Gordon Ramsay Roasting People On Twitter!

Gordon Ramsay Roasting People On Twitter!

Gordon Ramsay roasting people on Twitter, guys Gordon Ramsay is the infamous chef… Gordon Ramsay: you, you, you, you f*ck over there There that’s Gordon Ramsay right there. That’s uh.. the man, the myth, the legend. He’s actually really funny, so he took it to Twitter, to roast people. they ask him to say what he thinks about their cooking, well.. this didn’t end up very well. Afghanistan overlord.. what? Afghanistan overlord says “Rate my dinner out of 10 @GordonRamsay” Apparently I’m saying his name wrong, is it Ram-SAY? Instead of Ram-ZEE.. Ram-SAY I don’t know, but look at that, that’s not a very.. a-appealing dinner, he says. “Are you in a biology lesson?” It does, it looks like you’re dissecting something. What is that? Are you eating a squirrel? Did this person really cook up a squirrel..? There’s like two potatoes on the side. “@GordonRamsay Are you allergic to anything?” “Vegans.” -chuckles- This guy is too cruel. Is Gordon Ramsay Australian? Oh, british. yeah so Gordon Ramsay is british, I thought he was australian or some reason.. but he’s british, looks like a savage. “Rate my sandwich out of 10 @GordonRamsay” Let’s see what he rates it! “Idiot sandwich right there..” -sad music- That was uh- that wasn’t too funny. What’s an idiot sandwich? Yeah, well idiot sandwiches are.. because for them it just seems like regular sandwiches. Is that a block of cheese..? I just realized that, is that a ginormous block of cheese in the middle.. of two pieces of.. disgusting white bread? Is that even a sandwich?! “@GordanRamsay tribute tattoo all the way from Magaluf” Someone got a tattoo.. of Gordon Ramsay’s name on their body guys! But there’s only one problem, it should be in those “tattoo fail compilations” because.. RAMSAY IS SPELT WRONG. He even says “FYI it’s RamSAY” with an A! Stupid people… It’s so bad. “@Ashton5SOS give @GordonRamsay a run for his money” Oh my god.. Gordon Ramsay says “First turn on the gas.” This person isn’t even cooking eggs.. They just put it on a pan, expecting something to happen. You guys, I’m a pretty good cook. Which- uh my sister is- uh.. And I feel like this is something she would do. She’d be like “I didn’t know I was suppose to turn it on, I just see people putting it on the pan, and it starts to sizzle.” -facepalm- What?! No, that’s not how it works.

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  1. Stop stop stop before you take someone eye out beside you saying it wrong, it`s ramsAy not ramsEy

  2. I’m guessing the first fish was guinea pig. In Peru they eat guinea pigs and Peruvian add potatoes on everything so that should explain the potatoes.

    (Gordon is English ish)
    Scotland: do we exist?
    Wales: do we exist?
    Northern Ireland: do we exist?

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