Grilled LOBSTER TAIL with Seasoned Butter for LOBSTER Rolls

Grilled LOBSTER TAIL with Seasoned Butter for LOBSTER Rolls

For today’s cook I’m gonna be taking
these beautiful spiny lobster tails and making an incredible lobster roll for an
awesome hunting trip the first thing I like to do is a seasoned butter remember
exact amount of the description down below
add in room-temperature butter, smoked paprika, chili powder, granulated garlic,
Cajun seasoning mix it well and your seasoned butter is done. Now let me show you how I prepare
lobsters for the grill When cutting the lobster remember not to
split the tail because if you do you will not stay upright on the grill I also like to loosen the meat from the
shell so that my seasoning and butter would go throughout the lobster not just
on top you will also catch the seasoned butter so that it stays underneath the
lobster keeping it moist and far away from being dry here’s a tip if you don’t
want any chewy parts from your lobster You are welcome to remove this outer
layer as you know lobsters change their shells and that’s basically the next one
for me however I don’t mind it and I’m gonna keep it on I’m also going to be grilling some lemon
by grilling the lemon it produces a sweeter flavor which is quite unique to
describe you have to try it. And for the lobsters I’m seasoning them with salt
and pepper. when grilling the lobster the first
thing you want to do is sear it quickly first and then cook it in indirect heat
that way we will not overcook the lobster and I recommend starting out
with a cold great so that the lobster will not stick when searing.
You are shooting for an internal temperature of a hundred and forty
degrees Fahrenheit and don’t forget to baste at every five minutes with that
beautiful butter. But now it’s time to cook them up. So let’s do it! Now these lobsters are perfect to eat
just as is, but I am making lobster rolls for our hunting trip and we are pretty
big guys this is not enough lobsters so I got to supplement we’re gonna grill
some shrimp with that beautiful seasoned butter. Check it out! Now we’re gonna make lobster rolls and
here’s how. Throw in the grilled lobsters, the shrimp, mayo, for the nice crunch some
celery, smoked paprika, hot chili powder, season well with salt, mix it well and
your lobster mix is done. You definitely want to toast your buns before you
put in the lobster mi, but remember we’re going on a hunting trip there’s no
way that we can toast our buns there. So I wanted to try it without toasting and
see how I like it Alright guys so this is the lobster roll
there’s only one thing left to do is to try it.
Now notice I put very little on this one and it’s because we’re going on a
hunting trip and everything is for the hunting trip. I don’t want to eat too
much of it but at the same time, enough talking let’s try it. It turned out
fantastic. The grill, you know when you’re searing it that char flavor that
comes from the charcoal it is impossible to beat it’s nothing like boiling it
nothing you know when the flame comes up and
that thing gets you know seasoned by the actual charcoal it’s incredible and I
rather a hundred times grill my lobster then boiling it. Comment below and let me
know if you agree with me. Taking it all apart combining with the sauce spices
mayo and also the shrimp together perfect combination. Now this is for a
hunt I can’t eat too much of it hopefully Ninja and Maumau will only see
this video after it’s already gone and lounged. I hope you enjoyed this video if
you did enjoy it make sure to give it a thumbs up if you’re not a subscriber be
sure to subscribe for future videos and And remember if you’re interested in
anything I use everything is in the description down below. Thank you so much
for watching and we’ll see you guys on the next one.
Now I’m gonna finish these two beautiful lobster rolls then I’m gonna take the rest to
the guys then I’ll let you guys watch a little bit of it
check it out. Now you’re gonna get a treat with a beautiful lobster roll. Are you ready to do this? I’m ready for that. I’m hungry and this thing is a esome. Hold on because Ninja wants some more. I’m driving in the rain… Can I ask you a favor? Please don’t sing anymore. Im driving in the rain… We really don’t enjoy this. I’m gonna cut him out right now. You’re singing suck bro! Bro that’s Frank Sinatra… how do you say that bro? Your singing sucks! Are you going to keep me quiet? Yeah! To shut you up! Here you go my friend enjoy. I’m driving in the rain… Oh my God! Now I’m gonna leave you guys with
a little bit of footage of the hunt, And I hope you enjoy it. Check it out, and some music… Im driving in the rain…. We still have two hours to get home Wow two hours more to drive and listen
to this guy

100 thoughts on “Grilled LOBSTER TAIL with Seasoned Butter for LOBSTER Rolls”

  1. Hunting trip? For what? You already have three lobsters.

    Venison and the like aren’t going to compare to that… I suppose a prime cut of steak could, but hunting for slow moving cattle doesn’t sound like much of a sport or culinary necessity…

  2. 1:16

    Guga: Today I will be cooking lobster vagina. I know it doesn't look good now, but watch this.

    Video fades to black, with a 'ziip' sound

    Guga: Les dewit

  3. todo iba perfecto asta que destruiste la langosta. haciendo esa horrible ensalada con camarones y lo desgraciaste con el pan

    everything was perfect until you destroyed the lobster. making that horrible salad with shrimp and you messed up with the bread

  4. I have now cooked this twice using slight modifications to the compound butter and using frozen cold water lobster tails. They were amazing. Thanks Guga my wife now loves lobster.

  5. Hands down the best lobster I've ever had in my life was cooked on a campfire on opening day of hunting season maybe I'm just lucky that I live in Central Florida I know this isn't an option for everyone but absolutely hands down the best lobster I've ever had!!!

  6. Mira i est spiny lobsters every year during mini season! Im for sure gonna try this with my dad! It looks amazing!

  7. The more of an effort and time you make when it comes to cooking thee more better than food becomes. My grandmother she could take 5 days to make a curry from collect the right meats, veg etc, to prepping them to cooking and even to serving.

  8. Amo demasiado que tengas subtitulos, porque así los latinos también podemos disfrutar de tus increíbles vídeos.

  9. Guga, I have watched this video over and over and can’t wait to try this-Amazing! Every time I have gone out to dinner and gotten a grilled lobster tail, they are always overcooked! Same with grilled shrimp. That’s why I have gone back to steamed lobsters. This video changed my mind!

  10. I follow guda and sou vide and your food always looks so wonderful. I would be proud to park my feet underneath your table any day

  11. hey! did you poach the tails beforehand? they look a little pink and the carapace is easier to cut than most of the videos i've seen

  12. this is by far the greatest food related channel on youtube! you guys have made my mouth salivate sooo many times

  13. That was such an inspiring video!! Thank you making this and providing clear instructions !! I cant wait to try it!

  14. What a great way to ruin your amazing grilled lemon butter based lobster tails…put mayo on it. Jk you are an amazing cook and I love your channel. Always entertaining and looks delicious!

  15. I enjoy hunting very much,but I will never take for granted that I can harvest an animal on a full stomach. Great video sir.

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