GIANT TIM TAM RECIPE by Ann Reardon How To Cook That ft Jessica Watson

GIANT TIM TAM RECIPE by Ann Reardon How To Cook That ft Jessica Watson

Welcome to How To Cook That
I am Ann Reardon and today we are making a giant Tim Tam If you are new to our giant things series
I make giant chocolate bar like a snickers, kitkat, mars bar, twix, ferrero rocher or
hershey’s kiss and give it to someone who is doing giant things. Today you’ll get to
meet an inspiring young lady… But first you need to know how to make it.
For the biscuit part you will need sugar, brown sugar, margarine, vegetable oil, eggs,
golden syrup, baking powder and salt. And you’ll also cocoa powder and lots of flour. Place the white sugar, brown sugar, margarine,
oil and golden syrup into a large mixing bowl. Yes this is a calorie laden snack.
Mix it together until it is well combined. And you could do this by hand if you use your
muscles and stir it really well. Add in the salt and all of your eggs and mix it
through until you can’t see any more streaks of egg yolk. Onto a clean counter sift the flour, baking
powder and cocoa powder So you end up with this big mountain of flour. Then make a hole in the middle and then pour on the
sugar mixture. Start to mix it in, and you could do this in a mixing bowl if you
have a huge commercial sized mixing bowl. But I don’t have one of those so you can just
use you hands on the counter and mix it together. Now this will be quite a sticky dough. Don’t
add more flour to it it is right this is how we want it. And then divide it into four quarters and
take in one quarter roll it out between two sheets of baking paper. And continue to roll
it until you have it a little bit bigger than you want it so you can trim off the edges
once it is cooked. Slide it onto a baking tray and bake it until
it is golden and firm to the touch. You don’t want it to be soft we want it to
be nice and firm so it will hold the weight of the Tim Tam.
While it is still hot trim it along the edges to make them nice and straight and even. Make
sure you are using a ruler to measure it so that they are all the same size. Because
we want to make four of these. To make the filling you will need icing sugar
– you’ll need to sift that, cocoa powder, salt and margarine.
Whip it all together until it is smooth and thick. Now to make the base and join the biscuits
together we need to temper some chocolate. You can watch my chocolate secrets video if
you’re not sure how to do that. Spread the chocolate out onto some non-stick
baking paper and add your biscuit pieces on top. Fill any of the gaps with chocolate and the
join with chocolate there. Then add the filling onto the top.
When you look at the sides of the TimTam the filling on the sides is quite smooth it’s
not rough. So use a spatula to smooth it up and around. I am making it slightly in from
the edge so when we push it down it’s got a bit of room to spread out. Add the top biscuit on and push down like
I was just saying. Now we want to lift it up so that we can cover it in chocolate and
have somewhere for the chocolate to drip down. It is very heavy so it will need s wide support.
I am going to use a dinner plate with a bowl underneath it on each end. Then pour the tempered chocolate over the
top allowing it just to drop down over the edges and cover the filling of the sides and
cover right down to the base. All the chocolate that is dripping down and
onto the paper we can just scoop that up and use for the second coat. And you can of course
make normal sized tim tams using this recipe too. You just need to scale down the quantities
and roll the biscuit thinner. Once the first layer is set, re-temper chocolate
and then pour that over the top again so that we get a nice thick double coat of chocolate. Use the back of a spoon to make a slight pattern
across the top and then leave it to set and wrap it up. And today I have with me a very special guest.
Jessica Watson sailed solo around the world when she was only 16 years old, making her
the youngest person in the world to do so. Hi jessica thanks for joining us today. Well
thanks for having me. What inspired you what made you go I am going to sail around the
world. It was a dream I had when I was 11, it was mostly a book that kind of put the
idea in my head and started me thinking what can I do. This wasn’t just an easy sail in
calm waters this was a dangerous trip where did you get the courage to overcome all of
the nay-sayers. Well I mean I can understand where they were coming from because it is
a big scary and a dangerous thing to be doing if you don’t know anything about sailing.
