Gordon Ramsay’s Flavorful Salmon And Sides: Extended Version | Season 1 Ep. 1 | THE F WORD

Gordon Ramsay’s Flavorful Salmon And Sides: Extended Version | Season 1 Ep. 1 | THE F WORD

– The secret behind is making sure your
cook it skin side down. Skin side down
protects the salmon, stops it from overcooking. But more importantly, we get
that skin nice and crispy. In order to stop the salmon from
buckling up, tilt the salmon. Just lift it up
by that, bend it. Take a really sharp knife and
just let the knife do the work. Score through. Keep it nice and straight. And what that does
through there, it allows the salmon to cook
quicker, but more importantly, helps get that skin
nice and crispy. Now, don’t slice too deep. Otherwise, you’ll
overcook the salmon. Salt. Pepper Make sure you
rub all that spice in there because it’s a Cajun spice. So it’s nice and fragrant. Both sides. And when the salmon’s
scored like that, it makes it so
much more fragrant. Turn the salmon over, light
dusting with the Cajun spice, salt, pepper. Mop all the seasoning up
and literally tidy that up. Don’t cook salmon ice cold. Let it get up to room
temperature so it cooks quicker and, more importantly, it
doesn’t dry out on the outside. Make sure you get the
pan nice and hot first before you put the oil in. If you have a cold pan, put
the oil in once the pan’s cold, the oil burns before
the pan gets hot. Oil in, tablespoon in. In she goes, and lay away. That’s the sound of a
nice, sizzling hot pan. Get your spatula and
just lightly press down. That keeps the salmon
skin incredibly flat, but gets nice and crispy. To turn the salmon,
that’s still cold there. Lift that up. And look, that’s
what I want– that beautiful, nice golden brown. How do we get more
flavor in that salmon? Garlic and thyme. In. I’m gonna turn it back over
so it cooks skin side down. Just a touch of butter. And that keeps the
salmon so moist. And let that salmon sit there
now on a low heat for six and a half to seven minutes. Beautiful. One of the first things I
learned when I came to America, a great succotash with fish. Start off with a
touch of olive oil. Start us off with a red onion. A touch of seasoning,
just a little hint. Cajun. That brings it
closer to the salmon. Salt, pepper. Once we’ve taken the rawness
from that red onion, corn in. Now, give that a
really nice saute. Really important. Tilt everything down
to the pan and pull. Push and pull. That just toasts the corn,
stops it from burning. Some nice chopped red peppers. Green pepper. But you’ve got to hear
that noise in the pan. You want to keep
that sizzling going. Yellow peppers in. And now for a touch of heat. Chopped jalapeno. Keep it toasting away. And then finally, zucchini
and yellow squash in. Finish that with
chopped fresh cilantro. That gives that really
nice, rich flavor. And then finish the
succotash with fresh lemon, and just squeeze
that lemon juice it. Goes brilliantly
well with the salmon. Salmon’s resting. Succotash done. Smashed potatoes. We get our potatoes,
put them onto the board, drizzle a touch of
olive oil on top, take the palm of your
hand, and you smash. Season, salt and pepper. Pan nice and hot. Potatoes just lifted up. And those little
bits that you think are waste, put them on there. You want all that
flavor in there. Into the pan. Take back of your spatula,
and just push them down. Now, once you’ve got the color
on there, flip them over. Look at the color of those. Give them a little toss. A little knob of
butter in there. That gives it that nice
nutty, brown flavor. Don’t worry about
them breaking up. That’s what you want. That’s why they’re
called smashed potatoes. Just roughly chop
the mustard greens. I blanched them for
30 seconds, and it gets rid of that raw flavor. And then just literally
sprinkle those mustard greens over the potatoes. Touch of garlic and a
touch of chopped shallots. Take the lemon, and we zest
fresh lemon over the greens, and then squeeze
that lemon over. Right. Time to plate. Here we have a lemon aioli
mayonnaise that’s been seasoned with lots of lemon juice. Take the tip of your spoon
and just spread that on there. Mustard greens, smashed
potatoes, at 5 o’clock onto your plate. Lift you salmon that’s
been cooked skin side down. That is delicious. Finally, just sprinkle, almost
like raindrops, this beautiful succotash onto the plate. Incredible colors. Now how do we finish this? Like you should do with
every piece of fish. Just squeeze a
touch of lemon juice on the top of this salmon. And there we go. Beautiful. Alaskan spiced salmon with
succotash mustard greens. I should do this for a living. [music playing]

100 thoughts on “Gordon Ramsay’s Flavorful Salmon And Sides: Extended Version | Season 1 Ep. 1 | THE F WORD”

  1. I'm watching because i like cooking, and want to step up my cooking game.

    But my salmon has no skin anymore :(.

  2. Since advice to everyone here. NEVER add as much seasoning, especially the salt, as Gordon does. He's genuinely one of those guys who sprinkles salt on his salt, it's disgusting.


  4. It's one way to cook a salmon, probably tastes good, but doesn't honor the salmon imo. There are ways to prepare the salmon without any salt and pepper where you get that raw true salmon taste. But there are so many ways to prepare it.

  5. I just made this meal. I did everything just like Mr. Ramsay instructed, other than the cilantro, and my God. This is the most amazing meal I’ve ever made myself. THANK YOU GORDON! 🍻 I just can’t stomach cilantro.

  6. Gordon probably uses Olive oil as conditioner, Butter as a bar of soap, Thyme and garlic as shampoo.

    The fragrance is incredible

  7. Finally he cooked with another type of seasoning then salt and pepper. He used Cajun seasoning, then what does he do? Adds salt and pepper. Does he not know Cajun seasoning already has salt and black pepper?

  8. there's so much things happening all at once like he's using 3 pans??? and i only have one pan… my kitchen is super small the only place i can put things down (aka counter) is the floor

  9. Skin side down….😁…don't care which side, it make me feel so good all over…love fish…especially my grandmother's when we went camping/fishing.

  10. Olive oil n butter….this man is so unhealthy….there's NOTHING good about this whole dish….it's all animal product and empty calories…SMH…

  11. I like to use white wine also dijon mustard, limes & lemons, garlic, paprika & curry powder also wonder if there's such a thing as dill weed oil for good flavor infusion love hollondaise sauce over it with asparagus. Theres always VARIATIONS of course

  12. Me: Just let the knife do the work 😎
    Ambulance: What was the last thing you remember before cutting your finger off and blacking out 🙄

  13. Went and bought salmon, cauliflower and broccolini. Made a beautiful sauteed broccolini, cauliflower puree and crispy skinned salmon. Everything came out delicious – except I absolutely hate fish so I just threw it away


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