You know what? I feel like doing a random act of kindness. Alright. So I’m getting two pairs of shoes. Givin’ them away. They’re not for me. (Rice) What size shoe you wear? (Kid) 9, Why? (Rice) 9? Oh. (Rice) Aye, you want like a… free shoe? (Kid) Oh hell no. Who r u? [R-R-ROASTED] [song plays] yo, it is day two of the upload streak imma try to upload every single day starting now, imma try my hardest I’m actually mad, I woke up early cause’ i felt like a good vlog like in order to have a good vlog you wake up you start the vlog and its very sunny and beautiful outside it’s gloomy and raining you know, its seems like its almost nighttime [song plays] oh crap, i totaly forgot to even tell you guys what i was doing im on my way right now im in the car I dont even have my seatbelt on oh my god, guys im living life like, imma savage but basicly, im on my way to pick up some equipment uh, theres this youtuber uh, he basicly dived in like, oceans, and seas and water, you know just dives into water and he like trys to find stuff and he be finding the most craziest stuff he be finding phones, and cameras and murder weapons its crazy and this dude is blowing up of this shit and i know exactly why people are tired of watching the same odinary vlogs on land and i feel like vlog and underwater is so much cooler so thats what ill be doing but now we’re off to the store so we’re pulling up at this mall and we literaly have the best parking spot the door is right there aw shit guys i accidently went up here hold on i gotta run back oh my god this is so hard guys, i feel like im not even moving im literally not even moving im like running full speed bruh, im not [record being stopped sound effect] ok, you know what? imma just come around again while im walking to the store im might as well give you guys some tips it’s like a very important tips, tip (one)
stupid one she’s doing shit what you’re just, who said one? she said one? tip one you dont need to wear the most coolest thing you
just gotta match your shirt with your shoes you dont even need to wear cool
things you just need a match and we finally made it to DICKS
sporting goods polishes Peyton Manning there we gotta get distracted so easily
I’m here to buy goggles I thought places to play tennis so I can’t help myself
playing in his first tournament as a professional would you please welcome
Tiger Woods excuse me sir I’ll do you guys have
goggles and like the snorkeling thingy we do it a few guys who are thank you so
much Oh flippers I might need that goggles here we go get the goggles I
think I think it’s like a kit there we go open whatever you want okay alcohol
is whatever thank you so much thank you hell yeah bruh is chill is it was
chilled uh hot if I just didn’t technically here acting sporting goods
I’ll let you know what I feel like doing a random act of kindness
imma buy this shoe and it’s not gonna pop sale right don’t think I’m cheaper
these are what four reasons over in Toronto by the way but I’ll give away
musicians take it dick size nine awesome being two pairs of shoes how about
giving them away they’re not for me remember feeling broken sponsors but now
I’m putting up in robotruck I’m putting up a rolling shutter no I need me they
watch so I was like walking out I just want my do sued River and this girl was
like look your Instagram and hi Lily David sir issue of life that right yeah cuz I’m just starting out so I’m
not that pretty good but hopefully what so yeah I’ll call you back room at Urban
Outfitters right now I supply these glasses they’re clear frame glasses they
don’t have LEDs of them I think I might cough so I’m not sure if you guys know
ugly god is he’s like this rapper he has this really good song that’s popping
right now it kind of goes like jumping you’ll beat my water – you look like the
water leg I feel like I’m 21 said I pull up in fucking a daughter but basically
suddenly got my phone number and he’s been like non-stop texting me weird
photos and all this stuff and I kind of wanted to stop bro can’t you hear me
you know I’m gonna be straight up with you I know that we’re friends or
whatever but you need to stop sending me all these weird photos worship like
we’re not that close yet what the fuck so even the mall actually took longer
than expected I got distracted there and I ended up like shopping and stuff so
I’m out there now before I go like scuba diving and do you know my video whatever
I’m going to do a random act of kindness so another pull-up would fight you plate
plate plate plate what the fuck yeah they are
I was joking no they’re not about they’re still fighting bro
why are these kids chasing me bro Littlefoot you got two pairs of shoes so
they neither like Kevin Durant like draymond greens or something I’m not
sure but these are jokes it’s a size size 9 these bad boys these
are size 8 so I’m at at middle school I feel kind of weird should like there’s a
lot of kids and stuff and I’m just over here sitting in my car waiting for kids
