Hayao Miyazaki Roasts Engineers!! TRENDING IN JAPAN

Hayao Miyazaki Roasts Engineers!! TRENDING IN JAPAN

Welcome to Tokyosaurus. So what’s up in Japan? Recently, legendary Ghibli god Hayao Miyazaki
was shown a clip of animation that was generated by artificial intelligence. The animation made by the CGI team at Dwango
Artificial Intelligence Laboratory which had a sequence where a humanoid looking zombie
monster thing moved around using their head as their feet. I know this is just a demo for a technology
that could be applied in numerous of different ways but out of everything they could’ve demonstrated
with AI-Generated CGI animation, I don’t know why they decided to choose this grotesque
monster to show Miyazaki. Kawakami (who is the chairman of Dwango) continues
by saying that the movement could be used for zombie games and using AI like this could
allow for disturbing movements that humans cannot think of. Which is a pretty valid point seeing how monsters
in CGI these days just aren’t that scary. But what follows is the best part. Miyazaki gives a savage roasting of the entire
project with all the team members sitting right in front of him. And it’s like his words just sucked the life
out of everyone in the room. He starts by saying that it reminded him of
a friend with a physical disability and he can’t watch this and think it’s interesting. The AI doesn’t consider things like pain when
moving. It is extremely unpleasant. But it doesn’t end there. Miyazaki continues, if you really want to
make something disturbing, go ahead and do it. I absolutely do not think this is something
I want to connect to the work we do here. It feels like some sort of insult towards
life. BOOM. The whole room goes silent and eventually
Kawakami says this is just an experiment to demonstrate the tech. To which Miyazaki replies, he understands
that completely. Suzuki (which is another producer from Ghibli)
goes on to ask to the team what their goal is. And apparently, the goal is to have machines
able to draw like humans. So they’re basically trying to tell one of
the best animators in the world, that they’re trying to create a machine that can replace
what they do. Or were they? Personally, I think they were just trying
to demonstrate a new technology that could be incorporated into current CG workflows
but seeing how Ghibli rarely uses CG if any at all, it’s weird that this meeting was even
set up. The response on the internet seems to be split
in half with some people saying that Miyazaki is closed minded and shallow for judging the
experiment the way he did without the foresight of being able to see what it could bring to
the future of animation whereas others agree with Miyazaki that animation isn’t just about
making nice looking things, it’s about capturing the human emotion behind every human action. Miyazaki’s art is founded on capturing small
movements of real humans and revealing them through animation to bring life to a drawing. In the wringling mess he just watched, there
was absolutely no emotion behind the movement, and I think that is where he draws the distinction
between animation and well, not animation. But that is not to say there won’t be a point
in time when AI generated animation could be applied to the more grunt work parts of
the animation process and save people lots of time. Either way, I think experiments like these
are great for the industry as advancements cannot be made without trying new things. Maybe next time, just try a different approach
when you’re presenting to the greatest animator of all time. What did you think of Miyazaki’s reaction
to the whole thing? As usual, let me know in the comments below. Remember to give us a thumbs up if you enjoyed
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90 thoughts on “Hayao Miyazaki Roasts Engineers!! TRENDING IN JAPAN”

  1. Had it been something else he might not have reacted the way he did, but all know is that this is going to start a new wave of dumbass memes like that fake "anime was a mistake" quote.

  2. Since I am going into the animation field I also agree with Miyazaki because animation is about quality not quantity, maybe this AI animation might be useful for 3D animation but to be honest I think the people who made this project should have done a better job or need I say a different approach to impress Miyazaki, it sounds interesting but the way they showed it didn't impress me either…

  3. CGI has taken over most if not of the entire film industry. Its kinda like getting cheap labor to make millions of something. It looses its uniqueness. Like the puppets from Jurassic Park and the CGI yoda from Star Wars.

  4. I know miyazaki can be some what "bitter" towards certain things like the anime industry but why in the world did you show him a A.I controlled zombie that walks on it's head?

  5. Well, I agree with Miyazaki. Look at how well he captures emotions, the beauty inside the character and all those little things we love, and look at all those always-CGI-using Studios? How many movies they have to do to stay at the top, and how little Studio Ghibli needs to do to be in the hearts of so many? The CGI team pretty much insulted them in my opinion. Don't you feel how sometimes the CGI movies almost feel robotic and lifeless sometimes? They are so understandable, with so much detail, there is practically no space for imagination? I am not hating on Disney, they sometimes have lovely movies, but I rarely want to rewatch them. Except the movies that had little CGI, like in Atlantis, Stitch and Treasure planet. Those movies are the ones that stay in my heart. Frozen? Pfff, no. Look at Studio Ghibli making women, even if they had a love interest, feel like all those women that we love and praise? That we want to be, not because of how they look, but because of how they are. I love Studio Ghibli, and I used to love Disney unconditionally. There are many things you can love in Disney, but you know, people are awed and love handmade things better. This is my opinion.

