100 thoughts on “Gourmet Chefs Compete To Make Frozen Dinners Super Fancy”

  1. Where was the competition? No judge? No tasting? This was a disappointing video. Buzzfeed, you should have postponed the video or uploaded a backup because this was pathetic. We’d rather wait for a good video to come out than settle for this junk because of your rushed upload schedule. We care more about the quality of the content we’re consuming rather than the amount of it.

  2. Yes, because me having to eat out of a frozen food container makes it super likely to have a garden with flowers blooming all year round.

  3. The woman/man/nonbinary/other on the left (no offense to the people who like right) side of the screen (or any other form of projection I apologize deeply to anyone offended who doesn't have a monitor) looks (I'm sorry to anyone without eyes) somewhat adequate in terms of being pretty but not sexually because that is sexist to think if you're a man (sorry for assuming your gender xe/xer/he/him/them/they) but not sexist if you're a trans man because you used to be a woman (I apologize if you felt you never were a woman in the first place but maybe before you were old enough to have feelings of sexuality you were a woman). I apologize to the woman/man/nonbinary/trans/she/they/them/other on the right side of the screen (I'm sorry to the people who are offended and prefer looking at the left of their screen) or anyone who is offended on his/he/her/she/they's behalf and I understand she is thicc which is much more beautiful than (skinny bitches) and thus the he/they/she etc… on the right is obviously much more beautiful than the he/she/they on the left in terms of politically correct attractiveness. Actually never mind guys I don't have enough time to compliment someone in a politically correct way maybe i'll do it tomorrow when I have more free time

  4. Snobby and rude. Some people work a hard shift and live alone. They get home late at night and need a hot meal on a budget. No need to sneer at them.

  5. not everyone is rich some people get really happy when they eat even half of that so dont judge people if they eat that in the plastic like bish what

  6. It’s annoying on how you judge the frozen food! It’s still a food! Ofcourse it will be look like that bc it was frozen and you didn’t reheat it!

  7. "If you eat directly out of these trays, that's just sad. At least plate the food if you're going to eat these frozen meals." Yes, because the thing I want to do in an already busy, tiresome day is make more work for myself in the form of dirty dishes, and waste time for the sake of making it "look fancy." Screw that. Do these people not know the purpose and appeal of frozen meals is the ease and speed? Have they no common sense? What's truly sad is that they acted like such snobs the entire time.

  8. There was no reason to put people down for eating ready meals…..some people don't have time to cook. Buzzfeed, please find other unbias chefs x

  9. This is so rude tbh. Make it “fancy” “who eats this”. Like come on there are many people in the world who eats this and feeds their family with this type of meal. Smh.

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  11. What I don’t understand is I thought you only made small portions of food when the foods expensive and you wanna save it

  12. I really don't appreciate the chef's attitudes or commentary about the frozen dinners. It's not "gourmet", but sometimes it's all people can afford. They just came across too condescending for this to be enjoyable.

  13. Why is it when they have chefs or people taste or redo stuff they are the most privileged perfect snobs who have never even looked at this type of food….buzzfeed should do a series gourmet healthy eating on a budget

  14. You guys in the comment section need to chill. I get it that not everyone can afford luxurious food. Still, don't hate chefs – I think everybody knows that frozen food is unhealthy. The amount of enhancers and sodium in these dishes are way too high. The sad truth is, that unhealthy foods are way cheaper than healthier food. That being said, it's super easy and it doesn't take a lot of effort to have a healthy lifestyle.

  15. Can you imagine how much food you waste when you transfer the food to the plate? That's not gonna make me full anyway

  16. Buzzfeed I've never objected to a video until this. I, amongst others feel offended by this video by these two "chefs". No chef makes fun of what people actually eat. If you continue uploading videos as these you will lose viewers if not already. DO NOT DISRESPECT WHAT WE CAN AFFORD TO EAT!

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