Gordon’s Buttermilk Fried Chicken: Extended Version | Season 1 Ep. 5 | THE F WORD

Gordon’s Buttermilk Fried Chicken: Extended Version | Season 1 Ep. 5 | THE F WORD

– Buttermilk fried popular dish across America. This is served
with collard greens and the most amazing yam hash. First off, marinate. Now, in here, I’ve
got buttermilk, shallots, garlic, and onion. Pick up the chicken and
place it inside the marinade. The buttermilk
enriches the flavor and the texture of the chicken. If you can get this done, into
marinade, the night before, it super tenderizes the chicken. If you can’t, five
minutes in the buttermilk. Let it submerge in
there all the way down. Once it’s been marinated, it
comes out of the buttermilk. Give it a really good shake. You don’t want excess
buttermilk on there. Then it goes in to
a seasoned flour. Now, this flour’s
got salt, pepper, and a touch of smoked paprika. It gives it a little bit
more fragrance from there. Roll that around. Make sure that that
absorbs all that flour. Now, I love my chicken crispy. The secret there is
to dredge it twice. So it comes out of the flour. Give a really good shake. It goes back in
to the buttermilk. It may be a long process,
but the labor of love is worth it, because the coating
on the outside of the chicken is mind-blowing. After the buttermilk,
back in to the flour. Get your fingers in
there and literally cover the chicken with the flour. You can see it looking
slightly sort of scrappy. You want that. Because as that hits the
oil, it blisters beautifully. Shake off the excess flour. And now we’re ready
for the fryer. Oil really important. I’m going to start
mine off at 325. In she goes. Drop it in there
nice and carefully. Always give a little five-second
break between putting pieces of chicken in there, so as
the actual breading sets and then the chicken
doesn’t stick together. Now just turn up the
temperature for three minutes, because the chicken’s
cold, so it brings down the temperature of the oil. I like to just gently turn
my pan to make sure nothing sticks at the bottom. Any little floating
bits, take them out. Those particles burn. And I want my oil
nice and clean, because it’s the flavor
that’s left inside the chicken that you really want. Very carefully lift them
out, drain them, and then on. Beautiful. But to get it even crispier
and really beautifully moist inside, I like to finish
mine off in the oven. Before it goes in
the oven, I just like to season it just a touch. Into the oven for another
six to seven minutes. Now the yam hash. First off, get the
pan nice and hot. A touch of oil into the pan. Get it smoking. In with the yams. Beautiful. Onions in. Salt, pepper. Once you started coloring the
yam, add your minced garlic. Be generous with the garlic. And then a little
touch of butter. In she goes. This is where the yams start
to take on all that flavor. It’s incredible. Now we’re ready for the peppers. Red peppers in. Green peppers in. A touch more butter
into the center. Turn down the gas and
let that just sit there and sort of roast. Every five or six minutes,
clean underneath that pan, so you got that flavor
coming back into the hash. And sort of push it
left, push it right. Every time you clean
underneath that pan, you’re taking more
flavor into the hash. Gas down. Let it sit there on the back. Low heat.
Right. Chicken’s in the oven. Hash is on. Finally collard greens. First in, the bacon. We want to render the bacon
to get the bacon fat out. That gives flavor
to collard greens. Gently on the seasoning,
because it’s naturally salted. Onions in. And cook that down. A touch of butter. I always start off
with a tiny drizzle of oil and then the butter. Oil in the pan stops
my butter from burning, so I can really
maximize on the flavor. Bacon’s getting really
nice and crispy. Onions are caramelizing. Now garlic. You can see what’s
happening now. Look, it all dark and
crispy and caramelized. The crispier those
yams become, the more flavor that’s in there. Pat it back down again and let
it caramelize and almost roast. Now, I’ve got the
color on the bacon. I’ve got the fat been removed. And the flavor in
there is incredible. Garlic’s caramelizing. In with the collard greens. Now, these have
been blanched very quickly for 30 seconds
in boiling water and then sliced up. Chop them in, lightly season,
and then give that a nice toss. Look at that there. To bring the collard
greens to life, you can glaze the pan with
an apple cider vinegar. That gives the collard
greens its tartness. And the flavor is incredible. Let that evaporate. Collard greens, hash done. To finish off the hash, once
it’s got all nice and sticky at the bottom, lightly
sprinkle over the top freshly sliced scallions. And then just fold those
scallions in at the end. And that gives it a
sort of freshness. Right. Time to dress. Look at this. Halfway through, I
rolled them over. So it got crispy on the top
and crispy on the bottom. There’s one little
trick I love doing. In here I’ve got some pink
peppercorns, black peppercorns in a pestle and mortar. I just lightly grind. The pink peppercorns give
it that kind of sweetness and that soft heat. Once you’ve ground the
peppercorns, get your honey and just drizzle the honey
into the peppercorns. This is an amazing way of
finishing fried chicken. You’ve got this
sort of fragrant, incredible, heated honey. And it’s got to be done
straight from the oven. Because when you let
chicken sit, it goes soft. And I want that chicken
nice and crispy. From there, I’ve tied a little
bunch of rosemary together. I just slice through. That’s my brush. That goes into the honey. And I brush on the drum, on
the breast, and on the thigh. This is a really nice way
of spicing up the chicken. Now, to serve. I’m a big lover of eating
healthily and well. So I love collard greens. Get that bacon on there. The smell from that apple
cider vinegar is incredible. From there, a drum
goes on first. Beautiful thigh. And then look what happens
when I slice in to my breast. Oh, just lift that up and
sit that in the middle. So just visually,
drum, breast, thigh. The stickiest and the
most exciting hash just gets dropped at
the bottom of the plate. And then finally, get
your brush and just drop little bits around. And just dab in the middle. And there we have my take
of fried buttermilk chicken.

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    Sorry Ramsey but you lost this one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. 05:00 – "Im a big lover of eating healtily and well" – Puts 3 litres of olive oil and 5 slabs of butter in every dish

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  7. A great alternative to buttermilk is sour cream. It works just as well when you don't have buttermilk. Use regular milk and mix in the sour cream and boom

  8. "I'm a big fan of eating healthy"

    Proceeds to add honey to fried chicken while cooking collard greens with bacon and bacon fat.

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