Home Brewing Tools : Home-Brewing 3-Piece Airlocks

Home Brewing Tools : Home-Brewing 3-Piece Airlocks

Hello, this is JB. I’m with Austin Homebrew
Supply in Austin, Texas, and we are discussing different equipment associated with fermenting
beer or wine. Specifically, right now I’m going to talk a little bit about air locks.
Air locks are a piece of equipment utilized in brewing that allows CO2 gas to escape during
the fermentation process, but does not allow any other contaminents in the atmosphere in
general to get in to the fermentation vessel. Big thing about brewing is you need to control
the amount of contamination that happens to it. So, almost every beer ever made and every
wine ever made has a particular amount of contamination, but we’re trying to minimize
it. So, the idea is to take a vessel, a fermentation vessel such as this, make your beer or wine,
but it in to it, inoculate it with your yeast, and then put your air lock on to it, such
as we have here. Now, this particular kind of air lock is called a three piece air lock,
and this is our most popular seller. It goes for about a dollar twenty, I believe. Three
pieces are the body, the bell, and then the lid. So, the way that you would use it is
you would make your beer or wine, put it in to your fermentation vessel. Once you get
your yeast in to it and you snap your lid down, then you’re going to take the three
piece air lock, pour a little bit of either water or sanitizing solution in to it to bring
it just below this line, about a third full. Snap that lid down and then put it on to the
fermenter like we have here. So, that’s a little bit about how a three piece air lock

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  1. Thank you so much! After I put all of my pieces in the sanitized I was a little unsure how to put it all together. Your video assured me i did it right! I am making mead and am so exited!

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