Grilling a perfect Argentinian Asado (in Buenos Aires)

Let’s document the process of Choripan preparation Very easy, there are two steps – Put the chorizo in the bread – Step number 2? – Step number 3? – Eating it – It’s delicious isn’t it? – Never disappoints Bienvenidos de nuevo a Nomad Cook Esta vez, estoy en Buenos Aires Donde conocí Sol y Balta Quienes me invitaron a participar en su asado de domingo Una forma muy argentina para pasar un rato con amigos o familia con el poder muy buena carne asada, choripan y fernet Tomen asiento y provecho! We are going with our friends, Sol y Balta whom are gonna help us to prepare asado Like many of you know, it’s a typical Argentinian thing We are headed to buy the meat At the butcher shop, not in the supermarket So, here we are, let’s choose What are the typical asado meat cuts? Flank (vacío), Rib cap (tapa), and ribs (costilla) That’s the flank (vacío) Chunchulí And that’s the molleja It’s always better buy the meat at the butcher shop And it’s important to become friends with the butcher Because he knows which cuts are in better state And he starts recommending what to buy and what not to Very important, coming always to the same butcher shop and become friends with him – And each neighborhood has its own butcher shop – I always come to this one and my friend Félix… -… goes to the other one, he’s friends with them, I’m friend with them here. – They start creating some mafias
– (laughs) It’s a tower made out of this – The coal goes around… – Around of the thingy, of course – Fire was created – Put the fire there… – And alone it’s gonna start the fire, like a a vulcano… -… And ready, we can leave it alone to fire the coal like half an hour -…And then we shift it to the other side to start heating the grill – This is the meat we bought yesterday – It’s recommended to take the meat out… -…40 min before putting it to the grill – To warm up from the fridge temperature – If you heat it directly to the fire when it’s cold -… It’s not good for it -…The nerves… – The nerves that you’re gonna have or the meat nerves? – Let’s leave it there – Very important, while preparing the asado – Fernet with Coca, Coca Zero – … It’s a bit polemic but, whatever (music) (music keeps going) – We can leave it there for a bit… – … in 10 minutes we can flip it – … and this one a little more, because the bone has to stay longer – Let’s flip it, trying not to break anything – This stays longer, because the bone… – … absorbs much heat, therefore, the meat takes longer to cook – … so that, we flip it in 20 minutes – Asado, besides of the gastronomic side… – … also has a very social side, as we can see – And the people asking; how long until the meat is ready? – When you have less coal – … you can put the coal in the background and on the edge – … and leave it empty in the middle – … because the heat goes to the middle – … even if you don’t have coal in that area – It’s very tender – Now that it has a better cook point, we can flip it – … and we can leave it a little longer Let’s add the cab – You can add the salt in the grill for this one – Wanna try out? – This is the vacío? (flank) – … it looks very tender; let’s try it out – It melts in your mouth – … delicious! – Beautiful – Do you generally cook it medium? – Yes… if someone wants it more cooked – … we always leave a piece on the grill to keep cooking – The juice is very important – Alright, vacío is out, juicy, who likes it like that… – … it’s your moment – No culpen a Pipino, él también quiere un poco de vacío – Pipino likes it juicy – We have the first chunk of ribs – He’s the official ribs tester – I’m Ezequiel, my favorite cut is the ribs – Balta said he made it, especially thinking of my taste – Let’s try the first chunk – It’s the right point – From 0 to 10, what’s your note? – I have to taste it carefully… – 10
– If he says it’s ready, then it’s ready – Spectacular
– Take this with you – Spectacular, has the precise crunchy point from the salt… – Precise point of burn and juice – That juice is fundamental for the ribs – So that the meat consistency in your mouth is perfect – Obviously the meat next to the bone is more delicious – We forgot the provoleta cheese – It’s all good
– We are gonna put it to the grill next – Vegetarian grill – How difficult is to be a vegetarian in Argentina? – For me it’s not that complicated – … because I’m a local and I know several places – … but yeah, there are options, like any big city – … maybe sometimes it’s hard in the asados… – … there are not many vegetarians, then… – … you have to ask if any friends are. – You also have to be creative. It’s always good to find other people … that are also vegetarian, makes it easier – Y al final, pero no menos importante, queso provoleta y postre – That’s an invention of me, has lemon… – … honey… – … white and black chocolate – He didn’t like it (laughs) – Delicious, hmmm Sol! Y eso estuvo delicioso! Gracias por ver un episodio más de Nomad Cook La próxima seguiremos en Buenos Aires Y voy a tener una nueva sección de “Scouting” para recomendar deliciosa comida local Estén atentos, y nos vemos la próxima

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