Healthy Pan Cooked Prawns | Jamie Oliver

Healthy Pan Cooked Prawns | Jamie Oliver

What up FoodTubers? Okay, we’ve got a beautiful dish: prawns, butter beans, lemon, chili. Super tasty, super healthy. This is a lovely meal for four people, around about 420 calories, so really controlled calories, two of your veggies a day, and really tasty, and it’s going to fill you up. And it’s a great fast, mid-week meal. What’s not to love? Well, let’s do it. So, wok. Wack it on a medium/high heat. Slice up some spring onions. One bunch, nice and fine. Or, use a nice food processor, with a little slicer attachment, super efficient. You’re gonna get that lovely hum of flavor from the spring onions. One or two chilies depending on how spicy it is. I’m just gonna finely slice that, I’m actually not gonna deseed it, because there’s a little bit of heat in there, and I wanna keep that. We’ve got twelve beautiful prawns here, I’ve deveined them. Let me show you how to do that. When you rock the head forward, you can get a pair of scissors, and you can just run your scissors down the back. Stick your scissor in, or a knife, and you can pull your vein out. It takes just a few minutes, it cleans the prawn. I actually like to take the shell and the tail off. I know it sounds gross, but if you squash that head, that is where the big, big flavor is. The big big flavor. So, if you’re a little bit kinda squeamish, then take the head off, but if love food, and life, and generally everything that gets your taste buds going, leave the head on. So in this hot pan, we’re gonna use olive oil, couple of table spoons is more than enough. In with the prawns. Nice thing about prawns, they’re really high in vitamin B-12, so that’s good for your immune system, and nervous system. Give it a shake, look at the colour change straight away. As we’re cooking so efficiently, I’m gonna just get my nice few slices of bread, and toast those, on a griddle pan. The prawns are nearly cooked actually. I’m gonna let it have a little bit of spring onion and chili rainfall. Absolutely gorge. We’re gonna go in now, with the mangetout. Four handfuls. You can use sugar-snap peas. We don’t want to overcook these greens. I’m kinda keeping this Mediterranean, I juts happen to be using a wok. You could do this in a paella pan. So look, that’s had a minute, and then, I’m gonna go in with two tins of drained butter beans. Wonderful source of protein, and they really suck up flavors beautifully. I’ve got 500 grams of lovely tomatoes. Different sizes, shapes, colors. Just hack ’em up. You can hear now the pan has stopped frying, because the moisture has come out of the butter beans, so it’s kinda steaming in their now which is no bad thing, feel free to sort of like make this your own. If you wanted asparagus in there, all good, if you wanted to put in a nice handful of frozen peas in there, or broad beans, really really good. I’m gonna throw in the tomatoes, beautiful colours, a little bit of seasoning: salt and pepper. Our toast is done. Just get a piece of garlic, a couple of little rubs of this will make all the difference. Sort of Spanish, Greek, Turkish, Italian. Very nice. We’re into about 5 minutes of cooking, it’s pretty much done. Parsley, we’re just gonna finely slice that, and the delicate stalks as well. Put some lovely lemon zest in there, it’s so fresh. One or two lemons depending on how juicy they are. Look at that. The thing I love about this cooking, it’s really good fun to do. It all happens pretty much in one pan. So simple. Have a little taste. Ah the lemon juice and the chili are so good. Get a nice big platter, this is how I like to do it, put the toast on the bottom. If you want to be pretty about it you could kinda put them on the side, but I love, once I’ve done that, just putting these herbs in. Look at that guys. 5 minutes work, hot steamy, big flavor, and that, I’m really proud of. Super fast, nutritious food, really colourful, really fresh. So guys I hope you enjoyed that, if you like it give us a thumbs up, if you’ve got any comments on what you would do, put it in the comments box below. If you want the recipe, it’s from one of my old books, so click the link below, it’ll take you to my website, and we’ll sort you out , and I hope you enjoyed it. Take care guys, lots of love, bye!

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  1. Wow! Simply amazing! I think it's great, the only thing that I would've done different is put the bread on the boarders of the plate so it doesn't get soggy and also adds to the presentation. Great stuff.

  2. What about the cadmium in the head of the prawns? I'm not sure how healthie it is to leave the head on :S…looks delicious anyways i will do it!!! Thank you so much for all those amazing videos! It saves my dinners

  3. wow that looks beautiful and healthy – i always go to Jamie Oliver's recipes before anyone else when i need a recipe – cheers mate

  4. Hei jams Oliver y working 2015 3 weak in Liverpool restaurant and you gays no pay me money,you have emigrate gays and you no pay money what fuck et is this fuck et jams Oliver restaurant sheet.

  5. OK with so much conflicting information. Ist it bad for olive oil to reach a high temperature ie burning smoking point

  6. Just cooked this, was alright but not brilliant, I think I over cooked the onion and parsley. And I needed more salt. Nevermind I will try again tomorrow!

  7. Are the prawns you are using sustainable? I'm also concerned about the Thai shrimp industry and its labour practices:

    Do you recommend a particular source or certification to help choose sustainable and ethical prawns?

  8. Hi Jamie, thanks for sharing this lovely recipe. What will be a good vegetarian option to replace shrimp with in this recipe?

  9. Love the way Jamie can get different types of tomatoes, different types of lettuce (video I just watched) etc where he lives. Where I live you can only get one kind of tomato and one kind of lettuce. A lot of the stuff that makes Jamie's recipes so good I can't get.

  10. I was just wondering how much oil does non breaded pan fried shrimp absorps??

    I’m forced to eat pan fried shrimps for lunch and i’m thinking if there’s a way i can wash it off with water maybe to remove the oil ..
    sounds silly i know but was just wondering and hoping it could be effective in any way bcz i’m on a healthy program

  11. 甜豆好像是清明節拜祖先

  12. Just Love your video….I have eaten prawns from most parts of the world ,,,,the worst prawns are Indian , Malaysian and much more these prawns are generally bland and must be spiced to even get the slightest enjoyment ….I am sad to say that some chefs do not know the difference between the best tasting prawns and grading. My long stay in London taught me that London generally does not have any quality prawns. It is amazing that big stores and restaurants sell prawns labelled King but in reality it is 3s meaning it is 3 times smaller than small ( small prawns usually called "S" size the count is between 31 to 40 per KG usually average between 35 per KG compare this to what I gotn London was a rip off. I have been dealing in prawns for the past 10 years and in my experience the best prawns I have eaten thus far are the Mozambican white , pink and brown prawns. I import a large quantity to South Africa and my stock is all sold before it even arrives at the depot. For those prawn lovers when you eat prawns enquire as to where the prawns are from and the size and then make you judgement based on the size , flavour , succulency and texture I know this might be difficult if you have not tasted Mozambican prawns . When I cook prawns I do not use any spices just little salt and garlic I believe the taste of the prawn should not be camouflaged with spices truly the Mozambican prawns are the best it is succulent , incredibly tasty and firm . It is just sad that many people have not tasted this quality

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