Grilling on Barby! TRUMP, CELLOS and BLUBBER! (Q&A #4) + STUDENT CONTEST!

Grilling on Barby! TRUMP, CELLOS and BLUBBER! (Q&A #4) + STUDENT CONTEST!

Hey geograpeeps! You guys asked for another Q& A video, so I asked you to ask me questions on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. So let’s just jump in. rihanna_fanta_banta27 says “Do you know about the New Zealand All Blacks?” Oh, you mean – (does the haka). May have heard a little bit about them. Tanner Wilson says, “Your thoughts on more people wanting to visit Antarctica on vacation?” Do it, but don’t get cocky, okay? That place was never meant to be a tourist trap. Scott Carl Wild says “which currency do you think has the best artwork/design?” I think I actually read an article in which they voted on this, and they all agreed that the New Zealand $5 banknote was the most attractive banknote, with Sir Edmond Hillary, the guy who climbed Mount Everest, and on the back, a little penguin and here there’s a little transparent slot. You know what? Yeah. This is a pretty good looking bank note. It’s pretty cool. I like it. I really like it. Although I have to admit, the guy on the $50 Barbadian banknote looks so thug. He’s all like, “Yeah, you know you wanna come here, son.” cindy_wb says “Planning on cutting your hair?” New Year’s Day. Genevieve_dibz99 says “Favorite type of dog?” Airdale Terrier. Anthony Grigorian says “Did you feel the New Zealand earthquake?” You know what’s funny, I believe the earthquake happened as I was flying home from New Zealand, so it was literally like: Dum Dumi says “You favorite singer/band?” Ah man, there’s so many. It really kinda depends on what mood I’m in. Recently I’ve been getting a lot more into instrumental bands that don’t incorporate vocals. Of course you can’t go wrong with 2 Cellos, and if I’m feeling a little light-hearted, then maybe Lindsey Stirling? As you guys know, I’ve been more into progressive metal these days, so Apocalyptica and Pellican have up there. Now, once every so often I might feel a little bit of old-school soul stuff, and if that’s the case, I gotta go with Sam Cook, Doney Hallaway, Odis Redding, Bobby Bluebland. On a typical day where I just feel kinda chill and just wanna listen to something classical, of course you can’t go wrong with Rachmaninoff or Liszt or Sibelius. Ezio Bosso and of course who doesn’t like Andrea Bocelli. New school stuff – you can’t go wrong with Ryan McKnight, Carolina Chocolate Drops, I might go for some James Morrison. Or of course my boy Gavin Degraw. Ron Pope, Ben l’Oncle Soul, my go-to kareoke songs are Billy Joel, Bon Jovi, and that one Vanessa Carlton song. Eh, there’s a lot more but I’m not gonna get into that. It’s gonna take too long. Francisco Montesdeoca says “what food from what country have you ever wanted to try but haven’t had the chance to yet?” I’ve never tried straight-up Arctic Inuit food. Like whale blubber or seal or anything like that. I’ve always wanted to try this one fruit I heard of that’s only found in Puerto Rico, I think it’s called like quenepas. Joonatan Pötinen says “how many countries have you been to?” This many. Emma Falk says “who is the most interesting person you have met on your travels?” Probably the former prime minister of Finland. Steph_G97 says “do an Irish accent.” (with Irish accent) Well Steph, that’s actually not quite a question but – I used to skype a lot with my intern Potter, as you know, he’s from Ireland. I know there’s a lot of different types of Irish accents There’s Dublin, there’s Cork, there’s Limerick, but this is the type of accent that I’m most accustomed to. When I’ve listened to Potter talk. I love hearing him talk, it’s very endearing. Potter, come to Los Angeles. I’d love to see you here. Kaleb Bright says, “Hey dude, met you in Christchurch.” Oh hey Kaleb! I remember you. “What did you think about the things we did?” Dude, those ducks loved you. Dean Taylor says, “how would I know if I’m suffering from memory loss?” Sorry, what? Ryan Conner says “which starter should I choose for Pokemon Sun and Moon?” I never made it past the first generation. But let’s see what this is. The heck – this is Pokemon? It’s like the artists are just getting lazy now. It looks like Hello Kitty diaharrea-d over Pokemon and put a bunch of happy stickers all over it. I don’t know. Choose the stupid-looking owl thing because emo cat is gonna backstab you and floppy brain-damaged seal is gonna be useless on land. He’s only useful in water, so, I don’t know, choose plant owl. This pillow is crooked. What the – adrientrem says “Please, I’m your biggest fan, answer this question.” Okay. Daniel Sobczak says “what is your favorite spot to visit in the USA?” “Why? (I know, you’re a global traveler, but just looking for goof ideas for road trips here lol).” Okay, I’m gonna assume you’re talking about the continuous 48. And not Hawaii and Alaska. I’ve been to over 30 states in the country. And I have to admit, probably the most memorable part that I’ve ever been to was Monument Valley in the southern valley of Utah. I know everyone goes to the Grand Canyon – but seriously, go to Monument Valley. You will feel like you are walking amongst stone giants, it has all these amazing eroded rock formations. You know, scoop a piece of red sand and put it in a plastic bag and keep it as a souvenir. And you get to go to Navajo Nation, it’s like a completely different country. There have their own president, time zone, language, they even have their own radio stations. Now A LOT of you guys asked me questions about what I think about American politics what do I think about Trump? What do I think about the elections? Yada, yada yada. Here on Geography Now, I try specifically to avoid talking about politics, let alone my country’s politics. Because that’s like opening up a can of worms, except these worms transform into venomous snakes and cobras and basiliks and Godzillas. All I’m gonna say is that right now is really not a good time for all the squabbling. We need to come together, both Democrats and Republicans, to cooperate, and that’s the only way things are gonna move forward. A lot of you guys also asked about CalExit. What do I think? It’s not gonna happen. Theoretically, it kinda maybe could, but I believe by law all states are perpetually contracted to the US, and the only way to leave is to create a whole new amendment, which takes 2/3 of both the house and senate to approve of, which is not gonna happen. Do I believe California could possibly split up in separate states in the future? Maybe, I don’t know. But actually leaving the union? I don’t think so. Speaking about my country, I have a little message for my fellow American geograpeeps. So, US geograpeeps, are any of you in middle school or high school and do you wanna win money for your school? Yeah, I bet you do! Well Samsung has given me the honor to take part in this cool project called the Samsung Solve for Tomorrow contest. Let me ask you something. Do have an idea on how science, technology, engineering, arts, or math can improve your community? And do you have a project idea that you really want to get started, but you need some help or funds? That’s where Samsung comes in. Samsung is giving away free money and resources to schools all across America, encouraging using STEAM subjects to improve their communities. So what do you do? You go to your favorite teacher and ask them to submit your school and sumbit an entry to this link right here, I’ll put another in the description box. And remember, the last day to submit is Novemeber 30th, 2016. So go ahead, submit, Samsung wants to help you out. Thank you, Samsung. And with that being said, thank you for your questions. This was fun. Finland is coming up! Stay tuned!

