Grab a pint and check out Dark Horse Brewing from Marshall Michigan

Grab a pint and check out Dark Horse Brewing from Marshall Michigan

Darkhorse started out small in downtown
Marshall and they’ve since grown into something amazing. It’s kind of known as
the Dark Horse Commons. Emily this place is crazy even from just like last year
it seems like every time I come you have something new and exciting. In addition
to the brewery what else do you have on the premises? We also have a wood shop a
bike shop, there is a tattoo shop on site but we have the Commons which is growing
huge we do outside catering and inside catering as well. So that’s really what
we’re expanding. Our beer garden has gotten bigger and bigger. It’s humongous!
I mean you have a full stage out there and then you have a whole back where
people can come and hold a big party like up to 250 people. Last two weekends
ago we had a wedding here that we held and we planned everything. They had the
ceremony and the reception. So no big deal here at Dark Horse. I mean you can
come get a beer, at tattoo, buy a bike whatever you need right? It’s like you’re
a one-stop shop. The family that owns Dark Horse the Morris family um started
off with Wacky’s, a party store but where do they get this you know kind of drive
to keep building and changing and creating new businesses? Aaron brewed
beer in college so that’s kind of how it started and then they just had a vision
of making great beer and it grew from there. We do a lot of charities for the
community and even just families around. We try to help out as much as we can.
This place is really what kept me here. It’s the small tradition things that we
keep alive. All right, well cheers. Cheers.

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  1. This can be seen from a whole new perspective now. Maybe they will get rid of the loafers that always sit at the front table in the main building. Obnoxious.

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