Grilling some omaha steaks on my homemade grill

see them stupid plastic oil drains on
these engines they all come with them now they brittle they break they leak
and that is exactly why I take them out and I replace them with these these
don’t leak and they’ll last a lifetime you get that out of there I’ll show you
how it’s a mess all right Villas backup of oil and about midsummer I’ll change
it again cuz I have no idea how it’s been maintained and if there’s crud
inside the engine you drive her good headline what does it been now – three years
since I made this for those that haven’t been with me long I made this grill Oh a
couple three years ago this is one of the couple that I made and I called it
Franken grill we’re cooking them fit that meat bones I prefer the the finer cuts of meat myself
you know like your hamburger and your your chuck roast but we’ll have to make
do with a Phillip MIG nones today oh and I do have some finder some of the finer
cuts of meat here too nothing going on here
today’s a nice lazy Sunday I wish the Sun was out can’t have everything
least it’s not snowing for the law of God yep that was a shock let me tell you
funny story Oh eight or nine years ago we had about
an inch of snow and snowed overnight and then oh by nine o’clock it was all gone
well I had to go do something at the motor vehicle department so I drove down
there to the motor vehicle department and on their door was a sign that said
closed due to weather and I thought now this person is not thinking this through
these people are gonna come up and read that sign on the door and realize that
they had left their house come to where they work put a sign on the door saying
they weren’t gonna be able to open because they couldn’t get to work yeah
motor vehicle department had themselves a weather day it was sunshine in and
about 50 that was funny well the other day this air wrench failed me and don’t
a lot of done a little reading on it and it’s only like 300 pounds of torque and this is okay and that you know it
doesn’t have a hammer and power that I need so we went in about me some new
stuff got a three-eighths with a half inch adapter a quarter inch drive I
think that’s cobalt yeah on this cobalt and they got good
warranties on them and I’ve ordered a really nice wrench and it has 550
foot-pounds of torque anyway I’ve got these on Craigslist I’m asking 25 for
all three I probably had these 10-15 years and I didn’t have my Craigslist
but about 30 minutes and I’ve got somebody coming over to buy them there’s
that chain saw that one’s fixed and ready to be sold I still got this here
for sale and I’ve dropped the price down to 65 I think I’m asking 65 for this oh my wife used a lawnmower yesterday she
likes it and what oh yeah that grill I’ll put a link below this
video and I’ll put both of the videos with me a link to both the videos of me
building that grill and another grill that I built and the other one looks as
a new is it it still looks brand new because it’s up underneath the porch and
doesn’t see any weather this sees a lot of whether it’s on the flip all right
now for the finer cuts of meat all of them are medium and these are the
way I like it a little bit of blood dripping out of them YUM

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