Grilling on Barby! DOES BARBY HAVE A GIRLFRIEND? (Geography Now Q&A #3)

Hey geograpeeps! So as you know, we just another 4 country episodes, and whenever we do that we take a little break so that we can research and write and script out and film the next 4 episodes. So as you guys know, the next 4 countries are gonna be Fiji, Finland, …the country that must not be named, There’s gonna be so much controversy with that one. And France. However, I still kinda wanna give you guys a video this week, so I actually went to Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, and I’m like “hey, if you guys have any questions, just ask. I’ll answer any questions you have.” natethewolf says “what language is favorite to listen to?” Let’s see – probably Xhosa, Inuktitut, and Silbo Gomero. Look em up. gelko_the_singaporean says “what do you know about Singapore?” I know that if all goes well, I’ll be going there in November! adam_holtzman3 says “what’s your opinion on Brexit?” Ah geez, a deep question. Okay, first of all. I’m not British and I’m not any professional political analyist, and I’m not gonna pretend that I am, although, admitedly, I do like to dabble in my topical current events every so often. But what I can make of everything based off of my research and what people have told me and all the articles that I’ve read is that it’s a lot more convoluted and complex then people seem to make it out as. I mean, I can kinda see the validity on both sides of the argument. I mean, I can kinda understand why the UK was upset with the EU, but on the other hand, leaving the EU does have a lot of potentially detrimental effects that could ensue and capsize the very foundation of their socioeconomic structure. And that’s why this whole thing is taking so long. Because, it’s like nobody really knows how to go about doing this whole thing, because nobody’s done it before. It’s like they have to consider trade deals and legislative policies and there’s so much paperwork. In my personal opinion, I think that if the UK is very smart and if they play their cards exactly, perfectly right they could maybe possibly slide out of this whole transition somewhat kinda smooth and alive. I don’t know what the chances are. Personally, I hope you Brits pull it off. Somewhat smoothly, I mean, you Brits, you’re smart people. You’re very smart people, okay? You had the largest empire at one point in time. You created us Americans and we landed on the moon, so – We gotta give you some credit. You Brits are smart. green_the_torterra says “favorite shows to watch? I know Stranger Things is one of them?!?! :)” Yes, yes Stranger Things. So as you guys know, Stranger Things is one of my favortie shows. I love that it’s on Netflix, check it out. Honestly, though, I don’t watch a lot of TV. I mostly just watch YouTube videos for my main source of media. However, recently, I noticed, just because it’s on Netflix, I was like “Eh, why not? I’ll watch it.” Everyone when I was a kid grew up watchied it, but I didn’t. “Friends.” It’s an alright show. I’m okay with it. Friends. Let’s see what happens. I’m only on season 1. _shogunate says “if California somehow became its own country, would you move to another part of the country that is still in the United States or would you stay in the new country of California?” I’d stay in Calfornia. I believe I read somewhere that if California ceded from the US for whatever reason, even though that’s impossible, they would have the 7th largest economy in the world even on its own, yeah I’d stay in California. I love California. It’s my home. nonsocialteen says “interested in more fan meetups?” Yes. In fact, that’s one of the reasons I do Geography Go, so I can meet the fans who live in other countries. kevincelt 12 says “what is the most extreme place that you’ve ever been? Meaning extremely hot, extremely cold, high altitude, underground, etc.” Ooh, that’s a good question. Hottest place – depends, if it’s dry hear, probably Qatar or Saudi Arabia, if it’s humuidity, probably South Korea. Oh my gosh, those summers are brutal. Coldest place? Rovaniemi, Finland. I think it was like -25/-30 degrees Celsius. Higest place? La Paz, Bolivia. I could barely even breathe, like walking down the street, I was already suffocating. So yeah, I think that’s about it. ecavoto08 says “what country has the best physical geography in your opinion?” I would say it’s probably a tie between the US and China. Both countries have wildly contrasting landscapes, they both have deserts, they both have jungles, they both have wetlands, they both have plains and praries, they both have mountains. You would probably not find more diversity than in the US and China. cathydiconsa says “what’s your favorite thing about Canada? Have you ever been?” I’ve been to Montreal. I loved it, even though when I went, it was raining. It was still beautiful, I