Gordon Ramsay Goes Undercover And Attends A Focus Group | Season 1 Ep. 5 | THE F WORD

Gordon Ramsay Goes Undercover And Attends A Focus Group | Season 1 Ep. 5 | THE F WORD

[music playing] Gentlemen, good morning. NARRATOR: James is back. I’m going under cover again. This time I’ll be
joining a focus group where the topics of
discussion are the f-word, and of course, me. It’s like “Silence
of the Lambs.” NARRATOR: A focus group,
have to speak out. So to be successful
in this prank, I’ve hired a dialect coach
to help disguise my voice. Try saying, that’s
a good hot dog. That’s the good hot dog. Can I get a
cheeseburger please? Can I get a
cheeseburger, please? – Dude.
– Dude. There you go. That’s it. NARRATOR: To become James
again, it takes hours of makeup and prosthetics. Time to fasten myself up. Makeup is done. One more thing, step
into James’ rocking bod. What size are these? 52s. [music playing] NARRATOR: Off to focus
group location, when the crew has been
working nonstop placing hidden cameras everywhere. To give me cover, I’ve
hired an actress to play the part of my girlfriend. Time for the fun to begin. – Hello, welcome.
– Hello. Please take a seat. NARRATOR: Meet Ryan,
my guy on the inside, playing the part of moderator
in all of today’s focus groups. The f-word, let’s just
start off with that. When you hear the f-word,
what is it you think? The first thing that came
to mind the curse word. What curse word? [bleep] [laughter] I think fun. Fun? Fantastic. Fabulous. James? Food. That’s the F-word for you. Your opinion of Gordon
Ramsay as a chef. I love it when he
throws a plate of food at a chef who did
a really poor job. He’s a bastard. Really? Yeah, bastard. NARRATOR: That’s not very nice. Though I’ve called people worse. Some people say he
goes way over the top. Do you think it’s too much? He’s kind of a
jerk when he yells at the people about
the cleanliness and how to keep their station. One time he really yelled at
someone and made them cry. NARRATOR: I must have
had a reason at the time. I like him. But he could probably not scream
as much and cuss at people. You’re all wimps. Yeah, thank you very much. NARRATOR: As usual, my big
mouth gets me in trouble. I love that he’s brutally
honest and straightforward. But I think his tenacity can
sometimes turn people off. Has anyone met Gordon Ramsay? Has anyone here met Gordon? – No.
– No. No one’s ever met him. NARRATOR: That was a close call. James, watch
yourself, big fellow. You’ve still got work to do. How many shows
does he have on TV? More than five that I’ve seen. NARRATOR: Five, counting
the one you’re on right now. Do you watch other
celebrity chefs? Guy Fieri and Emeril. And Bobby Flay. NARRATOR: Come on. Those guys? I love Jamie Oliver. NARRATOR: Boring. I watch “The Chew.” I watch “Chopped.” Rachael Ray. Oh, Rachael. I love her, too. How do you think Gordon
compares to other TV chefs? I think he’s the best. I’m literally in love with him. NARRATOR: You are
my new favorite. Who here likes Gordon? Everyone likes? I’ve never met him, but
I’d grab lunch with him. He seems like an
interesting guy that would be interesting to
hang out with and talk to. He was listed as one of
the sexiest chefs on TV. NARRATOR: Of course he was. – Do you find him sexy?
– No. – No.
– No. Why? He’s just not my type. Not my type. Not really my type. NARRATOR: Come on. I’d have sex with him. Did not see that coming. Who here has eaten at a
Gordon Ramsay restaurant? What do you think you
would expect if you ate at a Gordon Ramsay restaurant? A large check. Can anyone here do a
Gordon Ramsay impression? – Bite.
– You donkey. Get out the kitchen. Move your ass, donkey. NARRATOR: It’s like
looking in the mirror. Listen up, everybody. This is garbage. This is awful presentation. Awful. NARRATOR: I wonder if
they would be so candid. If they knew I was right here. There was this
female contestant who did something really stupid. He took one piece of bread
and another piece of bread and put her head in between them
and then he goes, what are you? And she goes, an idiot sandwich. NARRATOR: Time to let
everyone in on the secret. James, do you have an
impression of Gordon Ramsay? NARRATOR: I shall do
the best in the world. You’re not Gordon
Ramsay, it’s not the same. What are you, idiot sandwich? I am Gordon Ramsay. Busted. Oh my god. What? Camera, camera,
camera, camera, camera. Camera. Come here, the guy who
wants to sleep with me. Give me a hug. Oh my god. That’s [bleep] up. Oh my god. Wow. Oh my god. Wow. Guys, I’ve been in this
[bleep] suit for eight hours. Welcome to the f-word.

100 thoughts on “Gordon Ramsay Goes Undercover And Attends A Focus Group | Season 1 Ep. 5 | THE F WORD”

  1. I hope he does one of these where he gets a focus group together like this, then proceeds to beat someone to death, like actually kill someone in front of the group, then at the end just be like “oh! pant**pant im actually gordon ramsay! cough camera! Camera! Camera! Camera! Camera!”
    Just to see the reactions lmfao

  2. The woman said that she saw a girl who did something stupid but lil does she knows that the girl is Matilda aka Gordon's youngest daughter

  3. The best part for me is when they are acting what Gordon Ramsay's favorite lines. It was so much fun. And also the revelation.

  4. I love the part where he goes and asked her what are you, a stupid F&^% Sandwich, this video really made mt day.

  5. Something from a really long time ago that he said during a competition:
    ‘You’re cooking chicken for all these people who have their 16th birthday tonight, and you’re going to kill somebody’ (the chicken was raw)

  6. i really wish he wouldve just yelled out "WHERES THE LAMB SAAAAAUCE" when they asked him for his impression lmao that really wouldve made em realize

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