Grilling Breakfast with the Kettle Pizza Accessory | Cooking Outdoors | Gary House

Grilling Breakfast with the Kettle Pizza Accessory | Cooking Outdoors | Gary House

Hey, everyone, today I’m going to show you that the KettlePizza accessory is not just
for pizzas on the Cooking Everything Outdoors show.
Gary House with the outdoor cook Cooking Everything Outdoors show, I hope you try this at home.
So it’s Sunday morning I’m going to make a little Sunday brunch for me and the Mrs.
And I’m going to be doing that on my KettlePizza unit.
What I’m going to be making is basically some breakfast potatoes.
I’m going to be making frittata. And I’m going to be making a maple pecan
pancake. So for our breakfast potatoes let’s just
go over the ingredients real quick. It’s really simple.
I’m going to make enough for 2. So I have 2 of these oval trays.
I hope you can see that in the shadows here. 2 russet baked potatoes, sliced.
I have some cheddar cheese. Garlic salt with a little bit of parsley in
it. I have a yellow onion.
2 cloves of garlic. And then some green onions.
And basically, the green onion and the cheddar cheese is the top at the end.
That’s going to melt down in the potatoes. So to get things going, it’s pretty simple,
I just want to take my little trays or boats or whatever you want to call them, and I want
to give them a little bit of a spray with cooking oil.
And then I will take my potatoes. And then what I want to slices and you’ve
seen me do this when I’ve made these potatoes in the fire pit, it’s very simple, very
similar to that. And I’m looking for about just under a 1/4
inch. I don’t want them really, really huge.
And the thicker they are, the longer they’re going to take to bake.
And I’d sure like to have my Sunday brunch before it’s dinnertime.
For our yellow onion I want to do basically the same thing that I did with the potato.
But I’m going to be using half slices with my onion.
Okay, so let take and slice this in half. And basically what I want to get out of this
is…I sliced it the wrong… oh well. So what I’m going to do is just get some
ringlets out of this to go between my potato slices.
So, on the garlic I’m just looking for a mince on the garlic.
So let’s build these. So I’ve got my tray and I just want to take
some of my potato, layer it, little onion, layer it, little onion, and layer some onion
and layer potato, onion, etcetera, etcetera. I think you get the idea.
And something very similar to that. And what I want to do is I want to get a little
garlic down in there also. Now I want to take some of my garlic salt
and I’m going to just drizzle that over there, a good pinch on each one.
And I forgot to mention that I’m going to be putting black pepper, coarse ground fresh
black pepper on there. And now that’s going to go into our pizza
oven. So now I need to get my potato dish into the
pizza kettle. Now, typically to move things in and out I
just use a pizza peel. This works really, really well for sliding
things in and out. But, you know, to put this in there and to
shuffle it in there can lead to a little bit of accident.
So what I did is I made up some hooks here and I just put some file handles on, some
1/4 inch aluminum rod, bend it to a curve. You can buy these.
They are readily available. But it makes it easier for getting stuff in
and out of the pizza kettle here. And so, I’m just going to push my potatoes
in there like so. And then from this point I can easily manipulate
my dish to where I want it and I want it somewhat towards the back.
Get them about 400 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s going to give me a nice baking temperature
in there. These are probably going to cook, oh, 25-35
minutes at least to get to where I want. So our potatoes have been cooking, oh, 15
minutes, maybe 20 minutes, so they are roughly halfway, maybe a little bit past halfway done.
To maintain my temperature I’ve added a few more charcoal briquettes in there to keep
that temperature going for the length of the cook.
And now I want to get my maple pecan pancakes going.
So the first thing I want to do is give my little cast iron cooking utensils a nice coat
of spray oil. And then I’m just using a readymade pancake
batter that you just add water to. Add the water to the consistency that you
need. I have about 1 cup of batter here.
And that is too much water, but this will thicken it up.
About a 1/3 of a cup of all-natural maple syrup.
This is just going to accent it. And then I like a lot of pecans.
It’s entirely up to you how many you want in there.
I have about a cup here. And I’m going to just add them until I think
I have enough. And then we will pour our batter in to our
baking dishes about halfway. And I’m actually going to put these in now
to start baking. I just wanted to give you a little inside
peek. I don’t know if you can see it.
It might be too dark in there. But I have my pancake batter up towards the
front and then in the back I have my potatoes that are cooking and coming along nicely.
And this little tool that I have made makes it really easy to move things around as I
