I love video games, don’t we? Marzia: Yeah! Awkward Laugh.webm I mean– ?? ???? Pewds: What game do we have for us today? Marzia: Ehh? Overcooked? [Jeopardy music] [Dramatic zoom in] Steve Harvey: “Survey says!” Ding.mp3 Applause.mp3 Happy Marzia.gif Pewds: I will be.. This guy. Because he has glasses. ((: That one? Marzia: Yeah. THAT ONE. Pewds: We have to work together. This game is all about… Teamwork. What happened was… uh, Trump became president. [kletsnotgothere] What the fuck? Is that us? THAT’S US! Why are we so fat–? [giant meatball has been spawned] Is that a giant meatball? (osht) [dramatic silence] Is that a gian- ITS A GIANT MEATBALL! spughetti meatball! ;D I knew Sweden would take over! [Sweden intensifies] You need to pick up an ingredient. [Marzia_destruction_noises.mp3] Alright, gimme the, gimme the lettuce! GIVE ME THE LETTUCE ASAP WOMAN Just put it here! Alright, it’s my job to cut the lettuce… …Okay. [lettuce cutting intensifies] CHACHACHACHACHACHA Marzia: What is this? Pewds: No, so put that down>:c Somewhere else. and then press “A” in front of that. Marzia_realization.mp3 it is wednesday ma d00dz. Gimme the tomato, I will chop the tomato for you Marzia, don’t worry. We made a salad. Marzia: Of course! The most simple dish to a meatball. Ok so now the order shows up there and we dont have so much time Marzia: o. Pewds: Gimme the lettuce. Calm down, Marzia! Marzia: ur taking too long m8 Pewds: Oh my go- Marzia: taking too long… Pewds: COME ON!! We gotta feed the meatba- …i’m already stressed out *^* Marzia: I’M TRYING! Pewds: WHAT’RE YOU DOING?! Arguing_Marzia_noises.mp3 Pewds: UNEXCEPTABLE GORDAN RAMSEY: This salad is RAW!! Marzia: Wait, why didn’t you cut this?!! Cut it, man! Pewds: I’m try-trying to cut…things. Marzia: Stop cutting l e t t u c e ! Pewds: I am trying to impress Kevin over here. Ok? Marzia: o nO! oH NO!! Pewds: MARZIA, THE SALAD!! Marzia: I didn’t se-iek! (lmao what) Pewds, reading: The beast will not be sat… Whats the matter with- >.>Marzia: I…I was qnq right in front of him. ; M; Pewds: I’m driving this- …Are you driving it? I can drive it too! We’re driving it together! No no no, this way. ;0 Marzia: wOoOooO Which way? ;o Pewds: This way- ouo Marzia: This way?;0 Marzia: …this way?;0 Marzia: You are doing nothing right now..<. we have seconds for the next soup hurry up marzia: is ready just clean these if you are reading this your core message pewds: ohmygod cleancleanclean okay ok come here no damn it sassy that what get. music.mp3 upset_gordon.mp3 much sad such angry gordan ramsay.mp3 disappointment.mp3 savagegordon.mp3 even more sad.mp3 saltyramsey.mp3 time chill saddened pewds.mp3 got three- of none cringy high five. accepted. mario wait there actual people- ey burning shit s h so bad at this- on aaaaaaaaaaaaaa stop and put in frickin plate don do chopping i chopper marzia bro gotta serve them yeah but job. wha... why.. close to you- incoming only chop will dishes youyouyou-you can... they why taking oh nevermind ahhhhhhhhh worry this. am speed lightening mcqueen happens all time. how walk e goh fest shiit pewdiepie cackling gr8. well never cook now. music. yet dank meme doe. gonna run go r u n tomato yess doing.. fml would guys like try something oh. sorry trying bring customers teemwerk. times did good- was good let see... not settle anything less than perfection again yeah- disappointment look good. ya go. first dish. happening chuckling hell f a t ok. alright. finished g o yes hate h-what need tomato. c: c three stars. v y voice. give me onion. its mushrooms. nevermind... pewwwwdiepie quit. hey defeat.mp3 gr: get out. ramsey dissapointed. makin burgers now ain joke. steaks now-well nonono putting steak arguing.mp3 communication needs be chopped intensifies burp.mp3 takes lot make right makes sense keep cooking it. wrong. listen worked fast food business understand- works. want talk. said talk one needs... told aaa didn know dating gordon jesus christ. ramman.mp3 osht waddup wnt sum fuq m needing okay. flashbacks meme.mp3 celebration noises.mp3>


  1. I think youtube wants to tell me something via recommendations.

    Guys, help me with my challenge or you will be cursed. Lol

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