  6. i understand where he's coming from, it must be a sensitive subject for him to see things like this, and he's already bitter about the entertainment industry, but we need to realize that this was created for the horror industry (i'm not sure WHY those people decided to pitch this to miyazaki of all people, instead of a horror production studio), and the horror industry does this on purpose, dehumanize and scare people with the uncanny valley. people LIKE horror and this is what they enjoy. not everything is sunshine and rainbows and friendship like ghibli (i LOVE ghibli and i grew up on it but please understand the entertainment industry is multifaceted).

  7. Miyazaki is close-minded. End of story. He didn't even look at the positive side of it. Remember that interview, where he bash western culture in Japan, where he also insults America for bombing Japan? Yeah. That's how naive and close-minded he is.

  8. "I don't have an argument against this software that could potentially
    replace me, so I'll bring up some random bullshit that has nothing to do
    with it to appeal to emotion like a faggot liberal."

  9. In my opinion, he is not right and he is not wrong. He is not right. There are many forms of media which can express an story-line. For example puppetry, clay animation etc. The engineers think or know their goal is to create an A.I which can benefit the animation industry.

    But he is not wrong in that the subtle emotion of the character is important. It does not make a story interesting if the character does not have an small quirk about his/her that makes the story progress its plot-line. If an character/characters cannot do that, the story becomes lackluster and boring. Plus he is right in that the A.I is not built to understand pain. SO it would not currently be able to express the rare emotions everyday people have.

    So until A.I can understand emotion then it can surpass a great story. An example would be recently when an A.I created an story. I cannot remembered the name of it though. It was very disjointed.

    I am not saying that one day an A.I system would not do so, but not right now as the narrator suggested.

  10. I agree with Miyazaki completely, it is wrong to try and replace people with artificial intelligence that don't feel anything not even a connection with the characters feelings or movements. Besides it's taking away a wonderful and amazing job opportunity for those who want to be animators when they grow up (such as myself)

  11. I think the lads had good intentions, but it was executed poorly. it also doesn't help that it came off like they were wanting to make a machine to animate like a human…..like…no matter how advance tech will get, nothing will capture the human side of things. It would make for some pretty soulless films….

  12. Cartoons and Drawings must only be done by hand not by computers, it doesn´t matter how much it cost, is artists first business second or is nothing, that´s what you see this times, music means nothing, movies means nothing, animation means nothing, is all money driven mediocre stuff, so is like a decade of nothing

  13. I don't think Miyazaki is saying that AI CGI, or CGI in general, is inherently bad for the animation industry. He seems to be simply criticizing the tech demo itself as a bad demonstration. It doesn't show any qualities that would benefit the studio.

  14. Miyazaki is savage 😛 but I completely agree, it's about the emotions: they should have been smarter with their subject matter

  15. Guys, they brought an ugly thing to a man who has been working all his life to bring something beautiful to the world. His reaction wasn't about CGI at all, but about the whole presentation – it was an incredibly poor choice.

  16. Not sure computer animation will succeed in being so inspirational and heartwarming as the one Ghibli did. On the other side, if it'd be possible to produce movies of Ghibli quality more frequently due to faster production, everyone would be happy. Key word was "Ghibli quality" 🙂

  17. If animation is designed to emulate fair movement (and I use the word fair rather than realistic because often in animation things don't more realistically, rather in complex ways that a viewer can still accept as plausible in universe) and simulations are able to emulate how objects in 3d space would actually respond to certain scenarios, I don't see why we wouldn't want to push this as an integral part of the digital workflow. For someone like Miyazaki this could mean being able to create art later in life and quicker. But obviously Miyazaki is Miyazaki and doesn't like that sort of thing. Regardless of that, this will help people tell more dynamic stories on smaller budgets, with less time involvement and all the effort going into animating the small subtle and important frames that define the work rather than every time someone opens their mouth, etc.

  18. Lmao subconsciously or not, they just WANTED to be roasted by miyazaki. i mean everyone knows the dude is really conservative and his whole career is based on the humanity in art and animation.

  19. I really would like to avoid the term fanboy but since I have no work done backing me up when I say I agree that AI is not the point in animation, I must submit that I admire Miyazaki for his character in this matter and If I could, I would ask him what he thinks of Gen Urobuchi's Psycho Pass. Perhaps this comment may start as an inception on other channels leading to having his opinion, luckily.. Good day y'all.

