Gordon Ramsay Twitter Roasts Are Hilarious

Gordon Ramsay Twitter Roasts Are Hilarious

So I think everyone is familiar with Gordon Ramsay. One of the most famous chefs in the world f*ck off f*ck off f*ck off f*ck off Get out! He’s also a huge Twitter troll Yes *derp face* It’s coming! Another part! Gordon Ramsay trolling people on Twitter Epic Roasts… to people’s bad cooking submissions @GordonRamsay, Do you like mum’s scrambled egg and is this scrambled– uhh Oh, yeah, that does not look that appetizing. I probably made worse and there’s like two wieners. What is this stuff? Oh, that’s that’s very interesting looks like foam from inside a teddy bear *moment of realisation…..* What’s up guys? Welcome to reaction time. we’re looking at the most hilarious comebacks of Gordon Ramsay on Twitter @Gordon Ramsay What do you think of the birthday cake I made for my friends 18th? to be honest, in my opinion that actually looks like a pizza a cheese pizza You know, those microwavable ones. not trying to roast or anything, but uh it really does maybe they made it look like that on purpose Well, umm Gordon Ramsay says can’t believe you puked all over it! now that I’m looking at it that that looks really disgusting That looks like- -you know that white puke that comes out when someone eats a lot of chicken nuggets *eww Tal wtff* *gags* (tbh so did I) Gordon Ramsay, be nice! people are trying, not everybody is as talented as you. every time I think of Gordon Ramsey I just think of him moaning (ooh saucy) when he eats the food because he enjoys it so much(oh okay never mind) It’s pretty funny *enter endless moans of Ramsey enjoying food* Oh god. I already know this one is gonna be bad. @Gordon Ramsay What do you think of my friends chicken and rice? straight from the crematorium! Kind of looks like that. It’s so burnt It’s so-it’s so burnt. It’s like ashy. It looks like it got cremated and the rice even looks dry I’m sorry. @GordonRamsay look at my famous sandwich! Wow those hot dogs don’t even look cooked I swear to God! so you got some bread you got some takhis which are delicious. And then two wieners-two hotdogs actually they lookUncooked they’re always precooked, but you know you have to cook him again. @GordonRamsey says: idiot sandwich I feel like Gordon Ramsay would make a great teacher. You know you know those teachers always put you down the ones who say:you’re stupid @GordonRamsay, so what can I appear on @Hell’sKitchenFox? That’s Gordon Ramsay’s show. That actually looks pretty decent. I’m not gonna lie, this chicken. It looks like a stir-fry Delicious! he says in the Year 2072 to season 439. Hopefully you can cook by then OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Homemade chicken curry for @GordonRamsay. Gordon Ramsey it’s all for you. He says it looks like an oil spill. Throwback to the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico @GordonRamsey What do you think of my friend spring rolls and hash brown fries @Gordon Ramsay is he smoking hash? Gordon Ramsay, What do you think of my sister’s lasagna? *shrieks* Yo, it looks like chewed up lasagna. Gordon Ramsay says looks like her dog crapped on the plate PS. Is it a poodle? ewww it does But that looks like that looks like turd like-like the unhealthy type you know cuz has some white stuff now. I’m feeling like I *Gags again* Need to-excuse me Gordon Ramsay My dad sent me this. It’s his bacon-wrapped cheddar and jalapeno stuffed meatloaf. thoughts? did it escaped from the local Zoo I *shots firing* *Tal overreacting* *meatloaf attacking…* @GordonRamsay, what would you rate my cauliflower rice? Can I keep my apron? Am I chef-worthy? am I approved? you can keep your apron to cover that mess Gordon Ramsay isSavage and guys. What are your thoughts on Gordon Ramsay? He’s an absolute troll but people want respect from Gordon Ramsay because he is a top chef in the world He’s a well-known chef that everybody wants respect from, maybe I should tweet him some stuff Maybe you guys have some hilarious cooking fails that you want to tweet at him. He’s gonna come back And guys finally, this is the last photo But there’s many more! First link in the description is the article to all these hilarious comebacks from Gordon Ramsay That’s gonna wrap it up for the video. Thank you for watching Hope you enjoyed! Check out second channel right here, subscribe to this one, leave a like if you want to see a part three. This was part 2 and uh… Hope you have a good one! Peace out!

50 thoughts on “Gordon Ramsay Twitter Roasts Are Hilarious”

  1. Imagine if Gordon Ramsay was the voice for your GPS 😂 "good job you missed the bloody exsit, you f*cking disgrace 😂😂"

  2. I actually like gordon a lot. If you watch the cooking show he does with kids, he’s actually really sweet. He’s only rude towards the adults who’s act like they know what they are doing but they don’t. Once he accidentally got burned by a child on accident and he didn’t even get mad, and he withheld a lot of pain and didn’t lash out because that person was a child. Gordon is a survivor of abuse as a child, and he’s a really sweet guy, I love him 💖

  3. I was eating chicken nuggets when you said it looked like chicken nugget puke and I'm sitting here just staring at them like if this wasn't you

  4. GR has the best intentions for his food to be well and good but he is kind of a rude person he could just say looks delicious but it could use some work…………

  5. Expectations:scrambled eggs amd skinlesses.
    Reality:rotten or yellow plushie stuffing or rotten or yellow normal stuffing and penises

  6. Gordon Ramsay does great TV shows, but his attitude towards vegetarians and vegans turned me right off. It’s actually disgusting.

    P.S. I’m a great cook. 🤫

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