Goodwill Outlet Haul: Come Thrifting with Me (and Greer Brewer!)

Goodwill Outlet Haul: Come Thrifting with Me (and Greer Brewer!)

They’re really cute! What do you think? What’s going on here? We’re vlogging. Sorry, we had no idea! Hey guys! Welcome back to my channel! So I’m on my way to Kent because my friend Greer and I are going to the Goodwill Outlet and
then a couple other Goodwills too so I thought I’d bring you guys along with me. Look who I found! Oh my god she looks so cute… always at
all times. Greer’s been to one of these before; by the way this is Greer if you don’t remember her from the video we did together. Go
subscribe to her she’s about to hit 10,000! Am I? Wooh! Yeah I think you’re
like over nine last time I checked! So I think we just have to like go
for it. Go for it? Okay, yeah! People are really serious here. Yeah? They like shut down the aisles people like wait for the bins to be filled- it’s really crazy. Okay well, we’re just going to do this easy breezy style. Yeah! Clearly we’re not doing too bad so far. We have a lot of stuff in this cart already. Oh yes I like that! That’s so cute! Yeah. Oh it’s adorable! We spent way too
long in clothes and kept saying we were gonna leave and then we didn’t and now
we’re in the home stuff and I’m trying to decide if this would be cute camera
bag or if it’s just a really ugly lunchbox. Let me know what you guys think
down below. Oop! Time to try stuff on! Wooh! We’re ready! Okay wait you have to try this on first because I have to see. It was like the cutest thing! Okay, this is gonna be a little big but… belts! Belts, yes! That’s what they’re made for. What’s this going on here? Oh, we’re vlogging. Oh, okay, so since this is a “public place” and there’s like, people, you can’t be doing that here. Sorry, we had no idea. We made it to the second Goodwill!
Hopefully we don’t get yelled at this time. Yeah, hopefully it’s not closed.Yeah. Like that there, “Store Closing.” Yeah. It looks like there’s
still some stuff in there. We’ll see. Maybe it’ll be really picked over. How
cute is this funky basket? I have no idea what I would use it for but it’s so cute! Okay so I found this dress and I like the concept of it but it’s very large so I
feel like… also the pockets have been sewn up? Like… why would you do that?
Pockets are like the best part of any dress that has pockets. This is true! So… cute, but I
don’t know. Maybe if it was like midi-length it would be better? All right
here are the overalls I wouldn’t wear them with this shirt. They’re low waisted
which is kind of awkward but I don’t know… What do you think? They’re really cute! Yeah even though…? Like I mean I
guess I just have to wear like a longer t-shirt. Yeah I mean you could! They’re Levi’s. Yeah… and they’re comfy. $10? Yeah.
That’s not bad… It’s not terrible! They’re really… I mean, they’re cute. You could get them and if you didn’t… Yeah! Yeah, if I don’t end up wearing them… like I’m sure somebody else would love them. Yeah. All right… They’re pretty cute. I don’t know
I’ll decide when I get up to the register. Hey guys! So I just got back from thirft
shopping with Greer and I thought I would show you guys everything that I
got. So at the Goodwill Outlet the way that they did it was that it was priced
per pound and I think it was like a dollar 34 per pound which is just like
nuts. So I got a lot of stuff. This first thing that I got is this vintage camera
bag it’s like almost like a like upholstery material and it’s like
leather or faux leather around and it doesn’t have a long strap. It looks like
it did at one point because there are these things so that’s a little bit sad.
And some people might think this is really ugly but I think it’s cute; it’s so much more fun
than it looks like a classic like black camera bag and it was like like I said
like a dollar. This is probably like a pound? Next thing that I got Greer
actually picked up and they are definitely gonna be too big on me um so
I’m gonna have to wear them with a belt but there are these jeans from LA blues
and I just really like the color of these and they’re really high waisted. I
just think they’re super cute. I’ll do try ons of all the clothing stuff but I
am gonna wash it first because the feel gross about trying it on right now
so I’ll insert that at a later date. This next thing I got is this dress. It’s like
an 90s or early 2000’s yellow slip dress with this floral detailing on
it. You can kind of see it better at the bottom. And it came with this yellow
scarf or shawl or something that I’ll probably use for something totally
unrelated. It smells very smoky. Then I got this dress and this isn’t my color but I
thought it was so cute so I got it to list it on my Poshmark so if one
of you guys really wants this it’ll be on my Poshmark. And it’s this red
midi dress. It’s just like a cotton material so it’ll be super comfy. It has