  20. If your employed by someone as Talented as Miyazaki you better Work as hard as he did to get some recognition, some lazy kids these days

  21. Ok this is where soft skills and common sense come into play. You market to the right audience. Why would you present something so grotesques and talk about zombies? Has Miyazaki ever expressed interest in such a thing in his work? He's not part of the "zombie crazy generation." What the hell where they thinking!

  22. We are talking about someone who said that animation nowadays suck (the comment that was infamously badly translated as "anime was a mistake") because the creators are disconnected from humanity and they act like they don't like human beings, focusing instead more and more on fantasies alienated from reality.
    While there are fantasy elements in Miyazaki's own work, you can easily see that his work is deep down all about human emotions and that the fantasy element just service the need to evoke a sense of wonder and magic, not for escapism and alienation.
    His work also has always had very strong ecological themes and, while not opposing to scientific progress (The Wind Rises is the story of a famed engineer, for example), it's pretty obvious that he's openly against the indiscriminate use of technology.

    Did they even knew who they were showing this technology to? Or they just knew he was a famous anime producer? Because his reaction was really really predictable.

  23. I know they only scratched the surface in this clip, but how is this different than any NPC, in a modern video game?

  24. I think 3.D. animation and CGI can be used as tools to create a animation project, however it should be simply a tool that we can use and not the center piece. Drawn works made by human hands well always feel warmer than that of a computer, even if said human is cold and uncaring of there work. Even if AI's robots where invented and a computer could learn and think like a human, it still has no heart or soul. This is why I strongly agree with Miyazaki on this, no computer or AI will ever be able to create a piece of art that can bring humans joy, anger, sadness and so many other emotions. Because what makes us so different is that we can care and love, that is not something you can program into a piece of technology. However this is just my option.

  25. Isn't that kind of a complement though? They were going for unnatural, scary, and grotesque. That's exactly what Miyazaki thought of it.

  26. this reminds me of that one episode in Shirobako when an animator just couldn't agree of a CG scene that it doesn't capture the whole emotion in it

  27. why can't people invest on things that actually need development? we are fine with the animation we have, quit trying to upgrade everything damn it. there are actual problems out there!

  28. I think his reaction is very justified. Animation is not just a series visuals, it's about capturing raw emotion better than what live-action could not.

  29. Honestly, I think the people who worked on this team may have idolized him, but their direction is nothing like his. Their approach is CGI with little work done by people, and their preview is too grotesque and disturbing, why preview a creature using it's head like a foot?? Why preview a creature making odd disturbing movements done by an A.I. that no other human animator would have done?
    Especially considering how Miyazaki excels at capturing natural human movement and feeling through traditional 2D animation?
    If they wanted to showcase their work, they should have arranged a meeting with a gaming company who does zombie/horror related video games.
    If you're trying to sell something to Miyazaki or impress him, it would be better to show him something closer to his work. They should have had a human character do a walk/run cycle or an eating cycle animated by the A.I.
    I think their idolization of Miyazaki is misplaced.
    Also, how rude do you think it is to show a man, who values traditional animation and talent, a simulation of what an A.I. can do with CGI??
    It's bad enough CGI is everywhere and it's tacky as hell, but to show him something that can potentially replace human animators forever???

    These guys deserved the insults Miyazaki said.

  30. I'm supporting Miyazaki on this because you're talking to someone who is a traditional illustrator and animator and really doesn't want to use CG in his films or Works unless it is used to help captivate a scene, not to be the main focus of the picture. I'd actually be insulted myself too if I would him

  31. I think MIyazaki just has immense pride in his work, and how every movement that his character makes has meaning. As an artist, whatever you create has a soul. What the AI did in that animation sample was what we saw: A grotesque, abomination, without soul. And that disgusted Hayao MIyazaki. As it did me.

  32. he is actually open-minded in using CGI, in fact his next film is all CGI but goddamn why do they present that awful animation.

  33. aside from all the comments kissing his ass. tons of respect to him as an animator, I've watched his films growing up and they're a big part of my childhood, but this was borderline bitter and pretentious. I think they were just trying to show a demonstration but all he focused on is the body they showed him and was too grotesque for him, I don't think this is some sort of substitute or replacement for amazing storlyines and I don't think he really even gave it a chance to understand what they wanted to use it for. times are changing and with that are going to come different and new things. while I do think he's still one of the greatest animators out their I don't think it's very right or justified for him to shut down knew ideas just because he has that title under his belt.

