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I’m Joe Talentino, with I Know Jax, the
weekly TV show where I tell you about cool local stuff. Places to go and eat, local restaurants, local
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local. Today, I have a great show lined up. We’re going to start out by grilling out. I love getting a big group of friends together
and grilling out and here in Florida, that’s something you can do year round. but today, we’re going to learn how to make
a Peach Pie on the grill. I didn’t even know you could do that. Just check this out. So we’re hanging out grilling and chilling
here Rivertown in Fruit Cove and I’ve got my good buddy, and I to say good buddy. Sarah from Hottie Dawgs. And when I said I wanted to something grillin’
and chillin’, she said can I do something different? And I said yes. I do more than just hot dogs. Can I do a dessert? And I said, on the grill? And you said you’re doing? Bourbon Peach Cobbler. Bourbon peach cobbler on the grill. The sun is going down. It’s perfect. It’s dessert time. It’s after dinner. And bourbon is involved. So I’m saying yes. I like bourbon. Yeah. I haven’t found anything like any dessert
yet that I couldn’t add Bourbon too. Nothing. Especially while you’re cooking. Yeah. Take a sip. Sort of like wine, wine for the cook, and
one for the pot. Ready to get started? I’m ready. You know this really hits me in my heart like
a Georgia boy. So we have peaches. They’re already sliced. Loving it. Peaches, that’s what they look like sliced. The magic of TV. Boom bam, there they are. We’re going to add a little sugar. OK. And we’re going to have a little bit of brown
sugar just to get it caramel flavor. And Bourbon. Got it. And then we’re going to have a little bit
of corn starch. It helps make it all together. Make it all kind of meld together. Give it, not too watery when you’re done. Give it a little stir. Oh, gives it some body. I can smell that Bourbon. What kind did you use? I’m just curious. Say a good one. It is. But I took it from my husband’s stash so I
can tell you. It kind of is. But it’s the good stuff. Sorry! Sorry, honey! So we’re going to put it in a cast iron pan. You got some flour in here already. It’s nice and soft buttor too. Make sure we add our baking powder. More sugar. So more brown sugar. Can’t get to sweet. You can’t. Not with the bourbon. Not with the bourbon. If your peaches are over rype or just on the
hint if they’re really, really sweet. Add a little bit of lemon juice just to bring
out the tartness. I know we’re doing peach bourbon. But at home I do blackberry bourbon, blueberry
bourbon, whatever you might haven’t found a fruit that didn’t work. I’ve heard bourbon enough times to say yes. Sure. Yes! So now we’ve got that all mixed in, and we’re
going to add buttermilk. Of course, we’re in the South. So now if you want to you can add some vanilla
extract to the butter. You can add. this wound up a little bit runny. It’ll be fine. Probably need a little bit more flour but
I already did that in the other one. I thought ahead and I thought Joe was never
going to be able to wait for 45 minutes. I’m not a patient person you know. So what do, you do once you put this in the
pan. You turn the grill on to about 375 to 400
degrees. OK. On one side only. So all your burners or only on one side. They’re off over here. So you put it all in here so it’s baking. So there’s no blame underneath. There’s no flame underneath it. It’s baking. And we have a beautiful peach cobbler over
there. that’s a pretty cobbler. And the smoky flavor comes into it? It does and the Bourbon comes out so nicely. Amazing! So we’re going to cut into this. Wish I had a better spoon. It’s almost too pretty to cut. Do you smell the bourbon? I can smell it. I can’t wait to taste the Bourbon. Get some peaches up there. there you go! That’s like a shortbread crust. Do you like that bourbon? It’s not terrible. That was pretty tasty. I love pie, I really do. One of my favorite places to go is a little
place on Mayport Road called Pie Heaven. If you missed that story, you can find it
on my youtube channel and on my website. Maybe you don’t know this, but every weekend
I upload the episode for your viewing pleasure so you can always go to my website and check
out the latest episode even if you didn’t catch it on TV. Next, we’re going to head over to Brewz
in Atlantic Beach to have a delicious craft beer while I talk to you about craft beer
happenings. Every week I talk about happenings and craft
beer events in my TV show I Know Jax. I’m at Brewz in Atlantic Beach and today
I’m having a craft beer. This week, it’s all about football. I can’t believe the Patriots are there again,
but they are. But first, let’s look at what else is going
on. Hyperion is hosting a Vinyl Record Fair. Many of my friends who are really into music,
still claim that vinyl is the way to go. At this event, they also have what they call
“turntablist workshop”. Never heard that term before. New and use records are for sale, and it’s
all for good fun and great craft beer. That’s at Hyperion on February 1st starting
at 6pm. Vinyl records aren’t for everybody, but
