Grilling Meal Prep

(light music) – Today, we’re firing up the grill to show how grilling can
make dinner prep a snap. Not only does it work
well for weeknight meals but it can also be used to
prepare meals in advance over the weekend. This can save lots of time during the week and make eating a healthier dinner at home much easier. So let’s head to the grill. If you have a large grill like this one, you can cook several meals or several different
meal components at once. If you have a gas grill, where you can set different burners to different temperatures, set one of the burners to low heat and the other to medium high to create a cool zone and a hot zone. If you’re using a charcoal grill, push a pile of hot coals
to one side of the grill so that you have a hotter
side and a cooler side. This will help you cook
several items at the same time. For example, I have
these sweet potato wedges that I tossed with a
little bit of canola oil and I’m going to place them cut side down on the hot side of the grill that’s been sprayed
well with cooking spray. Now, I still have just enough
room on the hotter side to add my chicken breasts. I’ve marinated these chicken breasts in the fridge in a plastic bag with olive oil, parsley,
oregano and lemon juice. The chicken needs about
two hours in the marinade for the flavors to soak in well. I want to be sure to use
a different set of tongs for my chicken or wash them well so that I don’t cross
contaminate my vegetables from the raw poultry. If I had put my raw chicken on a plate to carry out to the grill, I would make sure to wash
that plate thoroughly before I put the cooked chicken back on that same plate
for the same reason. You could also grill a
pork or beef tenderloin on this side of the grill. Now, I’ll close the lid and I’m going to go wash my hands. I have about seven minutes before I need to flip
everything and move it around. So I’m going to prepare a
few more fruits and veggies to go on the grill while I have time. I’m pitting and slicing plums, peaches, and nectarines in half. And I’ve also sliced pineapple into three quarter inch slices. Then I’ll slice zucchini,
eggplant and bell peppers into the same slices. And I’ll half the bell peppers as well. Okay. So I’ve added all the
veggies into a large bowl and I’m going to drizzle with just a few teaspoons of canola oil or you could use a simple marinade recipe that can be found with
other grilling recipes at American Heart Association’s website, So I’ve got all these
fruits and veggies prepped. Let’s go back to the grill
and move some things around. I want to move the sweet potatoes to the cooler zone of the
grill using long tongs. Be sure to place the potatoes down on their non brown side. I’m also going to flip
my chicken breast over. Now that I have the last potato moved over to the cool zone, there’s plenty of room for all these fruits and veggies on the hotter zone. This only takes about
three minutes on each side. Talk about quick cooking. And I won’t even close the lid because by the time I have the last bit of zucchini on the grill, the first fruits I put
on are ready to flip. I’m removing most of
the fruits and veggies from the grill. The potatoes will take
about another five minutes to be fork tender and about the same for the chicken. The total grilling time for the chicken will be about 15 to 20 minutes. We want the internal temperature to reach 165 degrees Fahrenheit. And now, I’ll close the lid. Now, I have chicken breasts,
potatoes, veggies and fruit ready to be used for
meals throughout the week. I could serve chicken and
potatoes the first night and serve leftovers as a
chicken and pasta dinner salad with a few chopped grilled
zucchini thrown in. On another night, I could
serve a meatless dinner of toasted cheese and eggplant sandwiches. And on another night, the grilled fruit could
be chopped and tossed into a brown rice dish with bell peppers and lean pork or salmon. Or for a sweet treat, top the grilled fruit with low fat, Greek frozen yogurt. So fire up the grill and get a head start
on next week’s dinners. Thanks for watching. (light music)

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