Grilling Pizza On The Weber Pizza Stone | Italian Style Pizza | Outdoor Kitchen

Grilling Pizza On The Weber Pizza Stone | Italian Style Pizza | Outdoor Kitchen

hey everyone welcome back to another episode of Baum Grillin’z today we’re going to cook a homemade pizza on the weber charcoal grill and we also have the Weber Pizza stone I’m going to show you guys what you need to do to prepare that and cook up an amazing pizza let’s get to it alright now that we got our charcoal laid out on the grill we want to make sure we get our pizza stone in there and we want it to warm up with the kettle because it’s very important that this doesn’t go from being really cold to really hot because we might crack it let’s get that in there and we’ll get it all heated up now we’re going to want to heat our kettle up to around 400 degrees 425 we’re going to want to maintain that heat so while that is sitting there and warming up let’s get to building our pizza ok so first things first I’m going to show you guys how I make my pizza dough now you’re gonna want to make sure that you have this prepared prior to starting your grill because this is going to take a little while to rise. but I’m going to just show you real quick what i have and then we’ll get to rolling on making our pizza. two cups of flour and three-quarter tablespoons of salt 1 tablespoon of sugar. A packet of yeast 1 cup of very warm water. 2 tablespoons of extra-virgin olive oil mix that all up might have to get dirty and get your hands in this. add a little extra flour as you go going to be really sticky so you want to knead it until it’s nice and kind of stretchy and smooth cover it and let it rise alright so I got my dough here that’s my recipe of that i showed you guys will make two pieces so I just cut it in half now let’s roll it out ok so now for our topping i like to use arrabbiata sauce. I don’t know how to say it anyways I like this stuff its nice. Next we’re going to use mozzarella cheese one red onion. mini bell peppers. tomatoes and mushrooms alright let’s go throw that thing on the grill RP stones been in there warming up around 400 425 degrees so it’s good and hot now let’s stick our pizzas on there and we’ll see how it turns out ok we’re going to keep an eye on our pizza maybe five to ten minutes we’re going to come check it and make sure we don’t burn it not be a pity I know these pieces will be great ok people in the winter ok while jumping up your add a little oil to my craft a nice golden brown that looks good alright now that we’ve got our pizza there i’m going to add some fresh basil to the top now before I cut it up i just want to thank you guys for watching and i also want to ask you if you haven’t already hit that subscribe button making some more pizzas and your guys are going to be loving him here in the Pacific Northwest as you can see I’ve lost all my life get this thing cut up and let’s try please thank you everybody for watching his bomb grilling how you make a homemade pizza on the web ground meat stone tell me often different people with language fluently

63 thoughts on “Grilling Pizza On The Weber Pizza Stone | Italian Style Pizza | Outdoor Kitchen”

  1. How freaking long did that pizza cook for, it was bright daylight when you started & it was dusk by the time it was done!

  2. 2:04 I remember the movie alien when the third arm came out of her chest, this is exactly why everyone needs this!

  3. i wish it would snow so i could finally try to cook this. it must be something about cooking it in the snow that makes it taste good

  4. Thank you for the video, I followed it for cook some pizzas last weekend. My only big issue is the part when I put the pizza at stone, the dough is "sticky" and slide to put on weber is a nightmare, any suggestion?

  5. The pizza looks a bit too pale, a shame the pizza bottom wasn't shown, I think it needed a bit longer in the grill, but the bottom might have been done, though the top certainly wasn't.
    I expect the lid simply don't reflect enough heat to make a proper pizza, perhaps having the stone raised, or lining the inner part of the lid with tinfoil would fix that so it cooked more evenly.
    You can also add a little bit of honey or sugar to the dough, to give it more color.

  6. I am sorry dude. I’ve used the wrong words. I really love you videos. Only this pizza looks a bit….uhm…strange. I think it needs a bit longer and a bit more cheese as well😉.

    In the end we all help each other making.


  7. VERGOGNATI,,,,, con il mio veder a gas faccio la pizza in 3,5 minuti. Non in dieci….. e non serve l’olio per fare la crosta….non inventare le cose… per piacere.

  8. We …(I know I would)…might have appreciated viewing how well the bottom and center crust baked? Also It looked like white dough and uncooked veggies on top?? I'm being honest, not snarky…in saying this didn't help much, or convince me it's a viable process with good results. Maybe next time …should there be one.. we could see results, and a weigh in on results, for both crust & toppings end result & quality? I like your built in grill table btw. Nice!! Nice surroundings too. Makes winter bbq-ing look like fun.

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