need to. Our potatoes are almost done.
Our maple pecan pancakes are in there and they’ve risen up really, really nice.
So a few minutes before my potatoes are done and I want to get my fresh herb goat cheese
frittata together. And I’m going to be using 5 nice fresh eggs,
some fresh goat cheese which I really love. Some green onion.
I’m going to put some cappers in there for just a little bit of a bite.
Little bit of half & half. And then my fresh herbs which I just picked.
I have some thyme, some oregano, marjoram, and chives.
And then I’m just going to mince those up really fine and mix all of this together.
Oh, with a little salt and pepper. First things first, let’s get our eggs going.
You thought I was going to throw that on the side, huh?
These are actually going in my compost pile. 5 eggs.
And let me get these blended together first. Add a little bit of half & half, maybe, I
don’t know, maybe 2 tablespoons. Not a lot.
Just to give it some richness, some lift as it cooks.
I want a little bit of green onion in there. Not a lot because I don’t want to overpower
it. And our herbs…herbs I have here, they’re
all on fine stems and I can just use almost all of it.
We just want those rich herb flavors to come through.
And then I’m going to take some of goat cheese.
We’ll get that all blended up. And that’s just about what I’m looking
for. Some salt and pepper.
Okay, I’m going to set this aside for a few minutes and we will pull our potatoes
and get those finished up. So in order to get these out easily I like
to use my peel. I’ll set the peel at the base of my baking
stone and then I’ll just hook my tray and pull that out.
Okay. And now what I want to do real quickly is
just sprinkle my green onions over the top. And then a nice, good helping of extra sharp
cheddar cheese, which I like on my potatoes. You could use whatever you want on yours.
And it’s just the matters and depends on your personal taste.
But this is what I’m rolling with. Okay.
Cheesed up and I want to get those back in there and finish cooking.
And really all that is, is a matter of our cheese melting at this point and get a quick
look at our pancakes. And, oh, yeah, you can see how those have
risen up nicely. Looking good.
Get that back in there to finish baking. Only a few more minutes on those.
So potatoes are just about done, really ready. And what I’m using for the frittatas is
a nice round cast iron cookware tray. I’m looking for about 1/2 this mixture in
each container. So now I want to pull my potatoes.
Look at that. Potatoes are done.
So we pulled out the maple pecan pancake cake and just absolutely perfect.
It smells incredible. I can smell that maple syrup coming through.
And I believe our frittatas are ready. Let’s get those out.
Oh, look at that. Wow.
turned out spectacular. Not that I had any doubts.
Wowzers. One more thing, drinks.
I have some fresh nectarines that I have peeled and diced up.
Some fresh orange juice with pop. I’m going to put about a 1/2 a cup of orange
juice. And this is a cranberry blackberry, 100% juice.
And we’re just going to go to the top of the nectarines with that and then, of course,
vodka. And I’m just going to get…oh I don’t
know…a good shot in there. There is my morning breakfast blend, maple
pecan, pancakes, fresh herbed goat cheese frittata and my cheesy blend potatoes.
We’re cooking. We’re eating.
And we’re having a great time. All of this on the pizza kettle.
Hey, I hope you enjoyed this episode of the Cooking Everything Outdoors show.
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where I’m always coming up with something crazy and new.
This is Gary House. And I will see you when I see you.

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  1. Wow that all looks delicious! Love the sound of maple pecan pancakes. That alone makes me drool! Lol thanks for sharing this.

  2. Even though I don't have the Kettle Pizza Accessory (yet), This would be a great way to surprise the family on a Saturday morning!
    Looks great, Gary!

  3. Looks good, BUT those were omlets … Frittatas would have had the eggs go in with the potatoes according to Chef Nick Stallino on PBS

  4. Lookin awesome Gary! That Kettle Pizza add-on is super cool! I'd also love to hear where you got those dishes you cooked in… I'd love to get a set of those for myself! Cheers Brother! (formerly Man Cave Meals)

  5. Absolutely love the show Gary! Came across it by chance looking for videos of the pizza kettle. I, like a lot of Brits, have been looking for great ways to cook pizza other than an expensive & bulky dome oven and never saw this until last week. Have since learnt that there are hardly any distributors over here for it which shocks me given the amazing benefit of owning one of these, its absolutely perfect for pizza/bread etc and is, by a country mile, the best alternative I've found so am putting one on order in time for the summer for sure!

    I'm now trawling through your archives and very much enjoying your shows! Keep up the good work! Alex Lake – Bournemouth, Dorset, UK

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