Gwyneth Paltrow Vs. Ina Garten: Whose Strawberry Shortcake Is Better?

Gwyneth Paltrow Vs. Ina Garten: Whose Strawberry Shortcake Is Better?

(suspenseful music) – Did Cardi B. make this? – And this is like the
perfect little bae. (laughs) – This is like prom 1998 all over again. (rhythmic music) (suspenseful music) Very confused. – So one, the hotel lobby. – Who are you (bleep) kidding me? What is this? – I like this one because
it’s in a martini glass. And what human being
doesn’t like a martini? And things in a martini? – All right, this is
a deconstructed thing. Which to me always tell
me that the person’s too lazy to put it together. – The integration of the biscuit is that I have to do it myself? This is not strawberry shortcake. This is like shortcake,
biscuit on the side, with a martini glass
of goopy strawberries. – Let’s break this down a little bit. Let’s break down and deconstruct it. – Do I dip it, do I scoop it to apply? Do I rip the thing open? And then integrate it inside? Like, this is a nightmare. – Ah. This is dumb. I’m sorry. – (chuckles) This is (mumbles). – Great, nice biscuit. – That’s a straight up delicious biscuit. Got that crunch, but it’s
pillowy soft in the middle. The outside has a little bit of salt? It blends with the
sweet, tart, strawberry, and then the cream kinda
like, mellows it out. – The biscuit is so scrumptious. – This to me, whoever came up with this, this is abject failure. This is like culinary school freshman being like, “I’m gonna show off.” – It’s like a deconstructed shortcake which is like a little
more effort on your part but I’m not mad at it. – I wish it was in more of a sandwich or it was all together
versus two separate things ’cause together, it
tastes better together. – Honestly, you could
just put it all together. You don’t have to serve it like this. – Get this out, get it out of here. I’m not happy about this. – Ooh, (clanging), oh man. – Just disappoints and pleases. Here’s nothing that’s gonna happen. This is a garbage delivery
system for a strawberry shortcake ’cause I’m gonna bite into this and it’s all gonna shoot out the back. – Ooh, I wonder if this
is gonna be embarrassing to bite into, aha. – Okay, it didn’t happen. – There’s something
weird about this biscuit. It tastes like wheat. – It is a little thick
on the shortcake itself. And it does have a
biscuit consistency to it that I’m not 100% pleased with. But unlike this nightmare, the flavors do combine pretty well. – I wish there were more of
the cream in the insides. – This is a whole wheat biscuit isn’t it? Yes, it is. – It tastes healthy. Listen, if you’re gonna
make a strawberry shortcake, make a strawberry shortcake. – Immediately strike, no, no. This tastes like toast. Number one for sure, number one. – If I had to pick one, I’m
clearly gonna pick number two ’cause I like the idea of the
portable strawberry shortcake. Yeah, this is the one
that I’m gonna go for. – I really enjoyed number one’s biscuit. I can have the biscuit,
number one’s biscuit alone. So, number one. – This is amazing. I’m gonna go with number one. I have no problem dealing with the pretentiousness of the display. ‘Cause at the end of the
day, it looks really nice. (camera clicking)

15 thoughts on “Gwyneth Paltrow Vs. Ina Garten: Whose Strawberry Shortcake Is Better?”

  1. First of all, dishes with some assembling acquired like this one are great because if you eat slower or talk with people while eating this the biscuit has no chance of getting soggy from the strawberries n cream. So the guy with the beard was kinda rude and didn’t even think of the pluses for deconstructed food

  2. I love Ina but I don't love that bearded guy who was obviously to lazy to put the strawberry shortcake together. It wasn't even exercise. LOL

  3. That bearded guy should just walk away. Like far far away. And don’t complain about that beautiful, delicious “Nightmare”🙄🙄

  4. It’s actually better to have the filling separate, it means that the biscuit won’t go soggy and will still have some crispness left.

  5. Bearded dude needs to taste test some antifreeze jello or a chocolate covered grenade, what a miserable wretch, talk about overreacting.

    By contrast they bald guy is very likable and sexyAF.

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