Grilling Pizza In A Skillet | Cast Iron Cooking On The Charcoal Grill

Grilling Pizza In A Skillet | Cast Iron Cooking On The Charcoal Grill

Skillet Pizza! Ingredients Pizza Dough Recipe skillet Oil Skillet Shape Dough Add pizza sauce Cheese Pepperoni Red Onion Little more cheese Oil Crust Grill 10-12 Minutes 400-425 degrees Hit the subscribe button! That is really good! Give me a thumbs up! Here, have a piece!

13 thoughts on “Grilling Pizza In A Skillet | Cast Iron Cooking On The Charcoal Grill”

  1. Gas grill died, got the MasterTouch, found your channel and enjoy it. The Cowboy Kitchen and the Snow Kitchen are very cool. Thanks for the inspiration and ideas. All weather grilling is living.

  2. Man this looks great! I do this as a late night snack but with a tortilla wrap thing is the dough then in the oven and it comes our great. I can't wait to try this out on the grill. ps. Great channel, I just subbed. Great feel to the videos. keep them coming.

  3. Sometimes a little foil on the bottom will allow the top of the Pizza to cook at the same pace as the bottom ;). Once you see that the top is where you want it, then you remove the foil and let it cook for 5 mins to let the bottom catch up.

  4. Awesome video but you used two different tools for holding the charcoal — @ :45 you had the weber baskets and @1:10 you were using the vortex — the vortex seems ideal for getting the cast iron hot. Have you made a pizza using the baskets or simply spreading the coals? I ask bc i dont have a vortex and do not plan on purchasing. Also is your wood weber kettle framing DIY? Looks awesome

  5. I think I just experienced what my wife goes through when she watches a hot and steamy soap opera, in just a few minutes.

  6. Why don't you talk, is it that hard? And why didn't you show the bottom? Seemed like all you wanted to was show off all your cool grill stuff. I know you will have tons people telling how great your video was, but to me it was just a show off…. You told us nothing…..

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