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  1. Quenepa sabe brutal, tienes que tener cuidado porque te puedes ahogar con la semilla. life hack pon la quenepa en un tenedor y te la chupas como una paleta. please do a Geographic now of Puerto Rico i know we are kinda weird with all of the political thing being a colony of USA but still you should!!!!

  2. Quenepas (Spanish limes in English) are my favorite fruit! (mouthwatering only thinking about them. Yum!) The only bad thing about them is waiting for their season ( july-september). You can find them in many other south and central american countries. They call them "mamones" (excuse the weird word) or something like that.
    Anxiously waiting for the Puerto Rico vid? When you do get to the P's, I suggest you to contact this puertorican historian, Jesùs Omar Rivera "Boricuazo". He knows everything about Puerto Rico. You can contact him on Facebook @boricuazopr.
    Loooove your videos! ♡ Sometimes I listened to them instead of music. Thank you and the rest of the team for your axcellent job. 👍

  3. Correction my friend, that fruit you talk about (2:30) you can find it in almost every tropical island…puerto ricans call it quenepas…we Domincano's call it limoncillos

  4. The fruit you want to try is also found in the Dominican Republic and we call it Limoncillo, I love it 🙂

  5. You should come to the UK. Not typical London though. Come to Nottingham. We have things like Robin Hood, the lace market, the caves, the galleries of justice (haunted), warhammer world, football and cricket, museums, parks, Nottingham eye, market/fair, Nottingham castle (where the flag was raised to declare war during the civil war),, statue to Brian clough (football manager of Nottingham forest), Sherwood Forest, corner house, tons of restaurants, pubs, Victoria centre and broadmarsh shopping centres, Rushcliffe country park on Ruddington and other places I can't recall of the top of my head. Much better than London. Also it's unknown ( don't know why) so their are few tourists) there are still some, but only in the Easter and summer holidays. Also there are like ten Christmas markets at Christmas (west bridgeford, ruddington, Nottingham town) and tons of places that do bonfire night.