to come to my ghana’s which but ever step out and handsome kids some shoes
yes could you come in what’s nice you wear yeah big I see hey bro LSU with six
and a half come on Avery what’s riding on these are
sighs oh you’re gonna miss everything school everything perfect Oh
ain’t nothing we’re going on oh yeah yeah if I try those on and see if those
fit it was a Cu it come I can’t come on is it too big I can’t believe he’s that
nice that I want to do you wanna hey wait are you gonna actually wear them
things uh yeah for free and what a left shoe with us
after nine yeah so I wanted to give you a free fair shoe bro these are I think
these are definitely really something if you wanna check we can do you want to
try watch oh yeah do that midnight and a half and those are nine anything yo
what’s up bro what’s nice anywhere hey 9 are you on like a free shoot for you I’m
just a random guy hand I see he’s a guy just watch everybody pay now shoes bro
no freeze it was a very ranger which is lovely what’s that why are you know I
was leave it was what do I was like handing out free shoes you know just
trying to be nice and this kid was just super rude and just and just mean to me
and just rejects me and it’s so embarrassing in and many either crying
back or do something about it and they may look back on it oh so I was supposed
to go outside and do that underwater stuff but that kid really killed my vibe
and vlogging it all about positive energy and I don’t feel like being
positive anymore man so basically this vlog just turned into a roast video so
let me walk you through the whole thing I seen this kid on my head bro you want
some shoes and I felt like you thought I was trying to sell it to him which I
wanted it you know it was free sunlight bro it’s free and then he hits me with a
very unexpected answer very ranked or when actually I didn’t even hear him
saying this but I rewatched the clip and he actually set another thing alright
yeah fuck you wreck like what did I do to deserve this I was just sure that
help someone else and all you could have said was no thank you
or you know do it to someone else that means it right that’s all you had to say
but no you had to give me some rude response and like these aren’t like bad
shoes like you don’t even sketch these are curries like curry was the MVP
last season she’s one of the best point guards on top of that it would have
matched his outfit he had on but no she has Gordon but the thing about Jordans
is there’s two types of Jordans there’s the ones that are very know hard to get
in rare and there’s the ones that you can buy at the store and they’re very
you know easy to get for example these are the first orders ever beiie Jordan
ones and these are sold out everywhere and we were to get these now it’s to buy
off of someone else that has them so if you go for like 400 I have the supreme 5
Jordans these are also sold out also more rare than any of the other Jordans
and then this is also drinks pair of Jordan I’ve read the name of it but
these don’t for like 800 or something his shoes on the other hand which I
didn’t know what they were so I googled black Jordan and they finally popped
that and they’re not sold out so if you want them you guys can buy them but they
go for $150 and the reason why I brought that up is because these are also 150
dollars and those neon Nike find that also go for like $150 – so his shoes and
in the same price range as the two shoe that I was given out so I were to say
one he was flexing them he was like I got Jordan as if you would like superior
really above us when they all cost the same amount and I was just trying to
help him out right so he really flexed on me in front of all these kids and
stuff so I think he deserves a slide show I get it dude oh no no no now the
all seriousness when he said in a way he said I was so heated at the moment and
came home and was just like taking like people are so ungrateful I really went
out my Twitter you know I try to make his bed better and he just shut me down
and so that’s why I did a little rent or whatever but it’s not that big of a deal
tomorrow I’ll do that underwater stuff on top of like other stuff into the
blood will be a very entertaining vlog uploading every day so make sure to
subscribe like this video if you want some free shoes done like can’t
come to your school and have your shoes because like for some reason the kids in
Vegas aren’t that nice to me but anyway thank you for watching
new Vale Amara thumbs up doozy hi

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  1. YouTube should make a thing where if u upload multiple days in a row you get a streak and that gets you promoted more by YouTube

  2. She's not a teacher, she's just a lying mom not minding her own business. First, I dont think a real teacher would introduce them the way she did and the way she dresses and looks is differnt than what most teachers look like. and lastly SHE HAS NO BADGE!!! You cant work at some counties as a teacher WITHOUT A BADGE

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