Henry Lau Cooks Amazing Food for Girl’s Day Yura | #LifeBar | #Diggle

Henry Lau Cooks Amazing Food for Girl’s Day Yura | #LifeBar | #Diggle

How much are you good at cooking? – You want me to cook for you?
– Sure – You want it?
– I want I’m excited for your dish Hold on Can you see it? You can’t, can you? We don’t have to No! You gotta see it Can I cook here? [HOW-ZIP]
[Henry shows the proof he was on MasterChef Korea] I want to do it nicely Looks like he’s gonna do some magic You really show off! Yeah, he does But he looks professional. Look at him Let’s begin! Watch out Henry’s special recipe
1) Prepare vegetables including bell peppers and onions The way he peels bell pepper! Surprised by his unexpected skills Be careful You might get hurt while trying to show off I never get hurt I was a contestant at MasterChef Korea Celebrity Did you see it? Just now? Give me some reaction Do it again Oh my gosh!!! How did you do it?
want to do it, too! He’s really good Next, crushing garlics I didn’t know I can crush them like that Look at his fast chopping He has gifted hands. He’s good at piano, violin… He’s good with knife, too Vegetables are done What’s it gonna be? Spaghetti alle vongole? You’re making the best use of our tables Wait, are you gonna light a fire… Wow, that was incredible Henry’s special recipe
2) (Don’t know the reason but…) Spin the wok You’re amazing That was good. It genuinely makes my mouth drop Now, it’s ready! First, put garlics… Henry’s special recipe
3) Put garlics into the oil to make garlic oil When the garlics get crispy, put pork into the pan – Could you make it more?
– Sure, I can Henry’s special recipe
4) Stir-fry pork and vegetables in garlic oil Here comes the highlight of this dish It will take a while Fire!! The essence of Chinese dish Gosh, I missed it In this way, it will be more delicious Now, the final step Finishing it by adding some salt TV shows ruined him He’s so unbothered It’s done I think it’s almost done But what’s more important is… plating Landed nicely on the lettuce Henry’s special white stir-fried pork! You made it really quickly You’re gonna make something more? I will show you guys something You know omelet, right? Breaking eggs with just one hand! I’m really bad at it That’s quite difficult, doing it with one hand Henry’s special omelet recipe
1) Beat the eggs and put in into the oil! 2) Stir-fry it as if you’re making scrambled eggs – Henry, you made us scrambled eggs in Canada
– Right, that was delicious Aren’t you gonna add some salt? Of course I will Like this He’s showing off way more than Lee Sang Min Shape is the most crucial thing
about making an omelet I’m gonna nail it Watch this. It’s gonna be cool Is this pumpkin porridge? Hold on You said the shape is the most crucial thing I guess this is what you meant But your omelet looks nothing like it Well, production staff gave me non sticky one…
=It’s all their fault This is gonna be bad… Anyway I’ll keep making it Did Henry make you dishes in Canada, too? Yeah, he was like “I need this… That’s not working…” “Something’s wrong with the pan…” OK, edit this out please You’re cute No, I’m not cute. I’m not – I’m trying… I’m trying to look cool
– So you’re not supposed to be cute? Yeah, look at my outfit Everyone’s ready but you Omelet is starting to take shape
to Henry’s rhythm OK, it’s almost like as I expected Second Henry’s special, omelet! Let’s begin – It looks so good to eat
– I know… Henry, thanks a lot – It’s very moist on the inside
– Yes, it is You made it quickly but it’s really well seasoned It’s delicious and moist Should I eat it? Knock knock! No, you gotta close your mouth Knock knock, please open the door This is good (Who’s next?) Plane is arriving~ Knock knock! Please open the door Who’s there? – It’s a plane~
– Plane? It’s so tasty – You want me to do it?
– What? No Come on, do it for her, too! But I don’t want to be attacked by her fans – Are you gonna give me a whole dish?
– Please don’t misunderstand, fans – You shouldn’t laugh
– Okay Knock knock, open the door please~ This is so delicious My mom used to do this to me (When I was young) I hated vegetables So my mom was like “Knock knock~” Henry Now it’s the oldest member’s turn – Am I allowed to…?
– He’s the one who likes it the most No, my tooth might crack if you knock it Well, considering your age…

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  1. (3:19) 헨리 이런 모습 처음이야…(두근)

    [tvN D ENT.] 구독 알림하고 매주 월&수&금 오후 5시에 챙겨보자!

    Turn on CC for English Subtitles!

  2. Lmao I love Henry but he’s a messy cook. There is literally bits of food everywhere lmao but he did great.

  3. What only he doesn't knows? 😂😂 like he is great in every thing man💕💕💕💕💕 Amazing..
    I Stan a real star💕

  4. 1:20ㄹㅇ표정보면 뭐..?뭔반응을 어떻게하라고? 이런표정인데 바로 그냥 복식호흡 감탄사 영혼끌어모아다 해주네 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 예능 아무나 하는거 아니구나 역시

  5. Yura can keep up with henry's energy!! I ship this two! More variety show for them please. I wanna see them more! ❤️

  6. Polyglot, musical genius, singer songwriter, producer, writer, good at cooking, funny, charming, outgoing, friendly. What can this man not do? We share the same name "Henry" but that's about it. LMAO.

  7. It's actually sad how he said I don't wanna dissapoint her fans. He knows how immature some fans are

  8. 바이올린잘하고 음악잘하고 요리도 잘하고 영어도잘하고 한국말도잘하고 잘생기고 복근도있고 ㅅㅂ 부럽다

  9. 근데 난좀 이거 보기 싫엇음 왜냐하면 숫가락으로 이빨치면 잇몸이나 신경약한 사람들은 너무아픔 보는내내 좀 불편햇음

  10. 헨리 볼때마다 넘 귀엽고 좋은 인성인거 같아 나도 모르게 웃으며 보고있다. 저런 사람이 세상에 더 많아지면 세상에 축복일텐데 ㅎㅎ

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