how about comedy? Every month there’s a free comedy show at
Veterans United Brewing. The show features multiple comedians, each
doing a set. This event always packs out the taproom at
Veterans and it’s often standing room only, so be sure to get there early! Comedians and Craft Beer starts at 8 pm and
the event takes place at Veterans United Brewery. Underdark was a fictional setting in dungeons
& dragons. Sort of like the Dark Web is for procedural
TV dramas. But don’t worry, I’m not going to roleplay
or pretend to be an NCIS investigator – actually, I wanted to talk about the beer Underdark. It’s been an Intuition Ale Works beloved
annual release for many years. The Underdark is an Imperial Stout aged in
oak barrels. I saw on Facebook that they’ll have bottles
dating back to 2016 for sale, so I know they’ve been doing it for years now. The chocolate orange Underdark of 2018 was
definitely one of my favorites. Now they’re releasing 2019 and they’re
also selling some bottles from previous years. All sales will be held through the back Brewery
entrance starting at 10am until they run out ( last year that happened at 2pm !!!). The
2019 Underdark will also be available on draft in the taproom, and I’m planning to be there
for that – so if you see me come up and say hello and tell me what your favorite beer
is. The Underdark Release is on Feb 2nd at Intuition
Ale Works. But the most important event of this week
above all has to be Superbowl Sunday. Over 100 million people watch the Super Bowl
on TV, many of them because they want to see the commercials. What…?? That is an odd tradition, don’t you think? Super Bowl Sunday is like a holiday though. Social media is packed with videos showing
you tasty treats to make for your football watch party. Speaking of which, here at Brewz in Atlantic
Beach they’re having a big potluck party for Super Bowl Sunday. Brewz will bring Lobster Mac and Cheese and
Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken Dip. Come watch the game at BREWZ, bring a dish
for the potluck and have a pint of craft beer. Local pints are $5 for the game! May the best team win! That’s it for local craft beer news in Jax
this week. For more tasty beers like this, visit Brewz
at one of their two locations. Cheers! I’m often out and about and I go to many
of the craft beer events in town. I love meeting other people who love our local
craft beer, so make sure to come up and talk to me when you see me. So Mallory, if you would talk to me a little
bit about what inspired you to do the film? What inspired me to do the film was really
my love for St. Augustine that really grew throughout my my four years at Flagler. I’m originally from southern Vermont so I
hated it initially and then I really falling over the city throughout the years and I just
really kind of wanted to share that with other people. The film is essentially about sea level rise
in St. Augustine and also why St. Augustine is more vulnerable than some other places,
just because of the historic value because of the location. The hurricanes when they hit us and what that
did to St. Augustine is kind of a parallel to what the future could be like with sea
level rise. The worst case scenario is pretty bad. Some people say up to 10 feet of sea level
rise which would wipe out most of downtown. You know David Shores is already suffers a
lot from sunny day flooding and high tide. That would be gone and a lot of the things. Much of St. Augustine won’t be able to be
saved. So we just need to do what we need to do right
now to make sure everything’s there in the future. So the idea of the film was sort of the spark
for interest and get people moving and doing something. What are you looking to do going forward? I did show the film at City Hall. That was a big step. Mayor Shaver’s already really passionate about
it. She’s really involved. So just getting people locally here to really
see that it’s a problem and see that we all need to do something about it. It’s not something that we can just put off. It’s something that everyone in St. Augustine
should be aware of should know what’s going to happen know what the risks are and know
what to do. Every week I take a look at the fun and interesting
events in Jax and give you what I consider to be the top 5 picks. Here’s my list let me know what you think
at Number five on my list is the Shanghai Circus. I’ve always been fascinated by the Chinese
Acrobats, and I honestly always wanted to go and see the Shanghai Circus, but I haven’t
been able to. The Shanghai Circus is coming to the Nathan
H Wilson Center on February 3rd. I know, not everybody is into Gardening, but
I love it, and this is a workshop at MOSH, so you’re not going to be getting too dirty. The class is called Urban Gardening and is
part of the MOSH after dark program. Learn tricks to keep your garden healthy and
take home your own starter composting kit. Tickets also include two drink tickets, and
you can check out the new exhibit Backyard Adventures at the Museum of Science and History. MOSH after dark: Urban Gardening and composting
take place on January 31st starting at 6 pm. As number three I’ve picked a monthly event. This is the first week of the month so there
