Healthier Grilling With Grillsmart – Matador BBQ’s

Introducing Grillsmart, the healthier, cleaner
way to barbecue. Grillsmart is our new oil management system,
featuring our porcelain enamel coated cast iron grills and hotplates that channel fats
and oils away from the food while you’re barbecuing. This means you get great tasting healthy food,
and a barbecue that’s going to be much easier to clean. So how is a Grillsmart BBQ better than regular
barbecuing? With regular grills and hotplates, the fats
and oils can drip straight through to the burners and into the catchment trays or the
barbecue body below. You see the fats accumulate around the food,
rather than draining away. This means that you’re more likely to get
flareups, leave it burnt, and with a bit of metallic taste. Unappealing, unappetizing, and definitely
unhealthy. The Grillsmart BBQ, however, is different. The grill plates are made up of a series of
grooved channels. The cooking surfaces are positioned so they
are higher at the back of the plates. From there, they angle at a downward slope
towards the front of the barbecue. You can see we’ve curved the edge of the cooking
plate. This allows the fats and juices to flow freely
off the plates and away from the food. The plates sit on this stainless steel collection
tray and channel. Small ridges spaced evenly down the length
of the tray create a space beneath the cooking plates, allowing fats and juices to flow underneath,
where they are directed down into the collection channel. The channel drains into a collection cup just
beneath the left side shelf. The cup is easily removed for emptying and
cleaning, ready for use next time. Grillsmart plates are made to last. Both the Grillsmart grills and hotplates are
made from cast iron, so you know they are seriously heavy duty. The cast iron is coated in a high quality
matte porcelain enamel finish. This is a perfect surface for cooking all
kinds of different foods, and is preferred by most professional barbecue chefs. Cast iron cooking surfaces can be heated to
very high temperatures and will maintain their heat longer than other types of cooking surfaces,
such as stainless steel. They are the perfect surface for searing all
types of meats, which then locks in the taste and the juices, while the high heat renders
out the fats during cooking. You can cook anything on your Grillsmart grill. Steaks, sausages, chicken, seafood, anything. And cleaning your Grillsmart BBQ is also really
simple. When you’ve finished cooking, just leave the
barbecue turned on and close the lid for 20 minutes. Any remaining residues, such as caramelized
marinades and bits of food are being burnt away. Ash and other residue are then simply brushed
off, and the surface is given a quick wipe. How simple is that? Because your Grillsmart grills and hotplates
removed most of the fat and grease during cooking, cleaning the inside of your barbecue
is also going to be much easier. If you wipe your Grillsmart cooking grills
and hotplates with a little vegetable oil after they have been cleaned, it protects
the enamel and prevents rust. With proper care, your Grillsmart grills and
hotplates will last for years. So there you have it, healthier, cleaner,
and easier. That’s cooking with Grillsmart.

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