Gordon Ramsay Roasts Twitter Users | Season 1 Ep. 1 | THE F WORD

Gordon Ramsay Roasts Twitter Users | Season 1 Ep. 1 | THE F WORD

– I mean, seriously. And what is that? It’s grey. It’s grey. It doesn’t even
look like fish. A, it’s not even cooked. B, the skin looks like rubber. And the veg is raw. Yeah, I’m not a
fan of that one. I feel sick. Get that salmon
back in the water. Next! Please, please. [laughter] I mean, seriously. So someone is getting
confused with Connect Four. What’s he doing there? It’s definitely interesting. That is shocking. He should be ashamed of himself. Can you cook better? – Probably.
– I think so. Thank goodness for that. Next. Oh, come on. That looks like Luke’s
Twitter account is being hijacked by a three-month-old– Sometimes you gotta
go with what you’ve got. –that’s dropped a little
“poo-poo” on the side. I mean, seriously.
[laughter] What in the– Is it A for effort? A for effort? No. No, D for dunce. Next. Oh– Did he drop that? What is that.
Fettucci– I think he dropped it and
put it back in the bowl. Andy Cohen? I mean, I asked for somebody
to give me the crawfish. I mean, listen, Andy, you stick
to connecting love together. Let me connect
ingredients together. Stick to what
you’re good at, right? Yeah, sorry.
Shocking. I feel sick.
Right. I’m going to post
the recipe each week. So make sure you follow me. Remember, post your pictures
with the hashtag #TheFWord. If they’re good, I might
show them on the show. If they’re bad, I promise you
I’ll definitely show them.

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  1. Wow that just shows that people have no imagination or precision, never mind if it was cooked well or not. Zero artistic ability whatsoever.

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