Gordon Ramsay Teaches Students at the Academy of Kitchen Outrage // Omaze

Gordon Ramsay Teaches Students at the Academy of Kitchen Outrage // Omaze

Hello. Gordon Ramsay here. And I’m teaming up with Omaze to fly you and a guest to Los Angeles for a taping of my new show, The F Word. And since you’re going to be my special guest, I’ll seat you at the VVIP table, and we’ll meet up after the show. Maybe, you’ll even be inspired to insult a terrible plate of food. But don’t worry if you haven’t criticized food before, because I’ve taught countless chefs how to insult dishes, and I’m happy to teach you. Now you may not know this, but in addition to being an accomplished chef, I’m also the founder of the Gordon Ramsay Academy of Kitchen Outrage. Come on, I’ll show you what we do here. Right, Jeremy. A sheet tray of delicious chicken, just roasted. Smell it. – Amazing.
– Yeah, incredible. – And guess what?
– Yes? I’ve just dropped it. Uh oh. Aw, no. So, I’ve gotta say, uh… Oopsie daisy. Accidents happen. “Oopsa-*******-daisy?” Are you wearing a diaper? No. Man up a little bit, come on! All right. Listen, that’s chicken! Chicken doesn’t… drop. You don’t drop chicken, do you? This is really hard for you, isn’t it? It is, thank you for noticing. You’re doing a great job. Aw, thanks so much. Yeah, in a class of humans as a ******* donkey. Oh no. Okay, all right. Welcome back, Jeremy. I’m back. It’s not that funny. Now, much like my students here, I’ll help you sharpen your skills to the point where people will be afraid to have you over for dinner. Right, pork chop. You. Describe that. More like pork slop. Oh stop it. It’s shit! – Shit. Okay. Shit.
– No, I’m not wearing a hearing aid! Shit! Shit! Louder! Shit! Don’t point at me! You. Describe that shit. That’s poo poo. Oh, for god’s sake, young man! Look at the whites of my eyes and tell me it’s shit. Touch my nose. Now say it’s shit. You’re kissing me? What’s wrong with you? It was very intimate. What just happened? Intimate? It’s shit! It stinks like cow shit! Now, if you’re coming from outside the U.S, please don’t worry. I’ve been teaching foreign language insults for years. – Shit.
– Shit. Shit. Mon cheri. Pepé Le Pew. You also get to bring a friend with you to LA, which is good because I often find anger works best as a team sport. Right, please enjoy this amazing raw asparagus with a delicious tomato foam? Three, two, one. Why don’t you go **** yourself, you pretentious *******? Brilliant. ******* brilliant. Give yourselves a round of applause. Yes! By the end of our time together, trust me, you’ll be ready to roast any dish, anywhere, at any ******* time. Right, you’ll have five minutes to complete your exam, and your time starts when I serve your dish. Understood? Yes, chef! Your dish is… pineapple pizza. Are you ******* kidding me? So click the link or go to omaze.com/gordon to enter. Now, every entry supports the Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity through the Gordon and Tana Ramsay Foundation. Hope to see you soon.

100 thoughts on “Gordon Ramsay Teaches Students at the Academy of Kitchen Outrage // Omaze”

  1. I need more of this in my life lmfao.

    Any time I'm sick of people's shit, I already speak my mind. Now, just do it with food.

  2. Hey Ramses when you're checking your kids report cards do you focus on the lunch side that grade in the report card


  4. Sees video
    Me: I promise that I will not watch swearing people Mom
    Still clicks vid
    This shows how obbsessed I am wih Gordon's Videos
    (They are just too funny)
    Man, I love his guy

  5. i like hawaiian pizza (not pineapple pizza dumbasses XD ) . with a hot sauce, pepperoni, cheee, with meat and mushroom. Gordon do not have tastebuds of an asian. LOL!

  6. *after watched this video

    Mom: here is your burger
    Me:ARE YOU F*CKING KIDDING ME! It look like sh*t and you look like a f*cking DONKEY!

    *in prison

  7. This is almost painful to watch.. poor souls..lol..Now you've ruined them forever Gordon..hahahh.. and they're writing it down!!!!

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