are many, but First Friday Art Walk is cool this time of year, because it’s the last
week of the Nights of Lights in St. Augustine, so I think it’ll be a great time to do the
Artwalk. First Friday Artwalk takes place from 5pm
– 9pm in downtown St. Augustine. Coming in as Number 2 is the Underdark Bottle
Release at Intuition Aleworks. This is a big annual event at Intuition. Many beer enthusiasts look forward to this
one all year. Underdark is an imperial stout aged on oak
barrels. The 2019 Underdark is available on draft in
the tap room as well. The Underdark Bottle Release happens on February
2nd at Intuition Ale Works. I know, it’s Super Bowl Sunday this week
and for many of you, that’s going to be the highlight of the week and the number one
thing to do. A lot of places have Super Bowl parties going
in, I’m going to BREWZ in Atlantic Beach for their Super Bowl potluck party, so that’s
where you’ll find me. Bring a dish and come join me. That’s at Brewz in Atlantic Beach starting
at 6p.m. That’s my Top 5 List for the week of January
27 to February 3rd. How did I do? Are these events you would have picked? If you’re watching me online let me know
what event I should have put on my list and which events you are going to in the comments
below. I’ll be back with a new top list next week,
so if you have suggestions for me, send them to me at [email protected] For more ideas about fun things to do, check
out my post Fun Things To Do in February on I’m planning to go to Intuition for the
Underdark event, but even if I love craft beer, I don’t mind having a cocktail every
now and then. That’s what we’re going to talk about
next. David fermentable distillery here we’re going
to make us a pretty interesting drink. Talk to me about what this is. So the first drink we’re making today is called
the Bloody Cosmo. We did this for a presentation we gave down
at Universal. They asked us to be thematic with what we
are making. And we’ve got Halloween Horror Nights coming
up. We got to go bloody. Now what’s interesting to me is that you’re
using your citrus vodka. Can you tell us a little bit about how that’s
made. Sure. So the way we do our citrus I’d guess it’s
pretty interesting. I’ve never run across someone else doing it
exactly how we do it. And the reason is is we are using all fruit
that’s grown in Florida. Yeah. The first three batches actually we all from
the distillery went down to Palatka, hand picked it all. The very first batch we cut and pressed it
ourselves using those juice presses. You’re talking hands on. We’re using oranges, lemons and grapefruit. All different type of citrus. All grown, like I said, locally. Well, I’ll tell you I drink this stuff straight. Yeah. Is that wrong? Not at all. Good. Tell me what’s in this drink. OK. So we’ve got we want to kind of highlight
the citrus vodka. Like you said it’s good on its own. But we wanted to bring some other citrus elements
into it. So what we did we added a little lime juice. This is a blood orange juice from Natalie’s. Fantastic stuff. And then we have a Salerno blood blood orange
liquor, which I think is an Italian. Sounds like it. I don’t know, I’m Talentino. But I couldn’t tell you if it’s Italian or
not. You should know. I’m also Irish. That just negates everything Italian. Let’s mix it up and see what it tastes like. Alright. So how much lime juice are we using? So we’ve got three quarters of an ounce of
lime juice. One ounce of the blood orange juice. Natalie’s is great. I think they’re organic and you guys are also
into the whole organic kick too. We are. I think we we’re the first organic distillery
in the state and I believe we still are. I don’t know. We don’t really keep up with this. It’s hard to keep up these days. It is. You know the reason organic was important
to us is because I feel like you know you vote with your dollars. And it’s supporting sustainable agriculture. I would never. And local! It is local. And I also wouldn’t I would never assert that
because it’s organic it’s automatically a better product. Or that it’s local it makes it better. Sure certainly true. Totally. It’s got to be good. We’ve got this Salerno. I’m going to use three quarters of an ounce
of the blood orange Liqueur. and then last but not least. Half a bottle. Yep. 17 ounces of this. That’s just my suggestion. I’m going to go with an ounce and a half. You’ve got a camel back on back here. You got stay hydrated right. I know you guys can smell this, but I can
and it smells good. Now you got to try it. Can I try it? Definitely. I got a suggestion. Go to the distillery. Get a little tour,see what’s there because
you’ve got everything even his stuff there that you don’t offer in other places. Yeah, we do have some distillery only really
I know I’ve done my research. That’s it for this week’s episode of I
Know Jax. If you like what I do, make sure to like my
facebook page. That really helps. Also, make sure to share this video with your
fun friends so that they can see it too. I’ll be back with another episode next week,
but until then I’ll see you on the internet.

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