Home Brewing MegaPot 1.2 15 gal Product Review

Home Brewing MegaPot 1.2 15 gal Product Review

Welcome back everybody today we’re going to have a review of the mega pot so if you caught my preview of the mega pot I’ve used it enough I think it’s time to do a full review of it so let’s get into it so just so you know I do have obviously because you guys can see I did get the mega pot 15 gallon with two holes in it one of them is for the thermometer and the other one is for the ball valve so if we start with the thermometer it’s the thermometer then a washer then the black oring then it on the inside is the nut i have not had any leaks coming out of there even the first time what I did was I put it together and then I put it in the bathtub filled it with water let it sit for about a half hour just to make sure I didn’t have any leaks so on the bottom we do have the nipple and from the nipple we do have a washer or i should say an o-ring then on the inside we have another oring and then the nut and again same thing with this i have not had any leak on it yet also and i don’t know how many of you have noticed this but on some of the pots i have looked at the handles bunrt or the o-rings burnt from having the heat to high i have not had that i probably brew 10-12 times on this one and i have not had any issues with leaks or stuff burning or melting so the other thing i wanted to say was I wish this thermometer was lower I wish it was offset and down some more because in doing a batch sparge or a fly sparge depending on my water level this thermometer sits at about 5 gallons so if in the mash in I only need four and a half then I cannot use this thermometer as it not get down into the water so I wish they would offset it and put it down lower so that way if you’re only doing a five gallon batch it would still read because if you’re doing a 10 gallon batch you are fine but when you start stepping down most of the time I think almost every time this did not come into play but what I did was I actually filled it up past five gallons heated all that up then by the markings on the inside I went by that for my mash in and my mash out but other than that I have to say everything’s been working well I wish they would have an option for a three piece ball valve instead of the two piece with all the customization you can do to this I can’t believe they don’t have a three piece ball valve yes I could have got all the parts by myself and put it together to get what I wanted but with the kit that they offer as of right now you can only pick a two-piece ball valve handles have been fine they’re still riveted on nothing’s moved so you can’t go wrong with that there is a little filler and I’ll put up a picture of it that does siphon or take the water off the bottom that is nice sometimes I do have a hard time getting it out after i’m done to clean everything out so but you have to have a tight seal on that so that’s okay it’s in it move I can move it up and down sideways anyway I want it so that works the etchings are still on there they haven’t came off or started wearing off the only problem I have with them I wish they were a different color may be black or something says on a cool day when your water is heating up and you have the steam coming up they are kind of hard to read depending on if you’re boiling the water for a batch sparge or just heating up all that wort you have to almost get in there and keep moving back and forth until you can see it so I wish they were black or a different color because the shininess of the inside does reflect and again like I said with all that steam they are kind of hard to read but other than that I had any problems with it it’s easy to clean like I said that little tube inside there I just take out and I can scrub the bottom and everything comes off then once i’m done i put it back in there I don’t actually know what’s on the inside of the nipple I don’t know if it’s a row ring that’s made of plastic or rubber or something like that so we’ll have to see over time if that little piece starts wearing that o-ring out and if it does i’m guessing the only way to replace it is to replace that nipple but like i said i haven’t had any problems as of now so hopefully we don’t i do like the ball valve it is a locking one sometimes it can be a pain because once you get water in it and you want to transfer hot water i should say it does become kind of hot so you do have to watch out for that because you do have to lift a little lock up in order to move the handle and that can become hot most of the time i do it with some kind of glove on because it gets hot i did add the quick disconnect that also becomes hot sometimes so again i do use gloves to get that off and plug it in but other than that i would say it’s a win it’s well worth the money as far as i know the temperature gauge does keep accurate readings I do have a gun thermometer that I use and it is almost the same exact temperature as this off maybe one or two degrees sometimes but again with the gun thermometer you’re not really sure where it’s aiming or at what point on the surface it is picking up that temp but other than that it’s good let me know what you guys think if you guys have used them like a if you watch the first one this is my second one I have a 10 gallon mega pot but I do not have any of the accessories in there but overall a good one so that will wrap up this review of the mega pot and until next time happy brewing thank you for watching this video thumbs up if you liked it thumbs down if you didnt leave me a comment down below to tell me what you thought about this video also don’t forget to subscribe and share and hit that bell so you know when new videos are coming out you can check out these videos over here also head over to 31st brewing.com for everything beer in the home brewing related

4 thoughts on “Home Brewing MegaPot 1.2 15 gal Product Review”

  1. I have one of these coming on Monday. When this video started and I saw it next to a person I was blown away. I've been doing batches in an 8-gallon pot and siphoning, so this is going to be sweet.

  2. I do 5gal batches……..would a 10gal suffice for that? think it would be pretty sweet to just make a double batch..10gals use two separate carboys. and either different yeast, or two identical batches for the kegs..

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