Grilling a  Breakfast Sandwich

Grilling a Breakfast Sandwich

Hey, everyone, it’s a beautiful and I mean beautiful morning.
Football starting in a couple of hours. I’m as always hungry.
So I’m going to whip up some breakfast for you guys on the grill, we’re talking breakfast
sandwiches on the Cooking Everything Outdoors show.
Gary House with the outdoor cook Cooking Everything Outdoors show, I hope you try this at home.
Breakfast sandwiches almost from scratch. I say almost because we’re going to use
cheddar biscuits but you can make your biscuits from scratch and I think that’d be really
cool. In fact, the first time I did this breakfast,
that’s exactly what I did. Keeping it as simple as possible.
Let me go through the ingredients with you real fast.
Of course, you know, cheddar biscuits, big biscuits, big biscuits.
Country sausage, this already has some spices already mixed in it but we’re going to add
a few more things. I love green onion in my country sausage so
I’ll be adding that. Some regular white onion.
Nice assortment of garlic. That’s in our sausage.
I’m going to be adding some Cholula, Cholula hot sauce.
This is the chili and garlic version. I’d be topping off my country sausage patties
with some coarse ground salt, coarse ground black pepper and coarse sea salt.
And egg. Cheddar cheese.
And the roasted red bell pepper. Now first thing we’re going to do to get
this recipe going is I want to saute my green onions, my white onions and my garlic because
I’m going to be mixing that into the sausage. I want to do that first because I want to
let them cool down before I put it in the sausage and during that process we’ll be
doing our biscuits. Now I got to tell you this recipe will work
great on a griddle or in a skillet. I’m using the Island Grillstone, my go-to
appliance so I’ve been preheating that up for about 15-20 minutes now and it’s ready
to go. Mine’s already nicely seasoned, so I won’t
be needing to add any oils at this point. So let’s get this started.
White onions first, they’re going to take a little bit longer.
Our onions are starting to become a little translucent.
I want to get my red bell peppers on here because I’m going to start roasting those
a little bit. I’ll just put those towards the outside
face down. We’ll get that going that way.
Now time to add the green onions and garlic. Those are going to cook pretty quick.
And again, this is just to get it done ahead of time.
Lots of green onions. This is probably, if I remember right, 5 green
onions that I cut up. Might be a little overkill but I really like
the flavor of green onions in my country sausage. And now the garlic.
I just got to love this smell. I don’t know what it is about onions.
In the morning I’m going to add this with some biscuits, some sausage, some cheese.
I bet you’re kind of wishing you were in my neighbor right now, huh.
So right now I have the onions about where one I want them.
I don’t want them cook so that they are dried out.
So I’m going to be adding this back into the sausage.
So let’s get this out of here and let it cool down.
Just beautiful! Got some nice caramelization going on there.
It smells absolutely incredible. I think this is going to add some nice flavor
to our breakfast sausage that we’re going to be making here.
Okay, that’s off. Let’s take a quick look at our peppers,
turning up nicely. Believe me this is hot.
Too hot. Okay, that’s going to be nice.
We’ll get this softened up a bit longer. Okay, this stone is really, really hot right
now. So I’m going to cook this a little bit longer.
I’m going to let my onions cool down, then we’re going to put our biscuits on and let
the stone cool down just a bit because it’s screaming hot too.
So be right back. I have my red bell peppers where I want them
right now. And I’m going to put them in a little Ziploc
baggie here to continue to steam that I can get that tough skin off in a little bit and
that’s it, that’ll help expedite that whole process and then we’ll peel that off
and have nothing but really yummy good flavor that comes from red bell peppers on top of
our breakfast sandwich. Now it’s time to get our cheddar biscuits
on the grill. This is supposed to take about 14 minutes
to cook at about 350 degrees. I’m certainly running well over that.
I’m going to guess I’m at 4, 4.5 so they are going to cook pretty darn quick and I
might get a toasty bottom. I’m totally okay with that.
Let’s get these out and going. Really nothing spectacular here.
I’m going to have more biscuits than I have breakfast for.
So I have to make up some gravy later. Alright, let those cook for a little bit.
While the biscuits are cooking let’s mix up our sausage.
There’s not much to this whole process. I’m just going to add my green onion, onion
and garlic mixture in there, as much of that in there as possible.
Working around the flies again. They are absolutely driving me crazy today.
And I add my garlic, chili garlic sauce to this.
How much, add entirely is up to you. I’m going to say about that much.
I’m guessing that’s probably about 2 tablespoons. It might be hot, might not be hot.
Now we just need to get in there and mix this up, so.
Biscuits that I’ve got going right now, the cheddar biscuits, smell absolutely incredible.
In spite of the probably burnt bottoms I’m going to have on there, but that’s okay.
We’ll just call that a layer of flavor. Sausage is mixed up.
The salt and pepper I’m going to put on the outside after I’ve made the patties.