  34. I think and feel somewhere in the middle. I agree with Hayao Miyazaki, great animation needs strong human emotions, that's what makes his animations so great! However I also agree that in time with further development a technology like this could help speed up the creation process for computer drawn animations. Another thing to remember it's that Hayao Miyazaki has spent his life drawing animations that children could safely watch. I imagine he may have a very strong imagination and that showing him something like this, which is more suited to the horror genre, could be very disturbing and upsetting. I hope that when this technology is fully developed there​ is still strong human emotions and a good well written story!

  35. am i the only one who laughed at "why the heck did they show an AI controlled zombie that walks on his head to miyazaki" ?

  36. agree with miyazaki anime cgi dont capture the characters emotion and movements….(EHEM!!!….cough..ber..cough…serk….2017)

  37. Miyazaki's work is so well known and loved because of the hand drawn animation. There's something incredibly familiar and homey about the drawn asthetics of his movies, something that cant achieved by CGI and animation. But it's inevitable that the industry will only go that route, hopefully a few retain the passion for the old fashioned hand drawing anime.

  38. Its not okay to roast a big project with much effort behind , just because he wants to show off his "unshatterable" moral sense and philosophie. But okay, no one is ever completely wrong and you cant really argue against the wisdom of an intelligent veteran

  39. In the tech channel Level1Tech they once showed what people in america tried what this engineer tried. They taught an AI to draw it's own pictures. In the end it "combined" different kinds of pictures. And it looked extremely spooky. Like right out of a horror movie. Pictures of things that dont exist and probably humans would never try.

    This is what happens if you have an Intelligence but no concept of beauty, emotions, morals and whatever behind it.

    It's very similar to little children, they sometimes say extremely spooky things to their parents, not just because they are too honest but because of said attributes i mentioned above

  40. directors of the cgi devs: we got a new way to show a demo expressing this
    animation through cgi we can make things we wouldn't normally do what do you think mr miyazaki?
    miyazaki:😔 hmmm 😂👉 would like to visit the dumpster(rejects) to find that answer.

  41. Miyazaki is a human being of vast genius and talent. I completely agree with his statements of observation. Art is our human conscience of our condition.

  42. Really!! Why the hell did they choose a wierd zombie alien to present it to miyzaki of all people.
    I idealise miyazaki and his work, his animation is the best of the best. Idt AI is a bad idea but to bring it to a level which miyazaki is referring to i belive. It still has a long way to go.

  43. I think making a cartoon movie with ,hand written or drawning is better, like miyasaki's been doing🤔

  44. Mr. Miyazaki got the chicken has been seasoned and roasted…

    The chicken has been SEASONED AND ROASTED

  45. I agreed with Miyazaki, I simply hate zombies, the tech that can help human and work somehow present abilities to do ugly and good stuff beyond human is unpleasant. he a good man.

  46. 2:30 "The future of animation" ? Haven't they watched Princess Mononoke, Grave of the Fireflies and so on… ? People often get lost in the quest of what they want to archive. They strive to make better anime, but do they? Modern tecnology with AI can add something to anime we already know, but they rush into simplicity and just want to do things as easy as possible. They create anime like Sedonia which can still be watched and Berserk which is absolutely horrible in any possible way. Thinking this way will never get them (oh my god) near to a master like Hayao Miyazaki.
    They deserved every inch of that roast because they where childish and insulted a master.
    This lot could have been avoided if they where more serious with their work. I still hope that they will learn from it and improve their technology.

  47. They don't need a machine to recreate a weird movements for a fantasy or science fiction character, they do real life studies and use their imagination… for example, in spirited away there is a scene where Haku in dragon form falls from a roof, to make the scene look good Miyazaki asked the team of key animators if they had ever seen a snake falling from a tree… and that was the real life reference they aplied to a dragon character. This kind of work in animation gives a fresh and organic sensation… good studios have mastered this art, people use their eyes to capture details and express them effectively, AI's can't achive that yet, the engenieers did a good job developing something interesting for another kind of studio maybe one with no artists, no interest in real life studies and no intention to give a vital message to an audience, Miyazaki was the wrong client in all ways. I say that this AI has no artistic sense and it doesn't have the hability of apretiation or having emotions. I agree with Miyasaki for me personaly it was an insult to humanity and artists 😂

  48. As for the argument that new technology can remove the grunt work and streamline the process, people were saying the same exact things in the 1980's when 3d animation was starting to get attention, and the technology for digital ink and paint was in it's infancy. But animation today is just as time consuming, expensive, and bureaucratic as it was back then. Maybe even more so. with the exception that at least it's cheaper for animation students to make better animation with less money.

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