Historical Roasts with Jeff Ross | Official Trailer | Netflix

Historical Roasts with Jeff Ross | Official Trailer | Netflix

It’s me, Hitler! Hold your applause!History buffs, get on your feet.It’s time for the main event!I have a dream roast,where white jokes and black jokes.White folks is nasty!All mixed together
in a symphony of laughter.
Hitler, eat a dick! This whole episode is too soon. Stop looking at me! Rosa Parks, I’m gonna need you to get up
outta that seat. You belong in that section right there. I’m just kiddin’! I knew, I knew! Buckle up, bitches!

100 thoughts on “Historical Roasts with Jeff Ross | Official Trailer | Netflix”

  1. The show is not very funny. I feel like they throw in Donald Trump jokes alot to keep the audience's attention.

  2. I'm only 7 seconds in, but they've already messed up the quote….it was GEORGE SANTAYANA, not Winston Churchill, who originally said "those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." (Churchill quoted him a few times, though.)

  3. No one off limits, nothing sacred, can't wait for Mohammed.
    Guess there is at least one person who is off limits…

  4. Not funny at all I like Jeff Ross but this is one of the worst comedy shows that I have ever seen.
    It’s not roasting if you apoligize for it and preach.
    Way too american just not funny at all.
    Such a shame it was a good idea though.

  5. Anyone wanna take a guess which historical figure is gonna be missing from this? I'll give you a hint. His name rhymes with Fofahmed.

  6. I really, really, really, really, really, really hate these roast shows.
    But this is so awesomely controversial that I actually wanna watch this.

  7. Liberal Jewish White Democrats do not respect blacks. They have created our narrative because the whole world is their stage in their minds. What ever reason President Lincoln freed the slaves is not important, the Jews financed it so they are still pissed that we are not a commodity to them. Then they killed him. Everything is a joke. Let’s make a holocaust roast highlighting the funny side of that. 😂 People, understand which whites are always behind evil.

  8. Love Jeff…..but this was really not good. Would of been better to just do actually roasts. Jokes weren't good, just really not funny and disappointed………bad idea, worse writing

  9. I could barely get through the first episode. It's the most unfunny thing I've ever watched in my entire life. God awful.

  10. Netflix you twats caved into political correctness over your bank account??? Fuck offffff. If these snowflakes cant handle some fucking great humor then fuck them.

  11. Its a bunch of bullshit…..and not being racist but why white people act like the Egyptian are white when they we're black….and most of them know that. Wow…..i guess when Elizabeth Taylor played her ( Cleopatra ) i made it alright….wow…..it's a slap in the face how jeff ross is doing it…..it's not cool….but this the world we live in….more evil……less good.😵😕😒😬😲😞

  12. Mad TV needs a revival. This new shit aint even a chuckle. And trailers are usually the highlights. SMFH!

  13. Who better to do Anne Frank roast than collaborator, Gott-fried?

    With a name like Gott-fried, what were snokeflakes expecting?
    Gott-fried just happened to make the roasted anne too spicy and then burn it to boot, which is not how many snowflakes would have liked their roasted anne.

  14. Why did Nelson Mandela sound French? And Indian? And Nigerian? And not South African??????💁💁💁💁💁💁💁

  15. Remove this garbage, please.

    Why do you have to do this? What is the point? Only to make people angry. Unecessary, just remove this please.

  16. Wait, I wonder if Michael Jackson, Prince, and most likely Whitney Houston are in this. I'd watch if they're in the series somewhere, if not, oh fucking well. I'd still watch for Freddie tho.

  17. This is a disgrace, fuck (((you)))

  18. Dante: "Oh, my god. They're all Jews. Where's Ann Coulter?"

    Randall: "I think we may have some trouble with Sasheer Zamata."

  19. Should've had Malcolm X on for MLK. They were two very different cars leading to the same destination at the same time.

  20. Translation: We ran out of B listers willing to be roasted by out of work comedians, so we came up with this turd. Enjoy!

  21. This show is in my opinion weak AF. Seriously, its hard to watch played out jokes turned historical. Maybe it's just me but it everyone seems to be acting and its so staged. Love Jeff tho. He kills me sometimes

  22. Come the fuck on, does nobody like puns or wordplay anymore?
    Like seriously the "tabletoids" bit in the Cleopatra episode was genius.

  23. kinda shit, i watched the ann frank episode hoping for some edgy shit an it um just seemed, lame, they coulda went a lot harder and sicker on the jokes, the “i left the oven on” and “gettin gold stars before they ended up on our sleeves” jokes were shit you’d hear on the playground…….

  24. We should enjoy these roasts while they're still legal. Either the far right will win the culture war and all comedy will basically be Full House-style sitcoms, or the far left will win and it'll just be virtue signalling with no punchlines.

  25. Its not a roast if the person isn't really there. Its just jokes at that point.
    I love Ross but this was hard to watch.

  26. Hit and miss. I love Bob Saget and Nikki Glaser's always good at roasts; even Jon Lovitz redeemed himself and did okay. But Bridget Everett randomly calling people guidos for no reason before launching into a (very long) song was not a good choice.

  27. This is going to be BORING AS WATCHING PAINT DRY!!
    Celebs dressed up as dead celebs to be roasted?!?!?!?!
    Yeah, I'll pass on this one!

  28. Watching this is the same as living in "Hell"… (that's because these kind of people) ARE living in "HELL!" LMAO HAHAHAHA!
    TRUMP 2020 "The Greatest President to ever Live!" Deal with it Liberal Tears! ..you have what? FOUR MORE YEARS! Ha! "This will be the REAL ROAST IN 2020!" Get out your tissues, it's going to be a fun filled ride of crying, whining, fake news changing Democratic dumb asses!! ..that will be the real show, because this Jeff Ross show "REALLY SUCKS!"

  29. Ross gets stupidly political. We get it. One side bad, other side good.

    What you won't get are the vicious jokes normally associated with a roast.

  30. It's no surprise the Anne Frank roast was tame compared to the others since the show consists of 99% Jews. Jeff Ross has never been funny. Greg Giraldo is who made the roasts funny, not the fat bald headed Ross. The Guy wore a wig for 20 plus years then finally took it off for whatever reasons and NO ONE mentions it during any of the roasts.

  31. My wife and I were watching the Jeff Ross "Roast" of Anne Frank and my Wife came up with the idea of an Anne Frank "Action" Figure, you could dress her up in her different wardrobes, her action figure would come with a diary and a pen or pencil that you can place in her hands.

    Let's take this a step further, what if Mattel produced a replica of the building where Anne Frank hid, complete with sliding bookcase and other action figures like all the people that helped her hide, Victor Kugler, Johannes Kleiman, Miep Gies, and Bep Voskuijl, the Van Pels and that dude she kissed.

    What action figure set would be complete without antagonists, yes, the infamous Nazi's looking for Jewish people in the Netherlands, the German Uniformed Police and the SS officer that led them. By the way, how do you think they found Annie and her family? She was betrayed!! She was set up, it was bull sheet all of it!!

    "They're coming to get you Annie!!!"

  32. Great show, but you have to actually know history to understand it and get the comedy. Unfortunately, there are too many idiots in America for this to even get a 6/10 on IMDB.

  33. Anyone know what song James Adomian was singing at the end of the episode with Freddie Mercury? Or was that a completely original song?

  34. Stumbled upon this trailer by accident,
    Jeff Ross has really sucked the life out of the Roast Concept.

    He has now reached this sad point of making up bad gimmicks just so he can call
    it a roast.

    He needs to stop

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