So let’s make some patties now. And keep in mind that the size of the biscuit
is maybe about 2.5 inches. So let’s get this mixed up and we’re going
to get a little bit of shrinkage. I really want decent size patty.
I’m looking at probably about that size right there.
You see all that onion in there, I tell you what, that’s going to get some powerful
flavor to this. Going to make up about 6 fairly even size
patties. I have a little bit leftover.
Okay, starting to burn, I got to get them off.
Oh, look at that. Use my nose, I can tell.
So I got to get them on this. We’re in panic mode here.
Get this off. And move it over.
Get our biscuits off. Yeah, a little burn on the bottom.
So lesson there is, don’t get your griddle where it’s stone too hot because you’re
going to get some burn parts. And that is not good but it’s easily resolved
because I’m just going to slice them off the bottom and be done.
Scrape that off. Alright, get our sausage patties on.
They are some good eatings. Oop, forgot my salt and pepper.
Let me have some nice crust on there. Now we got it.
Let’s give these a flip. They smell phenomenal.
Oh yeah. That is what I’m talking about.
So let’s pull these sausages off. Oh nice.
Okay, so basically what I did here’s after I cut my burnt bottom of my biscuit off I’m
just using the top and a top. Why not?
Beautiful country sausage all seasoned up nicely right there.
Alright, so sausage is done. Now what I want to do is I want to get my
cheese on there and start melting that. Nice big chunk of cheese.
We’re not on a diet. So we’ll get that going.
While that’s slowly melting on there I’m going to fry up some eggs on the Island Grillstone.
Now ideally I would have one of those cool little egg rings but it’s not going to happen.
Four eggs, Island Grillstone, lot of flies. Little salt and pepper.
Now how you cook your eggs is entirely up to you.
In order for these to be eaten by my family they’re going to have to be basically over
hard, cooks it very well sunny side up, over easy, works fantastic.
I’ll let those cook. I’m going to just leave the lid off right
now. I bet you thought that those are just going
to this squishing through that stone, no problem. You got to see, this is really cool.
Alright, so what I did I just kind of separated the eggs with my spatula so they are about
the right size. Now we got to flip them.
It’s enough, about a boom. It’s picked up lot of the seasoning from
the sausage. That’s going to give that unique color on
the bottom and flavor. Okay, some minute more, going to get those
harden up. For our personal preferences you may want
to go with it right there like that yolk running all over the place.
Actually I kind of do myself but got to feed the family.
Look at that. I’m telling you, this is the way to go.
I’ve been doing this out camping. Whew!
How fantastic this would taste. Smell across the campground.
It’s going to be anybody’s bacon and eggs. Get a swap of bell pepper on there.
Size them up. Oh man.
Okay, that there, despite the burnt bottom, is a breakfast sandwich to die for anywhere,
anytime, anyplace. Let’s give it a shot.
It’s huge. Hmm, wow.
Hmm! The biscuit buttery and flaky.
The sausage, you know, we got that crust that that was built up from the Island Grillstone,
some salt and pepper and the chili garlic sauce add some real nice heat to it.
The egg is done perfectly and that red bell pepper adds it just a slight sweet accent
to it. I got to tell you got to try this.
It’s really, really good. But before I let you go I want to say thank
you to my sponsors, Camp Chef, and Island Grillstone.
Because none of this would be possible without their support for the Cooking Everything Outdoors
show. We’re also very excited, I’m telling you,
I’m announcing it now in this video that we’re part now of the Tastemade Network
on YouTube and it’s the only food channel that it’s going to be available on YouTube
and I’m just absolutely excited and thrilled to death to be on there.
Come visit me at, that’s the website where you find all my
recipes and all my stuff on there going on all the time.
You can find me on Twitter, on Facebook, on Pinterest, on iTunes and YouTube and phew,
bunch of other places, so I’m always there. And thank you very much.
I’ve said and enough I think I’m going to stop there.
Have a good day. I’m going to go enjoy the game with my killer

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  1. Thanks! One of the problems of shooting a show and cooking at the same time is you can easily loose track of key details – like how hot the stone was 🙂 Oh well…

    Thanks for watching!!

  2. Nice food, but honestly, the videos are just too long. I recommend keeping your videos less than 10 minutes to get more views. Check out foodwishes for an idea of how to make a really good video, while staying short.

  3. i like this vid. realistic. oops, burnt the bread; shit happens. don't have an egg ring, oh well! still gonna make awesome breakfast

  4. Man this looks GOOD! Breakfast is one area I have yet to really get into on my channel and this is a perfect example of why breakfast should NOT be left out of BBQ! Great job on this Gary!

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  6. Yes, I have watched a few of their shows in the past. Fun bunch of guys who are very creative on the grill. I am very flattered that you rank me up there with them, thank you.

    Thanks for watching!!

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