one well that was so much fun Let us know in the comments with you liked the new toys or the old toys better, which one was your favorite duty The camera that’s my favorite, too I think so make yourself a giant Kinder Surprise egg and put whatever you like inside to surprise your friends click here to watch some of my Other videos make it a great week, and I’ll see you on Friday

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  1. I just heard that the Kawaii Donut Plushies have been dispatched and those who pre-ordered should have them soon. They were so popular that they got some extras into the store, you can get one here…

  2. I have watched a few of the How Cook That videos now and I can not believe how much patience she has when doing the recipes

  3. Where I live they think our children are too dumb to tell the difference between food and toys. We had them in the 90s but now it's illegal.

  4. I used to love Kinder Surprise because you actually had to make an effort to put the toy together, now it's just a 1 or 2 piece toy…. Not as fun anymore, and it doesn't stimulate a child's creativity either…

  5. why would you lie about something like that? those kinder eggs are no way 20 years old. minions didnt exist back then – you said it yourself. ugh people like this

  6. "Wait. Safety first! Safety first!"… Improvised helmet.
    Best thing I have seen all morning!

    I often look at what appears in my child's Kinder eggs and think he would be disappointed as well, if he could compare them to what we got in them as children.

  7. I remember loving Kinder Surprise eggs as a kid and I remember what they were like, and seeing the new ones by comparison….yikes. The new ones are way too easy to put together; there's no challenge. I remember as a kid liking the difficult ones! Cause when you knew it was hard and then you completed it, the payoff is that much more satisfying!

  8. I am a public health educator and we've always told our consumers that you're not meant to use oil based lubricants with latex based prophylactics as they weaken them, increasing the chance of breakage during use. I'm guessing the balloons used in this video are latex based so washing them in oils might be the reason they are breaking. Maybe you can wash with water and turn inside out to dry? Hope this helps in the future.

  9. I would have used my head to smash it open. Protecting my head with a bike helmet first, of course. I'm crazy, not stupid.

  10. The older ones are much better and were even considered properly collectable! There were even a chess-set edition of cast-metal pieces once!

  11. My Granma has a whole box of kinder surprise toys from when my mum was little. I love to take them apart and putting them back together. It is so much fun. And now the only reason why I buy kinder surprise eggs, is for the chocolate.

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  13. I loved you working out the chocolate egg. I think kinder eggs aren't allowed in the US because of choaking hazard. Love your videos, I've been watching them all evening.

  14. Nope, not gonna eat chocolate from a balloon–and especially one that someone else blew into. I would melt chocolate on a stove and NOT in a microwave. It pisses me off when cooks and chefs use microwaves

  15. 8:39 :

    This one has like a hinge on it, what's your one got?

    diffuculty opening a kinder surprise noises

    I can relate so hard to this. I have to literally stand on my kinder surprise to open it lol.

  16. Слава Богам, что они не положили туда старые киндеры. Я перепугалась, что они наполнят это яйцо испорченным шоколадом, но нет, нас просто провели и закинули туда новые киндеры

  17. Our eggs just have candy in the inside. The ones with toys were banned in the US because of chocking. Watch your kids I say lol. Give us toys.

  18. Lucky. The original Kinder Surprise is illegal in the USA, no thanks to archaic food laws (based on times when people lost fingers to unsafe processing machinery.) Yeah, 100-year-old food laws still dictate USA's economy today. That and "news" shows over-blowing stories about a scant few incompetent parents.

    Thankfully, Kinder put in some thinking and redesigned the new Kinder Surprise (USA edition?) to be US FDA approved. The toys are not inside the candy, but it's still basically an egg. I thought it was particularly ingenious of them to use the new plastic shell as part of an included toy.

  19. Who to make candy like and harry potter 🐍🦎🦂🦟🦠 whit falvor like 🤮💩🥓🎃 the same on the movie?

  20. I'm so confused about the date of the minions toy….
    That movie didnt come out until over a decade after that kinder egg was made. Was it in a book or something before? Somone enlighten me!

  21. "We don't want to serve people chocolate with balloon on it."
    Yeah cause I'm totally gonna recreate that to serve it to people ._.

    (don't get me wrong, it looks amazing and I love the idea, but it would be too much of a hassle for me to do on my own)

  22. I grew up with the old kinder toys, I lived those ones, and I still do, I simply don't get the new ones, they just apear so simple and for lack of a better word, dumbing. Luckily I saved a few nice ines for my kids. I guess they don't make them like they used to (I am not a boomer I swear, I'm 23)

  23. “Safety first!!!” How adorable and so smart. It saddens me a bit to see how little goes into the toys these days. But I enjoy the stop motion of the minion. So cute.

  24. im a 1989 kid and had 2 of these old toys myself and i was in Greece. This brought back so many memories. As i grew older i did notice how the toys became boring and too simplistic and then i became an adult and forgot them. Kinder was our fav treat and around Christmas and Easter they had bigger eggs.

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