buttons all the way down the front and my favorite part is that it has pockets!
Next I got this cardigan. This is like a heathered grey cardigan and it looks like
it’s slightly cropped and I think this would be really cute like tucked into
the front of something. The brand is Carol Little and it’s an extra-large but
I figured it’ll just be oversized. Again, super smoky. Then I also got this pair of
shorts from Old Navy. These I really like the pockets on the back. Let’s see if you
can see like the detailing. They reminded us a lot of Madewell so I picked them
up. They’re like in really good condition too. Good ol Old Navy. Then I got this
belt. I don’t know what I’m gonna wear this with but I thought it was really
funky and cool. It’s like this vintage striped belt and it has this belt buckle
here. Then I got- this is just like a basic pink crop top that has a little
like knot at the front and this doesn’t even like have a brand on it so I have
no idea what brand it is, but I thought this would just be really easy and cute
like maybe under something or with some shorts. It’s got a little pocket which is
really cute. And I also got this tank top which is
like a cross between the last two things I showed you. It’s just a pink tank top
it has this like detailing right here and this is from forever 21. Very cute! Then I hope Matt it’s not watching this video because he might get a little mad at me for this one. But it’s a little baby onsie! We are like not ready to have kids and we won’t be ready to have
kids for like probably two more years but this was so cute and tiny and it’s
this pretty blush color and I couldn’t not get it so… I got it. I kind of forgot
about that until just now. Then the last thing that I got is this like shearling/ suedey
kind of coat and honestly this looks like it’s new. It’s from a High Sierra
and it’s a medium. But it looks really warm and cozy. I don’t know how I’m gonna go
about washing this… I’ll probably have to get it dry-cleaned but I am like so not
used to Seattle winters so so this will be really helpful to have this year
because last year I was not prepared. Then from the second store that we went to
they were actually closing so they were having crazy deals on stuff. I did get
this basket that I showed you guys in the store and honestly I really don’t
know what I’m gonna use it for I’ll probably like use it to organize
something in my closet because I have like a closet reorganization video that
I want to make coming up but it was just like so cool and unique and I couldn’t
leave it behind. Then I also got this little woven tissue holder… tissue cover?
because I have crazy allergies and I have to have a box of tissues in like
every single room so I always pick up the cute woven ones when I see them because
it makes the like boxes look less ugly This was 99 cents! This is completely
impractical but I got this little ceramic bunny figurine. I don’t know
where we’re gonna put it but it was really cute and we have two bunnies and
I just like I don’t know I just felt like an affinity with it for some reason
and was only 99 cents. She’s a chubby bunny! And then I also got
two clothing items. So all the clothing in the shore was 3.99. I got this pair of
black Levi’s overalls and technically these are a boys size 14 but they fit me
great and they were really comfortable. These were originally $9.99 so quite a
steal. And then lastly I got this dress and this dress is massive but Greer
showed me how to tie it to make it a little bit cuter but it’s this really
small tan gingham print and I might need to hem this because it is really long
but I still thought it was pretty cute so I got it. So that’s everything I got
if you guys enjoyed this video make sure that you watch my last thrifting video.
I’ll leave a little card for it up here because I got some steals! Let me know in
the comments down below if you want me to thrift around and certain
theme for a video cuz I think that would be so much fun and I’d love your ideas.
As usual I hope you guys are having an awesome day wherever you are and I’ll
see you all in my next video! Bye!

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  1. This makes me want to go thrifting again lol. Great video. Omg I love the baby onesie 😭 so cute. You found a lot of great things.

  2. Those black overalls were actually really sexy on you! And I thought they were cute with the short top! Also, if anyone can make an ugly old lunchbox made of grandmas' curtains look chic and fashionable, it's you

  3. Well…I think the red dress looks gorgeous on you. Maybe wear it out once or twice and see — I bet you get lots of compliments…

  4. Loved watching this thrifting haul! It was super entertaining to watch❤️You guys got so much cute stuff! My favorite was that yellow slip dress😍So pretty!

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