100 thoughts on “Grade A Sushi & Handmade Pasta: Chef’s Night Out in Philly with Marc Vetri”

  1. I knew the dude in the beard was suspect when he leaned into the crotch and grabbed knees when he was hugging the chef.

  2. Although I found the other episodes amusing, this is the first one I saw of real genuine guys having a nice night out they really deserve. Although I wouldn't call everyone who has alternative taste a hipster, many of the other chefs and friends (of other episodes) acted quite arrogant and annoying. So, VICE, if you are reading this, more chefs like this guy please!

  3. I was so confused i though the guy at the second restaurant was the dude hosting the episode cause i looked away for a second I was wondering why the fuck he was doing that accent talking then then i realized my mistake haha they look very similar together. Lol

  4. Lol its usually the Asian playing the violin and the white person on the guitar that's a role switch you don't see everyday what talent and that "kim" girl can "kim" get some anyday of the week she would def make me "kim" very fast hahahaha sorry for the bad dirty jokes……..

  5. song at 13:24 – 13:30 ??
    I've looked through all the comments, I know I've heard it before, but I don't know its title. I've read every comment and every response and found nothing on that specific song plz help

  6. maybe i'm a curmudgeon but when a dude who's known for something (like an actor or chef) and is on tv is like "yeah i play the guitar and guitar is my life" and then starts a "jam session" with the cameras rolling.. and all his friends are obliged to listen.. that's kind of annoying.. at least to me. it's like he's already the star of the show and now he's wanting to show off this other thing he can do that's not really related (esp if it's obvious he wanted to be a professional musician and it didn't work out for him). but hey, if someone loves sharing music and other people enjoy it then why not. it rubs me the wrong way i admit but it's probably more a problem with me than the guy.

  7. It's so refreshing to see people comfy in their skin doing this, and these guys know and appreciate good food. This episode had all the good stuff, without gratuitous f-bombs from emotionally-immature jackasses. I'm sure part of the reason is because we're not in LA (Land of Narcs) for this one. THANKS! 🙂

  8. I'm a few months out from two years short… but his was the most down-to-earth episode I've seen. If I ever make it to Philly I'm going to all three of these spots

  9. appreciate everything about this one, especially the end, with the girls playing music a perfect way to end this episode.

  10. Anyone know what type of noodles he makes in the beginning. It's the green/black spaghetti noodles. I'd like to try my hand in making them or buying them

  11. Glad you made a classy episode for once. The drunken pretentious bro restaurant vibe gets tiring after a while. This guy actually cares about food and went to food destinations, not to the place where they can get drunk with more restaurant bro crowds.

  12. Vice needs more interviews like this!!! No more hipster douche bags that are pretentious and stuck up!!! Or think there special just because there in LA and paying rent on a place they can't afford. Down to earth goodness!!!

  13. Italians and Japanese are artists from cultural tradition. That's why they both make amazing food in different interpretations.

  14. This is probably the best episode of Chef's Night Out ever. I love the variety and how the night just naturally evolved without any attempt to act drunk or pretentious. Just humble cooks and musicians enjoying each other's company.

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