Gordon Ramsay Is Asked Politely To Leave | Season 5: An Extra Serving | MASTERCHEF JUNIOR

Gordon Ramsay Is Asked Politely To Leave | Season 5: An Extra Serving | MASTERCHEF JUNIOR

Tonight, voices may be raised. Egos may be bruised. But it’s all in the
pursuit of what? Making you look good? [laughter] Perfection! [laughs] Let’s go, guys! Mash those potatoes like
your life depends on it. [inaudible] Yeah! Flip it over, quick. Now, quickly brush
it, quick, quick, quick, quick, quick, quick. Are you serious with me? Baby radishes, come to papa. Michelle Obama wants
me to cook vegetables. Not happening. [bawk] I’m a city kid, so I don’t
want to lift up a chicken. What is inside the sausage? It’s cooked meat
that is not raw. Cooked meat that’s not raw. That’s how you would
sell it on the menu? Yeah. So it’s an apple
crostata served with, well, with burnt marshmallows. My whipped cream turned out bad. It turned into, like, vomit. So– Great way of selling the dish. Who makes the best
chefs, girls or guys? – Girls.
– Yeah? Why? Even in the olden
days, they were cooking. And men were just sitting
there, watching TV. No offense to you. No offense to me. Oh, am from the olden days? Yes. Wow. And I want to
show you guys that I’m not just a one-legged pony. I can do– One-legged pony? Is that the same as
a one trick pony? Yes. [groans] Where’s my basket? I definitely want to have
a restaurant when I grow up, or be a wrestler. Huge challenge. This is going to
be chaos, K-A-O-S! My strategy is just to get– I don’t really have a strategy. Chaos! I’m freaking out! Oh, my god! Are you going to nail this? I think I will. Good luck. Um can you move? I’m trying to concentrate. Wow.

100 thoughts on “Gordon Ramsay Is Asked Politely To Leave | Season 5: An Extra Serving | MASTERCHEF JUNIOR”

  1. That is why I like children, raw unscripted dialogue! The boy wants to become a chef or a pro wrestler either way he going to batter something!

  2. “In the olden days women were cooking and men were just sitting there watching tv”. Wow feminism has done a fantastic job of brainwashing children .

  3. Haha, cute, but a fun fact: a VERY small percentage of men are the best at everything. They are hyper masculine, disagreeable, healthy, driven, high in conscientiousness, and will work 80 hours a week for several decades to achieve their goals while giving almost everything else up. Its basically why we don't live in grass huts.

  4. "Can you please leave I am trying to consentrate"
    Me: wow that kid have some balls to say that

  5. "I wanna show you guys that I'm not just a one-legged pony."
    "One legged-pony? Is that the same as a one-trick pony?"
    shut the fuck up you fatass

  6. That what Gordon will tell you if you stand that way in front of him while working , he got a taste from his own médecine 🤪🤪🤪, well done kido , you have balls of steel 😂😂😂,

  7. Cancel this show like the rest please cause everything is not about talent it's about how much money your parents have in there pocket

  8. 1:01-WRONG, Sarah; men did NOT just sit around watching TV [I am sure there was no such thing as TV back then]. Men usually hunted and served as a guard for their family, as well as serving in the military at times. That was the reason women did the cooking. Men usually were out doing the "dangerous" stuff.

  9. this is just a bunch of rich pampered kids acting the goat on tv. the only people who watch the show must be pedophiles

  10. "a cooked meat that is not raw" yass girl i understand! thank meat is not raw, it's definitely cooked! Hahahaha

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