The supporters I had were very supportive. There was a lot of preparation. There was
a lot of work that went a bit un noticed and that is where a lot of the criticism came
from. So your trip started here in Sydney and then you went around the world and finished
back to a huge audience to greet you. How long did that journey take? It took 210 days
which is 7 months yeah across the Pacific down the Atlantic Ocean Indian ocean, under
Australia and if you say it fast it sounds kind of easy. Your parents wouldn’t let you
go unless you had a boat that self-righted itself so did it ever some to the point where
it tipped over. Yeah the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean was probably the worst storm and we’re
talking waves 10m plus which is pretty huge and rolled over four times that night. Yeah
it’s pretty terrifying having to walk up the walls to stand on the roof of your boat. And
you said you took all your food with you everything with you. Your rubbish stayed with you on
the boat because no one was meeting you it was really solo. How did you cope with that
isolation. It was strange I missed everyone certainly. And it was kind of my choice to
be out there so I new everyone was waiting for me back home. Was there a favourite part
of the trip? I had a storm where a dolphin swam along next to me the entire time. That
was pretty special. That’s gorgeous yes. Or just you know sunsets or like when the water
was so perfectly still that you’ve got the stars reflecting like a mirror in the water.
Things like that are pretty special. You have a book that came out not long after your trip.
And then more recently is there a movie int he works? Yeah I wrote a book about the trip
which was awesome and a lot of it was sort of a journal along the way. and then they
are making a movie out of it which is just a surreal experience. Very strange I never
imagined that would happen. And you’re involved int eh movie? Yeah my role is stunt double
so I get to I do the sailing scenes and I’m a technical consultant so I kind of pull them
up and make sure that is is accurate to sailing. So I have been following your instagram feed
and noticed you have been all around the world at the moment what have you been up to? Yeah
it’s a role with the United Nations World Food Program and it’s been incredible I’ve
been able to go to Laos and recently to Jordan and Lebanon to see some of the refugee crisis.
It is really incredible and you want to do everything that you can to help But it’s also
very inspiring. You see people over there in really really incredibly tough situations
and you see them with a smile on their face. Making the best of these situations. And you
come back here and go what am I going to do with my day. Well seen as we are both from
Australia I thought we might do a Tim Tam slam, do you like tim tams I like tim tams
they are one the favourite things that I got handed when I crossed the finish line. Well
we will show the world how to do a Tim Tam slam. SO you bite each end off. One two three
go. [laughter] That biscuit goes soggy so fast. And hence why it’s called the tim tam
slam you have to put the whole thing in because it kind of disintegrates doesn’t it. It goes
yep, it just melts in your mouth. Well to say thank you to people who do giant things,
and I feel like you blow that category out of the water. Not only did you do crazy stuff
at 16 and meet your own dreams you are now going back with the World Food Program and
helping other people. So we want to say thank you to you int he way that we do on how to
cook that. Which is to give you something giant. SO we have for you today a giant. Oh
My Gosh. Tim Tam. Which I don’t think you will be able to do a Tim Tam slam with this
one. No I think that would be like a big challenge. Oh wow that’s pretty incredible. [ripping]
oh my gosh that is an incredible amount of chocolate. And it looks exactly like a Tim
Tam with the double layers there. Double coat original Tim Tam the one that you like, perfect.
Exactly. That is absolutely incredible. I don’t think you’ll be able to pick it up and
take a bite so may be saw some off the edge. That’s a decent sized tool for this super-sized
Tim Tam. Oh my gosh. That’s exactly like a Tim Tam. I am glad you like Tim Tams. It tastes
exactly like a normal Tim Tam only, just a lot more. If I had taken a Tim Tam like this
with me it would of maybe lasted. Be inspired to do giant things
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subscribers. Make it a great week and I’ll see you all on Friday.

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