loved it. Your streets, your cobblestone streets and quaint little buildings and all that stuff, everything’s written in French. I love it, it looks amazing. If I ever go back to Canada, I would like to go to Iqaluit. the capital of Nunavut. jfayjvdt says “Well if nobody else is gonna ask weird questions, I will. Where do babies come from?” Soft truth – Mom and Dad. Hard truth – genitalia. arrafi says “what’s the first thing that pops into your mind when you hear ‘Indonesia’?” Probably the most unconventionally Muslim country int he world. halloweenboiiii says “do you have a girlfriend?” As of right now, no, but I did kinda on-and-off briefly date that Amanda girl who played Croatia, and she was also in the Dominican Republic episode. Shocker of the century! _irenaspasovska_ says “do you have a brother and sister?” C’mon, you saw the Cameroon episode. By the way, a backwards unicorn-duck: my sister came up with that joke. Ow! “@GeographyNow which is better, Sega Genesis or Super Nintendo?” Super Nintendo. ThePyrotechnician says “are you into metal music?” You know, I never really was until recently. My old roomate, he would always listen to Periphery and Tesseract. like progressive metal, and I started listening to them more and I kinda like them. I like progressive metal. And also, I know they’re an old band, but I also really like Apocalyptica. Also, I love it when metal bands do metal covers of pop songs. That is the coolest thing ever. Cade Niles, “Barbi-” I’ll let that one slide. “if you robbed a bank and had to hide someplace remote with $100,000,000 in cash, where would you go?” I would never rob a bank, first of all. However, if I wanted to run away somewhere remote, for any reason whatsoever, not because I’m in trouble, but just because I wanna get away and go somewhere remote, Greenland. I’d probably go to Greenland. Nils Nicolai says, “what is your favorite enclave and exclave? One example for each.” Ooh, that’s a pretty good question. I mean, I don’t have favorites, but I do find some more intriguing and interesting to research and look up. Let’s see, enclaves, does the entire nation of Lesotho count? If not, cause it’s a whole country, I would say maybe the Soh district of Uzbekistan in Kyrgyzstan. It’s a really interesting one. It’s got a bordern fence and everything. It’s really awkwardly held by Uzbekistan – yeah, that’s a cool one. Kaliningrad is pretty interesting for Russia. I think my favorite ones to research and dive into are proably Ceuta and Melilla, the 2 cities of Spain that are actually off the coast of Morocco. Those are pretty cool, I like those. Alonso Gurmendi Dunkelberg “can we ever hope to see a Geography Now/Crash Course collaboration video?” You’re reading my mind, bro. John Selkowitz says, “how many states in the US have you been to? Is there any that you haven’t been to yet but want to?” I remember, I actually recorded this. I’ve bene to 31 of the 50 states, and the ones that I want to go to that I haven’t been to yet are probably Lousiana, Wyoming, the northern part of Vermont, and technically I had a layover in Alaska Anchorage Airport, but I didn’t leave the airport, so I don’t know if that counts. If not, I’d love to go to Alaska, but I would specifically like to go to Barrow, the northernmost town right on the northern tip. It’s like the most northern city in America. Quiten William Whyte says, “what is your favorite dinosaur?” Ankylosaurus. It’s defense and offence, can’t destroy it. Julie Norton says, “would you try Icelandic hakarl on a dare?” I don’t know what that is, but sure, yeah, I’ll try it. [Researching} Oh! It’s that rotting shark thing. You don’t have to dare me, I want to try that! Grant Hawkins says, “do you collect coins?” Oh, Grant, come follow me. Not only do I collect the coins, but I also collect the bank notes as well. Andrew King says, “how do you like your eggs?” You know, it’s funny, when I was a kid, I would only eat my eggs scrambled. But now that I’m a bigger, stupider, fatter kid, I only eat my eggs sunnyside up. I don’t why. I changed my mind through the course of my life, now I only like sunnyside up. josh.k.w. says “what New Zealand flag did you like best out of the alternate options in the New Zealand flag referendum?” Dude, New Zealand, how could you not vote for laser kiwi? Why, why didn’t – So I think that those are all the questions that I saved on my phone. Thank you for sending all those questions, it was really fun answering them. So I’m currently working on the Fiji and Finland episodes right now, and then when I’m done with those scripts, I’m gonna be doing the country that must not be named and France. A lot of crazy stuff going on right now, but it’s fun and I really appreciate that you guys like this channel, so – Hope you have a good one. Stay cool, stay tuned.

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