Grilling Steak on a Big Green Egg

– Hey, I’m Chef Tom
with All Thing Barbecue. Today, we’re gonna direct
grill some cowboy rib eyes on a Big Green Egg. This is our Creekstone Farms Master Chef Choice Cowboy Rib Eye. It’s a nice, big beautiful steak, lots of fat running through it,
I’m just gonna check it out, see if there’s anything
that we need to trim up just a little bit, maybe we’ve
got a little excessive fat here on the edge, if you don’t want that you can get rid of it. So we just sorta clean
up any excess fat areas. Plenty of fat running through
the middle of that thing. And then from there, we’re
gonna go ahead and season it. So we’ll get a little bit
of oil here on the top, just something for the rub to stick to. And we’re gonna use Cattleman’s
Grill Smoky Chipotle Steak Seasoning, to give it a nice good coating of that. Let’s hit the sides here too. We’ll give that a minute to set up, flip it over and get
the other side seasoned. A little oil. Cattleman’s Grill Smoky Chipotle. Let’s give that a few minutes to set up and we’ll take it out to the grill. So you’ll wanna pre-heat
your Big Green Egg or other ceramic cooker to 350 to 375 degrees with the grill grates in
there and the plate setter removed for direct grilling. Place the rib eye directly
on the grill grates to get nice good sear marks. If you like that crosshatch design go ahead and rotate it once
you’ve got good grill marks, and you can get another good
set of grill marks on there. Then you wanna flip it
over and do the same on the opposite side. (meat sizzling) – [Voiceover] Using an
instant read thermometer, check the internal temperature. Pull the steak off the
grill when it reaches 130 degrees internal temperature. Alright, we pulled our
rib eye at 130 degrees, and it’s been resting
for about five minutes so we’re gonna go ahead and slice into it and take a look, see how this looks. Now with the direct
grilling, you can see that the meat gets cooked a
little more on the outside than it does on the inside, which is gonna happen every time, but with the reverse sear you might have a little bit more even gradient there. For more information on reverse searing, you can check out our other
video on that technique. Thank you guys for joining
us for the direct grill cowboy rib eye on the Big Green Egg. If you guys enjoyed the
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