Grilling Fruit

Grilling Fruit

school well the Charlie where the
airport in the grill good thinkin I did not show you how to
great things were growing fruit sweet and savory you go either direction with them the
heat in this sector in the through really speak to both directions
to restart with these pineapple wedges which I’ve
brushed with a soy sauce it’s been infused with ginger and garlic added some cayenne and some chili really those on here brushed them a little bit more this and knees would be great with an grilled chicken
breast grilled fish Asian style male the cost to be chopped
up a footnote rice salad or a stir fried rice and then we’re going to put some peaches
on the other side over here these are you going to sweep direction we’re gonna
grill these and then we’re gonna with them a butter
and cinnamon sugar on them at the end before but the Zoning Appeals fritz so
they don’t stick the pineapple doesn’t have the same problem peaches in the system nectarine you can
also grow apple slices and serve those again
either sweet or savory depending on what you put on them it will that those cook for a little bit
and come back in return you can switch it around you could do the suite with
the pineapple and serve it with ice cream or you could have done the peaches with
him and cayenne got chili powder does Southwest on a
plane with pork we’ve been great as well and we’re gonna turn these peaches and
nectarines are almost understand get a few more turned here and then we’re gonna
take a brush them with this sugar butter and cinnamon this is gonna add you gonna add a little
more caramel icing on them as a said finish cooking and get that
cinnamon which is gonna be your sweet with ice cream and the pound cake banana pudding with
to and I’m gonna close this up again for a little bit and
we’ll come back when they’re ready should be ready to go some pound cake
and classes we’ll look at that another cinnamon pick these peach halves with the pound Cape to connect to rain the nectarines smallest 22 nectarine up those are so sweet but those little dollop of cream it’s like a warm summer shortcake alright more with cream and then we’ve
got one more thing to talk when that is if you think these are difficult at all I’ve got them there
humanize the bananas picking those indirect you can put them
on your gas grill indirect or charcoal grill after done cooking dinner you live near
you come back they are just so soft and sweet look at this look at that soften any can
scoop it out on us more on ice cream you could put in with the whip cream a
pancake built through what else could you ask
for front in school

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  1. I don't understand why this channel doesn't have more subscribers, these vids are great!
    That peach / cinnamon sugar combo looks to die for! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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