  6. Gotta go to Wales Barbs. We've got the Welsh Terrier, which looks EXACTLY like the Airedale, except it's like a bit smaller. Oh and Corgi's, because in old Welsh "Cor" means "Dwarf" and "Ci" is a dog, but it mutates to "Gi" because Welsh.

  7. i know its late but the pokemon part cracked me up. "Emo cat is gonna backstab you…pick plant owl"

  8. Hey Paul! I have a fun fact, a question and a comment. Fun fact no state can secede but Texas can split into 5 state if it wants which could really affect the balance in the Senate! Question have you been to Oklahoma? If so thoughts? Finally comment, I love the channel! Geography is one of my absolute favorite thing to study and you are incredibly entertaining on top of facts I'd be all about anyway! Keep up the good work!

  9. that Fruit u mentioned… its native to Guyana and Trinidad & Tobago as well.. in guyana they call it Guinipe and in trinidad we call it Chenette, its a lovely fruit!! im Trinidadian and my mother is from guyana, HMU if u need any info on T&T, Love youe channel, cant wait for you to do my country

  10. Hey Barby-That fruit you like to taste is not rare (puerto rico) also is found in Trinidad and Tobago it is called a chenet. So I presume it is a Caribbean fruit

  11. Yo i can get you quenepas, you can find them in New York and Florida but they're much better can flower to fill ripeness the closer you get to Puerto Rico

  12. Dude, in response to your answer regarding when people asked you about the elections and American politics. At least talk about geopolitics, since this is Geography now and you do discuss Geography; so There is noting wrong with talking about geopolitics as long as you base your statements off facts and statistical, it is not going to "open up a can of worm". Also when you arrive to Film the GN episode on the United States 🇺🇸, you are going to have to discuss American politics as it is -a core of the American political system.

  13. “How do I know if I’m suffering from memory loss?”

    The answer to that is always “Why are you asking me that again !”

  14. Ooh, saw the (old) Bajan $50 in the thumbnail. Now, I'm kinda wondering what you think of the new bill designs, especially in comparison to the old one.

    2:28 Ooh, we also have those here. We call them ackees. The word "ackee" is used for a bunch of different fruits and stuff here in the Caribbean, depending on where you are, so I don't know what it might be called on other islands.

    Ooh, also Samsung's thingymabob deadline was on our independence day… This one's pretty random but nevertheless, Barbados references are cool yay… cuz we're so small and often unnoticedNOTICE ME SENPAI!…

  15. Hey Barbi, I like your channel and all but you might want to remember this:

    “If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor. If an elephant has its foot on the tail of a mouse, and you say that you are neutral, the mouse will not appreciate your neutrality.”
    ― Desmond Tutu.

    I know you understand better than many people the ethnic, racial and cultural complexities of this world, so I hope you understand that staying neutral in times of open racism by the US goverment is not the most ethical stance (given the fact that you are, in addition, a well known educator).

    All best.

  16. Quenepa (pronounced keh neh pah) is sweet, slimy and basically totally awesome. You’d love it. Will you do a Puerto Rico episode? If you do, I would love to help.

  17. Quenepas! we have it too in Colombia but we called mamoncillos than if you translate means little suckers (sorry for the bad english)

  18. Carolina Chocolate Drops! Woo! NC represent! At one point I lived in the same neighborhood as Rhiannon Giddens.

  19. That kenèp fruit your talking about is called chenet in Trinidad an yea its actually found all over the Caribbean also it's awesome dude I love it… ❤

  20. 1:24 that don't incorporate vocals
    I like that description.

    1:33 try Sigur Rós then. They are from Iceland

  21. @GeographyNow

    I'm sure any West Indian can tell you that Kennips aren't only found in Puerto Rico.
    I don't know if the name differs in other Caribbean countries (the English speaking ones at least), but that's what they're called in Dominica (Commonwealth).

    Kennip = Quenepa

  22. Don't know if anyone mentioned this before but guinep or "ginepa" isn't only found in Puerto Rico. It's found in many Caribbean countries and Central American countries as well.

  23. 0:33 Oh cool – New Zealand also has those transparent bits on their notes like Australia does! Granted, it’s not too surprising, given that New Zealand is basically Australia 2.0, but still – it’s cool that someone other than Australia does it. 🙂

  24. the barbadian $50.00 note his name is Sir Errol Barrow is the father of independence , thanks for the mention.

  25. My students were so fascinated when we covered Navajo Nation for Native American Heritage Month (Nov) especially their need for water and the innovations of the youth.

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